MarTech Interview with Waleed Al-Atraqchi, President, CJ Affiliate

Tell us about your purpose and tour into Marketing. What desirous we to be partial of CJ Affiliate?

I always wanted to be in business given we was a kid. we was vital in New York when we bought and ran a Bagel shop—it was doing good though we wanted to do more, so we eventually sole it. Running my possess business taught me that success is driven by a products we sell and how we marketplace them. we trust Product and Marketing are a core drivers of a business, so that’s what prisoner my imagination. A few years later, we did my MBA and was focusing on Marketing, before journeying into technology. we assimilated CJ Affiliate since Technology and Data are transforming a Marketing industry and we was desirous by a event to lead a world’s largest associate network during this transformation.

How does CJ Affiliate fit into a complicated Marketing record stack?

From a Digital standpoint, Affiliate typically represents 15% of e-commerce sales for U.S. companies. The health of a Affiliate channel is clever and flourishing during a rate that’s identical or even aloft than e-commerce enlargement in general.

The success of a channel is mostly due to a fact that Affiliate Marketing is rarely effective during reaching business wherever they are in their squeeze tour and lifecycle. The accumulation of affiliates/publishers that exist today—from calm to faithfulness to coupon/deal—are a concentration on assembly a innumerable of patron needs and formulating singular value. Whether a shopper is simply doing investigate and perusing product reviews or is prepared to squeeze from a bargain site they trust, affiliate’s performance-based indication is a low-risk, high-reward proceed to reaching and converting customers.

Not usually that, though a information shows that associate is expected undervalued in a altogether selling mix. Affiliate is constantly evolving, and if we demeanour during a impact on patron value and incrementality, a channel is underrepresented in terms of promotion investment.

CJ Affiliate is quite well-positioned in a space. We’re flourishing globally and creation vital investments to accommodate a elaborating and ever-changing needs within a industry.

What recommendation do we have for marketers to improved ready for automation and Data-driven Commerce?

More aspects of a business are automating which, from a career perspective, means that Marketing jobs are apropos some-more about creativity, strategy, and communication with people.

Data is executive to using an effective business. So, while we need a data, marketers also need to be means to investigate it. Analyticalskills and imagination are apropos a pre-requisite to any selling position since it’s a actionable, intelligent decisions that get from information that make a difference.

How do your Affiliate Marketing services advantage selling teams?

Our idea is to broach scalable enlargement for a clients, that requires carrying a low bargain of their altogether business needs—not usually within a Affiliate channel.

As a full-service associate network, CJ Affiliate is like a “swiss army knife” for Affiliate marketers. We possibly fill gaps in clients’ in-house resources or element their existent selling efforts. Regardless of a form of partnership, we build jointly beneficial, performance-based relations between advertisers and publishers that expostulate quantifiable growth.

While we tailor a proceed formed on clients’ enlargement KPIs, CJ’s truth is some-more about heading rather than pleasing. For example, an advertiser competence wish to expostulate new customers, though competence be unaware a fact that their lapse business have a aloft AOV (average sequence value). In that scenario, CJ Affiliate uses information to prominence a significance of focusing on both new and returning customers, along with a strategies and solutions to grow income in those areas.

We also assistance a clients grasp larger potency in their selling spend by creation a many effective use of their investment in a Affiliate channel. 

What are a core beliefs pushing your product roadmap?

Our product roadmap is grounded in a joining to creation and value for a primary purpose of addressing patron needs. We are focused on staying forward of any courtesy headwinds of marketplace pressures that competence impact a clients and sojourn as flexible as probable to residence those dynamics. Recently, with a introduction of GDPR and ITP and an increasing concentration on consumer privacy, CJ Affiliate is a first-to-market with solutions to assistance clients navigate regulations and safeguard compliance.

CJ Affiliate’s Product and Engineering teams—and a association as a whole—believe in collaborative innovation. We pierce clients in early and mostly to safeguard we’re formulating value in a solutions we develop.

How do we brand a biggest advantages and hurdles in Digital Commerce? What purpose does CJ Affiliate play in overcoming these challenges?

It’s about profitable courtesy to what a clients are saying. Digital is a fast elaborating space. It’s impossibly high stakes for everyone, so there’s no miss of ideas. We stay unequivocally tighten to a clients to get that provender and know a hurdles they are facing.

One of a biggest advantages – or we can argue, a biggest opportunities – is a use of information to make smarter decisions. CJ Affiliate has invested in building some-more information resources and creation them accessible and actionable. Today, we can pierce over a elementary idea of a creation sale, to know what kind of patron it is (new, returning, lapsed, etc.), we can review publisher performance, yield personalization within a channel, and we can magnitude incrementality of Affiliate compared to other channels. All since we were means to strap a plea of large information and use it as an advantage.

How do we assistance your business scale and grasp their income goals?

We do this in mixed ways, though one vicious partial of advertiser success is ongoing Strategic Publisher recruitment. We know that it is critical to continue to maintain your loyal publishers, though long-term enlargement depends on ceaselessly recruiting new publishers into a mix. Our information shows that on average, 63% of advertiser module income comes from publishers who are recruited into an advertiser’s Affiliate module after a initial year. In other words, while publishers that were in a module in a initial year still minister a suggestive commission of advertiser module revenue, many module income comes directly from newly recruited publisher partnerships.

What are your predictions on a many impactful disruptions caused by Data Intelligence and Analytics record for Affiliate Marketing in 2019-2020?

I see intrusion entrance from a few areas.

Multi-touch detrimental and insights. We are during a indicate where marketers have a capability to compare business to their opposite devices, know how business emporium and investigate their purchases, and safeguard each communication a patron has with an associate can be tied to their destiny purchases and decisions. Multi-touch insights, such as patron tour research and CRM insights, will change a diversion as they yield a some-more holistic perspective of business and full clarity into all affiliates concerned in a customer’s trail to conversion. They will change how marketers consider about investment, ROI and how to change a patron journey.

Personalization. Consumers are presented with an contentment of offers online, though not all of them are privately and away relevant. According to Epsilon research, 80% of consumers are some-more expected to make a squeeze when brands offer personalized experiences. CJ recently introduced Affiliate Personalization to expostulate some-more personalized messaging in a associate channel. Whether a concentration is on patron merger or retention, personalization is proof to urge acclimatisation rates and pierce some-more potency to a selling spend.

Global expansion. We’re saying that online shoppers are increasingly shopping from tellurian e-commerce sites outward their possess country. Nearly all of a retailers in a network have seen website visitors from other countries this year. The associate channel is a vital approach for advertisers to enter a new marketplace and deliver their product or services to a new consumer, quite by tellurian affiliates who know shoppers in opposite markets and can assistance rivet them in a approach they prefer.

Privacy. Lastly, a ongoing expansion of a approach businesses need to hoop consumer information in light of remoteness regulations will continue to have an outcome opposite all of a marketing, not usually affiliate. This is a pivotal concentration for a business and we’re invested in ensuring a clients are set adult for long-term success.

How do we ready for an AI-centric universe as a business leader?

The loyal intensity of AI will usually unleash by employing a forms of people who know how to request it to solve problems. It’s not something that happens magically overnight. As a business leader, we need to deposit in those competencies.

How do we enthuse your people to work with technology?

I trust in formulating an sourroundings where people can be open and honest and empowered to work together to solve problems. We wish each purpose opposite a classification to feel valued and impactful.

One word that best describes how we work.


What apps/software/tools can’t we live without?

Microsoft Excel.

What’s your smartest work-related by-pass or capability hack?

Go speak to people instead of promulgation an email, generally if it’s something that can be simply discussed in person.

What are we now reading?

How-to element associated to pattern and design.

What’s a best recommendation you’ve ever received?

If we work tough and don’t give up, we can grasp anything.

Something we do improved than others – a tip of your success?

Optimism and Persistence. we also sinecure unequivocally intelligent people.

Thank you, Waleed! That was fun and wish to see we behind on MarTech Series soon.