#PILIVE19: Adtraction on UK Launch, Affiliate Market and Sponsoring PI LIVE

Adtraction is a UK’s newest associate network, however, determined in 2007 in Sweden, it is no foreigner to associate marketing. The association is a pivotal actor in a Nordic marketplace and now boasts pan-European coverage opposite a 9 offices.

Adtraction is sponsoring a Beer Garden Meeting Zone during PI Live 2019. We took some time to speak to Adtraction’s UK Managing Partner, Anthony Clements forward of a contention to plead a network’s UK launch, associate marketplace and what to design from them during a show.

In new years, we’ve seen some-more converging in a associate network space, because do we consider now is a good time to launch a new network in a UK?

Anthony Clements: There’s never an optimal time. As with many business opportunities, we could be sat watchful for a right time, when you’re indeed examination a right time pass we by. At some point, we need to take a leap, and that’s a proceed we looked during it. The UK network space is still crowded, though it’s reduction rival now than it was 7 or 8 years ago.

I also consider many of a courtesy is flattering astounded that a ‘partner marketing’ companies have been means to benefaction something opposite to a industry, and have it turn so disruptive.

Crucially, right now it doesn’t feel like there’s one widespread actor that all sides of a marketplace brand as a leader. This means there’s a opening for a association like us to benefaction a opposite proceed to a normal associate network model; something that shakes adult how associate programs are managed, totalled and optimised.  

You’re no foreigner to associate networks, tell us because we chose to join Adtraction?

AC: There are a series of reasons, though it boils down to a identical perspective on technology, a European associate marketplace and what cross-territory associate selling should demeanour like. 

Adtraction has been built organically in a rival Nordic market, that is an considerable achievement. 

The UK associate marketplace has grown over a years. Why do we consider it’s a right time to launch Adtraction in a UK? What sets them detached from other networks?

AC: The associate courtesy has wrestled with a majority of late. Most large e-commerce companies have associate programs, and a CPA-model has captivated a apparent publisher types. We’re now re-branding a courtesy in sequence to change it – hence a ‘partner’ selling references. 

Affiliate networks are now too passive, sitting behind and usurpation an associate landscape that is predicated by a CPA model. In a UK this has driven associate selling to simply be a competition to get as tighten to a transaction as probable – in all from trade sources to transactions. We wish to totally change that. Our perspective is that an associate module should be means to support a far-reaching accumulation of trade sources all underneath one roof. To do that, we need to change a proceed a module tracks, depends value, pays elect and validates. At Adtraction, all from how tracking works to how payments are processed is formed on a mechanisms publishers use to expostulate traffic. 

We’re perplexing some totally opposite approaches to publisher recruitment too, holding on house some-more risk to move some-more upper-funnel publishers into Affiliate. And we’re chiselling divided during a people-based use indication so dear of associate marketing. Don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of day-to-day work on associate programs, and we have a really gifted care team. But a work on associate programs is wholly dedicated to growth, recruitment and optimisation. 

PI LIVE is only around a corner. What do we consider will be a pivotal themes to come from this year’s conference?

AC: Last year’s thesis of creation a courtesy ‘better’ for publishers will really continue, as we don’t consider scarcely adequate has been finished in this area. 

In a year when we’ve mislaid dual some-more long-standing associate programs in House of Fraser and Thomas Cook, a purpose networks have in usurpation a risk to strengthen publisher businesses will also be an engaging discussion. 

How a opening selling courtesy supports direct-to-consumer trade strategies should also be prohibited on a agenda. 

Adtraction is sponsoring a Beer Garden Meeting Zone. What are we anticipating to get from attending a uncover this year?

AC: It’s a good event for us to get Adtraction some-more widely recognized opposite a industry. But, initial and foremost, we wish to get a courtesy of advertisers and publishers and tell them some-more about a proceed to associate marketing.

Meet a Adtraction group during a Beer Garden Meeting Zone during PI LIVE this year. Find out more.