How to Watch a Winter Olympics, on TV and Mobile Devices

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The opening rite of a 2018 Winter Games happens Friday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, nonetheless some of a foe indeed starts sooner: Early rounds of curling and alpine skiing start airing late Wednesday night; prime-time figure-skating coverage starts as shortly as Thursday. For dual and a half weeks, a networks and streaming platforms of NBCUniversal, that owns disdainful promote rights, will atmosphere so many skating, skiing and hockey you’ll need mixed screens and DVRs to keep adult with it all — some-more than 2,400 hours, in all.

So where can we locate any second of luge? What if you’re divided from your TV and need your live biathlon fix? And what if you’ve cancelled your wire package?

Luckily, your options are plentiful. Here’s a beam for how to watch, on a accumulation of inclination and platforms:

I have wire (or an HD antenna). What’s on and where?

With a rebranding of Universal HD as a Olympic Channel final year, NBC acquired a second home on a wire dial dedicated exclusively to sports. But customarily one — NBCSN — will be shouldering a bulk of a network’s broadcasting bucket over a march of a games. USA and CNBC will fill in some gaps, adding a few hours of coverage of specific events, during roughly a same time any day. And while NBC has attempted in a past not to contest with itself — tying a prime-time coverage to a primary promote network — this year it will offer additional choices for viewers all day and night, including primary time. (For a full network schedule, go to the NBC Sports website.)


Every dual years, clinging Olympics-watchers protest that NBC’s home channel relies too many on tape-delayed events and “up tighten and personal” tellurian seductiveness segments. The good news for 2018 is that even nonetheless Pyeongchang is 14 hours forward of Eastern Time, NBC skeleton to atmosphere as many of a coverage as probable live. In primetime and in late night (which a network is job primary time plus), viewers can design live downhill and freestyle skiing, cross-country, ski jumping, snowboarding, short-track and long-track speed-skating, skeleton, bobsled and a disproportionately complicated volume of figure skating. In a afternoons — commencement around 3 p.m. Eastern, daily — NBC will have still some-more skating and skiing, as good as biathlon, luge, bobsled and skeleton.

NBC generally tailors a network Olympic telecasts to a far-reaching TV audience, not indispensably to sports nuts. If you’re tuned into your internal NBC affiliate, design an importance on storytelling and pageantry, with a concentration on American athletes. For some-more competition-driven telecasts, spin to some of NBC’s associate networks if we have cable.


The lion’s share of NBC’s televised coverage will occur here — a far-reaching accumulation of sports, airing roughly turn a clock. Medal rounds for many of a marquee competitions will be on your internal NBC channel during primetime; nonetheless NBCSN will atmosphere prelims, pool play and early heats aplenty — including during evenings, when a channel will also horde bullion award finals for biathlon, bobsled, cross-country skiing, luge, Nordic combined, short-track, ski jumping, snowboarding and speed skating.


A few Olympics ago, NBC detected that when it aired a men’s and women’s curling tournaments — even when a foe was relegated to one of a non-sports wire channels — American audiences tuned in, removing bending on a foe they differently frequency see. The tradition will continue this year on CNBC, with games starting in a late afternoons (around 5 p.m. Eastern). CNBC will also atmosphere some hockey in a late primary time container (around 10 p.m.).

Sports Newsletter: The Olympics

For 19 days, a Sports newsletter will be all things Olympics. You’ll get a best from Pyeongchang: The events to watch, a stories to review and more.


As with CNBC, USA will underline over 40 hours of Olympics coverage, also specialized. This will be especially a home for hockey, as good as for some-more curling. USA’s line-up of games will typically start in a diminutive hours after midnight and continue past dawn, finale around a time many people on a East Coast are nearing during a office. USA joins a lineup a small late, with a initial telecast commencement in a early hours of Feb. 14.

Olympic Channel

As one competence expect, a Olympic Channel will be dedicated exclusively to a Winter Games via a duration. Rather than focusing on live sports, however, a coverage will be focused on highlights, news, interviews and award ceremonies.

I’m divided from my TV. What are my options?

If you’re stranded during work — or anywhere with entrance to a mechanism — will be streaming a Games live, in their entirety. That’s “every second of foe streamed for all 15 sports and 102 events,” according to NBC, as good as some use sessions, including for figure skating. If you’re on a inscription or a smartphone, a NBC Sports mobile app will lift a same calm as a website. (The app is also accessible for a handful of set-top boxes, including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV and Xbox, if we cite to watch on your television.)

Unlike in years past, NBC’s online coverage will be accessible during primary time. And even events that aren’t being shown on NBC or a wire partners will be streaming live. What’s more, those with a correct record can tag on their virtual-reality goggles and watch some sports in an immersive 360-degree presentation.

Both a website and a app need viewers to substantiate adult front that they have a cable, satellite or telco TV subscription, and streaming is giveaway to anyone with one of those subscriptions. And now cord-cutters can watch Olympics coverage on a website and app, too, by authenticating their subscriptions to live TV services like Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, CenturyLink Stream and FuboTV, according to NBC Sports. (See next for some-more on those services.)

NBC’s streaming coverage is taken outward of a United States and a territories. For some-more on mandate and restrictions, check NBC’s FAQ.

I cut a cord already. What can we watch?

Plenty. If you’ve review our cord-cutting guide, we know that not carrying a wire or satellite subscription is no longer an snag to examination live sports. If zero else, we can during slightest get what’s airing on your internal NBC associate by hustling to any large box store and picking adult an indoor HDTV antenna.

Several of a vital subscription streaming services and other providers offer live-stream TV packages, that embody not only NBC, nonetheless can also embody CNBC, USA and NBCSN. Services including Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV Blue, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, FuboTV and CenturyLink Stream all have NBC as partial of their customary packages, and they offer NBC’s wire affiliates possibly within their customary package, as partial of other entry-level packages of allied price, or as add-ons for a extrinsic additional monthly fee. Many of these services also embody some cloud DVR storage if we wish to locate adult with a day’s hockey and curling movement later. (Click a Live TV add-on in our cord-cutting guide for a some-more minute demeanour during these services, including cost comparisons.)

Haven’t nonetheless subscribed to a live-TV streamer? Some of these services offer five- or seven-day giveaway trials, so if you’re meddlesome in finally perplexing some of them out, we can watch a Olympics while you’re during it.

Not all of these subscription services are accessible in any region, and some restrictions might request as to what we can see. Go to a websites’ sign-up pages, and we will customarily be asked to enter your zip formula in sequence to endorse what’s available. Also, bear in mind that rights issues will forestall some programming from being recordable.

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