Matching Visions and Betting Gods form vital partnership


Matching Visions Ltd. has acquired a thirty percent share in Betting Gods Ltd. in a synergy-fuelled bid to accelerate a enlargement and enlargement of a already timeless UK betting recommendation service

This week has seen a vital partnership of good prophesy form in a iGaming industry. Ahead of their central full relocation to Malta, a fast expanding UK formed Betting Gods Ltd has forged out a good repute among a online sports betting village for a in-depth betting recommendation and veteran tipster services, ranking 2nd of all betting companies on Trustpilot worldwide. This betting recommendation powerhouse is now teaming adult with Matching Visions Ltd, a Malta formed associate network, to serve accelerate a enlargement and implement a strengths within a Betting Gods brand.

That means fans of a immeasurable operation of sports such as equine racing, football, boxing, golf and tennis who have a membership with Betting Gods will now be means to advantage from some extraordinary deals and offers to raise their betting knowledge to a new level.

The new tie-up promises to denote a lot of healthy synergy between Betting Gods and Matching Visions. Betting Gods owner and Director, Darren Moore, said: “We’ve been operative closer and closer with a organisation during Matching Visions via 2017, and their organisation of brands and companies are all good reputable within betting and iGaming circles. We’re gay to announce this partnership that will see both companies not usually continue to grow their possess brands though raise any other’s offerings and services for a advantage of partners, clients and punters primarily within a UK and other English vocalization markets”.

Betting Gods now offer a comparison use on a veteran tipster network, that allows visitors to import adult a loot of a several experts who yield recommendation on a site. Monthly profit, strike rate, lapse on investment, winning streaks and losing streaks can all be looked at, giving punters a best information on that to bottom their preference on that tipster to side with.

“We are so anxious to step in as grave partners in Betting Gods Ltd.”, pronounced Dennis Dyhr-Hansen, Managing Director during MatchingVisions, and continued: “At Matching Visions we have been looking for some-more opportunities within a betting straight of a attention and Betting Gods is a ideal compare for us. They have a poignant foothold in their marketplace niche, they are clever in a UK where we are actively seeking acquisitions and we are a ideal compare for them to boost product charity and enhance to new markets”.

Mikael Strunge, Matching Visions Board Member pronounced “We are gay to turn a partial of Betting Gods Ltd. and we are assured that this is a good compare up. Betting Gods is intensely good during what they do and will be means to grow extremely by requesting a associate trade that MatchingVisions can deliver. We have seen a associate marketplace turn some-more and some-more combined via a final few years and Betting Gods has a intensity to turn an associate powerhouse. The subsequent step for Betting Gods has arrived and we are anxious to come along for a ride”.

It is a start of sparkling times as dual reputable iGaming companies join army – and what a time in a sporting calendar to do so! While a domestic football deteriorate is finished and dusted, there are still some essential World Cup gift games to demeanour brazen to. Meanwhile, in a fighting world, there are a outrageous series of sparkling matches for quarrel fans to get their teeth into. What’s more, we even have a illusory match-up between UFC star Conor McGregor and all time fighting good Floyd Mayweather on a hands before a finish of a year. In Golf, vital contests that are to be contested, and with Wimbledon coming a timing couldn’t be improved for this proclamation only days before Amsterdam Affiliate Conference.