Rare Good News during Telemundo: More Hispanics Buying Homes in a US

Telemundo’s Noticias Telemundo
July 16, 2019
6:46 p.m. Eastern

JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART, ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: Latinos are a racial organisation that has shown a many expansion in a nation’s housing marketplace over a past years. The series of Latino homeowners has increasing 3.3% from 2015, a expansion that even exceeds that of Anglos. Other numbers that simulate a impact of Latinos on a genuine estate market…look during these. Hispanics are 18% of a sum population, yet a organisation represents 63% of new homeowners over a past decade. The 5 states with a top series of mortgages given to Latinos are: New Mexico, Texas, California, Florida and Nevada. This call of Hispanic buyers is moving a marketplace though, as Rubén Pereida tells us, a miss of affordable housing and down payments still sojourn for many as a formidable separator to overcome.

RUBÉN PEREIDA, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: At 21, Christopher was means to buy this building with 3 apartments interjection to a assistance and proclivity supposing by his dad.

CHRISTOPHER NAVARRETE, HOMEOWNER: For me, a many critical (reason) to have a skill is to safeguard my destiny and make a best investment. we can lease it and afterwards with that same income we can compensate a mortgage.

PEREIDA: Nearly half of Latinos in a United States are homeowners. And according to realtors, it’s immature people like Christopher who in a past decade have mobilized this market.

SANTIAGO SÁNCHEZ, REALTOR: we have friends in Las Vegas, California, in all areas of a United States and they tell me a same thing. They contend that a Hispanic marketplace is a one flourishing a many right now.

PEREIDA: Last year, Latinos accounted for some-more than 9% of a sum series of debt loans compared to scarcely 6% in 2010. Hispanics have improved jobs, they have performed improved jobs and are some-more prepared to buy homes, and have been really good taught by their parents- who tell them to buy homes.

PEREIDA: One of a categorical hurdles that Hispanics face when shopping a skill is saving income for a down remuneration and shutting costs.

LIZETTE CARRETERO, RESURRECCIÓN PROJECT: Saving is a series one obstacle. The second barrier is credit. When, traditionally, one has no amicable confidence (number), it is a small formidable to get credit.

NAVARRETE: we lease out a initial floor…

PEREIDA: That’s since Christopher recommends that all immature Latinos surprise themselves on the  programs accessible to assistance them buy a property.

NAVARRETE: The younger, a improved since a years pass fast and one grows old, maybe turn some-more formidable too.

PEREIDA: Rubén Pereida, Noticias Telemundo.