How To Manage A Global Affiliate Program


How do we conduct a tellurian associate program? creatively seemed on Quora: the place to benefit and share knowledge, lenient people to learn from others and improved know a world.

Answer by Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, on Quora:

“Seek initial to know and afterwards to be understood.” — Stephen Covey

Throughout a centuries, dauntless explorers have trafficked by land and by sea to see what lies beyond. Leaving a informed to learn new information and resources can be thrilling. But it can also be diligent with dangerous twists and turns, generally for those who are unprepared.

Many e-commerce companies are embarking on such an tour by holding their associate module global. In their internal environment, their opening selling (affiliate marketing) module has proven to be a profitable, flexible car for pushing revenue. So as they enhance other aspects of their business into new, tellurian markets, it creates all a clarity in a universe that they’d wish to embody their associate module in a journey.

While record has done it easier than ever to work and conduct a tellurian e-commerce business, record alone is not adequate to pledge a success of a tellurian associate program. In fact, companies competence find that expanding their associate module internationally is anything though elementary and straightforward. Common pitfalls include:

  • Network and group differences
  • Difficulties in substantiating code awareness
  • Varying correspondence standards
  • Finding, recruiting and handling internal affiliates
  • Language barriers with both publishers and partners

Fortunately, by holding dual critical stairs (outlined below), many of these pitfalls can be avoided.


In automobile racing, many teams literally travel and draft a roads that will be driven on come competition day. Before rubber meets a road, walking a track, removing a clarity of a landscape, and chronicling what’s found has spin as critical as hint plugs and reserve helmets.

In a context of tellurian enlargement of your associate program, walking a lane should engage in-depth marketplace research. Here are a few critical questions to ask yourself and your group before entering a new market:

  • Is there a need for a product or use in X market? If you’re looking to enhance into an area where people possibly frequency buy products online or wouldn’t have a clever seductiveness in your products, afterwards even a many well-run associate module is doubtful to succeed.
  • Do we have code recognition? If yes, how clever is it? If we have some code approval in a marketplace though it’s not really strong, as good as an contentment of high-quality publishers in your vertical, afterwards your associate module could assistance amplify your code approval in a region. However, if there’s small to no code recognition, your associate module will be most slower to start and it competence be formidable to get publishers to deposit in your program.
  • What are a singular etiquette and best practices in a region? Audiences differ by nation and can be comprised of opposite sub-cultures. Make certain that someone on your group is informed with a internal etiquette and best practices—or partner with an group that is. Companies that destroy to residence informative differences mostly face resistant, doubtful consumers and competence have a harder time winning over certain publishers.
  • Are there high-quality associate partners in a region? These partners should know both a associate attention and your specific straight in sequence to yield discernment into how your code will ring with a patron bottom in a segment you’re looking to enhance into. And given any nation has a possess laws associated to associate marketing, taxation and disclosures, these partners should also be means to assistance we navigate opposite authorised challenges. Without these partners, your module is expected to onslaught in that new market.
  • How are a use and record resources structured? In a U.S. and Canada, networks mostly assign additional fees for module management, and vast selling agencies typically aren’t really associating in terms of associate selling strategies or best practices. By contrast, in Europe, networks typically embody module government services in tandem with record services. In addition, vast European promotion and selling agencies tend to have precocious associate government practices and expertise. These informal differences can outcome in a treacherous collection of record and use options that have opposite levels of cost and sophistication.
  • Do we have stream associate partners who work internationally? Speak with them and weigh how they competence be means to assistance bond we with partners and resources who are timeless in a areas you’re expanding in to.

By walking a lane before going into a new market, you’ll be improved versed to code a quirks and residence any nuances, selling challenges, and informative intricacies that arise.


The sparkling tour of expanding your associate module abroad can spin into a calamity if we align yourself with a wrong partners. Global enlargement is a vast pierce with many stairs involved. This is since we wish to be perceptive about who we select to take a tour with.

Just since an group or network says it has coverage in a certain segment doesn’t meant they are a best choice. No singular network or height is a tellurian personality in any market. They competence be #1 in one marketplace and #11 in another.

We’ve also listened of companies charity a “one-stop-shopping” believe to brands for their tellurian enlargement initiatives. While this competence make a routine sound easy, it’s distant from a best. For example, an group competence be skilful during associate selling on their home turf, though not in other regions. And a vast digital selling group competence have a tellurian footprint, though miss associate selling believe or expertise. To make it seem like they do, they’ll mostly fast chuck together an comment group by bringing people over from other channels, such as arrangement or paid search, who aren’t proficient in associate marketing.

In some cases, an ideal resolution competence be to partner with a singular group that works with internal partners in a nation you’re looking to enhance in to. If so, that group partner should have a resources and expertise to offer as your tellurian indicate person, ensuring we work with a best platforms, networks, and agencies for your business in any region.

When we select a best partners in any region, you’ll have a most improved possibility of saying your associate module develop and grow sales.


Most of a hurdles companies face when holding their associate module tellurian can be overcome simply by seeking a right questions and operative with a right partners.

As mentioned in a recent blog post about since companies are increasingly holding their associate programs global, it’s critical that your module is partial of a incomparable selling and code plan and integrated with other digital channels.

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