Rogers wins regulatory conflict with Ice Wireless over crude roaming

Canada’s telecom regulator quashed an try by Northern wireless conduit Ice Wireless Inc. to let business of a associate network Sugar Mobile henceforth ramble on Rogers Communications Inc.’s network.

In dual decisions expelled Wednesday that reaffirm sovereign welfare for wireless carriers that possess their possess networks, a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission dynamic Ice Wireless “improperly” authorised Sugar users permanent, not incidental, entrance to Rogers’ network.

If Ice Wireless doesn’t stop Sugar Mobile business from regulating Rogers’ network within 50 days, a CRTC postulated Rogers accede to flog off all Ice Wireless business from roaming on a network.

The deadlock between Ice Wireless and Rogers began when Sugar launched in early 2016. Sugar, that offers wireless services starting during $19 per month by a multiple of Wi-Fi and mobile networks, described itself as a mobile practical network user that used Ice’s network as a home network.

Ice Wireless, that owns network comforts in 3 territories and Quebec, already had a agreement with Rogers that lets a business ramble on a wireless giant’s mobile network when travelling, for example, from Yellowknife to Toronto. The large 3 carriers Rogers, Telus and Bell are mandated to yield indiscriminate roaming services to other wireless carriers so business have seamless use outward their home networks.

But Rogers was embarrassed to learn that Ice also let Sugar Mobile business – who were not indispensably formed in a North – ramble on a network. It told Ice it would cancel their roaming agreement unless it stopped Sugar business from regulating a network.

Ice asked a CRTC for use and perceived it on an halt basis. It argued Sugar users usually used Rogers’ network on an immaterial basement given many Sugar use is supposing over Wi-Fi. Ice remarkable that Sugar business still rest on Ice Wireless’ fortitude network regardless of their earthy location.


Rogers countered that Wi-Fi isn’t a partial of a mobile horizon and shouldn’t be deliberate a home network. The CRTC agreed. The regulator remarkable that Sugar marketed a services to business opposite a nation and there was no denote these business were compulsory to use a Ice home network during all. It also wasn’t confident that Sugar business relied on Ice’s fortitude network.

The final indiscriminate manners – also expelled Wednesday – endorse that indiscriminate roaming contingency yield incidental, not permanent, entrance to an incumbent’s network. This prevents mobile practical network operators from proliferating in Canada even nonetheless it’s a common business indication around a world. Incumbents disagree that such operators deter investment in earthy infrastructure by eating divided during their margins.

RBC researcher Drew McReynolds called a preference neutral for wireless operators in a note to clients, saying a terms “are unchanging with stream regulatory process that mostly protects existent wireless operators from non-facilities formed competition.”

The CRTC will give Ice until a finish of a month to endorse Sugar will stop a unapproved use of a Rogers network, explain how Sugar will approve with a preference and surprise a business of any changes, and infer that Rogers finds Sugar’s new instruction acceptable. If it fails to do so, Rogers can stop providing roaming services to Ice Wireless altogether on May 1.

Samer Bishay, CEO of both Sugar and Ice and their primogenitor association Iristel, pronounced a preference is a blow to foe that will impact 5,500 business who use a “innovative use that’s done in Canada.”

“I’m really disappointed, not usually for a association though for all a Canadians that are profitable some of a top wireless rates in a world,” Bishay said.

He pronounced he doesn’t know a CRTC’s preference to omit a justification that Sugar business usually ramble on Rogers’ network 10 per cent of a time.

“It only seems that something that is elemental is being missed. It’s roughly like removing a genocide chastisement but saying a judge,” he said.

Customers will continue to have use while Sugar weighs a options. It is determining either to interest or approve with a decision, or pursue a opposite indication altogether, Bishay said.

In an emailed statement, Rogers comparison clamp boss of regulatory Dave Watt pronounced he’s gratified a CRTC “made a right call.”

“We trust in creation and a fair, rival marketplace – this was about violating a roaming agreement, plain and simple,” Watt said.

But a argument between Rogers and Ice Wireless affiliates isn’t over. In December, Rogers indicted Iristel of gaming a complement with a use called trade pumping. The CRTC has nonetheless to import in on that battle.