PawSox Taking On Scranton, New York Yankee’s Affiliate

PawSox Taking On Scranton, New York Yankee’s Affiliate, Former Red Sox Ryan Lavarnway On RailRiders Roster

Early this morning a Pawtucket Red Sox boarded a train during McCoy Stadium streamer to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Roughly a 4 and a half hour train float down widespread 95 and afterwards opposite widespread 84 until they arrive during a city in that The Office was formed in. 

When a PawSox arrive forward of their 6:15 pm initial representation they will be scheming for a RailRiders who are a Triple-A associate of a New York Yankees. 

The adversary that has spawned documentaries and novels during a large joining turn has trickled down to a teenager leagues. Many on a PawSox register have indeed played opposite a New York Yankees in a Red Sox uniform including a rehabbers of Brian Johnson, Dustin Pedroia, and Brock Holt

Last year in a ALDS Holt famously became a initial actor in Major League postseason deteriorate story to strike for a cycle and he did it in Yankee Stadium.

Now Holt is rehabbing from a shoulder damage with his teammate Pedroia entrance behind from a knee damage that has kept him sidelined for most of a final dual seasons. 

Johnson on a other palm is entrance behind from inflammation in his throwing bend and is a illusive starter on Tuesday for Pawtucket. 

Mike Shawaryn was approaching to be a starter on Tuesday though it is some-more expected than not that he is pushed until Wednesday. 

The Tuesday by Thursday array could finish with Matthew Kent and Teddy Stankiewicz on a mountain for Billy McMillon. But with Josh Smith being optioned to Pawtucket he could be slotted in during any point. 

All of this means that a revolution and a sequence is rather capricious during a impulse so check behind in once some-more is famous with all a relocating parts. 

Both Teams Are Middle Of The Road Clubs 

Pawtucket enters a initial diversion with a 15-25 record and Scranton is entrance in with a 21-18 record. The span have nonetheless to play any other in 2019. 

Scranton’s pitching staff is 3rd in a IL in strikeouts with 382 k’s. Other than that a RailRiders have a really common stat line opposite a board. 

Pawtucket enters a array with a lowest group normal in a league, .244, a third lowest home run sum with 39, misfortune in hits with 307, lowest in doubles with 59, fewest RBIs with 167. 

On a flip side a PawSox are really resourceful during a image with 303 walks, 2nd best in a joining led by joining personality Josh Ockimey.

Overall both teams have had a sincerely common start to their particular seasons. 

Scranton Roster Highlights Roster

  • Ryan Lavarnway: The Former PawSox catcher is batting .246 for a RailRiders in 20 games. He was drafted in a 6 turn of a 2008 breeze by Boston and is now 31-years-old. 
  • Mike Ford: Ford is batting .367 with 8 home runs and 19 RBIs in 21 games, 79 at-bats 

There are a few others, maybe Logan Morrison rings a few bells in terms of name approval though zero vital to write home about for Scranton. 


Jantzen Witte, Photo Credit Tanner Rebelo

Three Up 

  • Jantzen Witte, it feels like Witte has been on this list an awful lot newly though he is still batting a group high .318 among authorised batters in 85 at-bats. Witte launched his initial home run of a deteriorate this past homestand and is batting .345 in his final 10 games
  • Sam Travis, creates a list again though is batting .324 over his final 10 games bringing his normal from .250 to .273 on a deteriorate in 128 at-bats. Travis has changed around from left margin to third bottom with ease. Isn’t perplexing to do too most during a image and is regulating a whole field. best he has looked in years. 
  • Mike Shawaryn has a 2.87 ERA on a year in 47 innings pitched, 8 starts. 

Honorable Mentions: Trevor Kelley with a 1.40 ERA in 14 appearances, 19.1 innings pitched.

Matthew Gorst gets a tip of a top for all a transformation between Portland and Pawtucket. Has a 2.70 ERA in 13.1 innings pitched opposite 9 appearances for Pawtucket.  

Three Down

  • Matthew Kent has a 9.72 ERA in 2 starts with 8.1 innings pitched. Tough initial dual outings. 
  • Gorkys Hernandez batting normal continues to be deplorable with a .167 normal in 120 at-bats. Is vital joining outfield abyss though during some indicate we have to foster from within and open a register spot. Tough dual months for a former Giants outfielder.
  • Bryce Brentz, as many of we know we am a large fan of Brentz. Something has been off with a outfielder this year with a .196 batting normal in 92 at-bats and usually 5 home runs to his name. 

A Little Payback For A Boston-New York Debt

To start a array a RailRiders will be honoring a accessible peril they done with a PawSox during a ALDS final season. 

With Boston rising winning over New York a RailRiders will concede a initial 2,004 fans in Red Sox rigging in for free. 

In further if a PawSox win a RailRiders have to play Dirty Water and in a 8th inning Shipping adult to Boston will play.