How Should You Measure a Value of Your Affiliate Network Partnership?

Affiliate networks are a ultimate pull in associate marketing. They offer all from tracking, stating and payments, a core of any network, by to full-service government of a module to both businessman and publisher. It’s easy to disremember a value networks offer and a critical purpose they play. Networks correlate with mixed stakeholders and by technology, people and processes they iron out a lot of a hurdles that make a wheels of a attention turn. No doubt there’s some-more that could be done, and in researching for this essay we positively viewed copiousness of ideas of what they are. The networks pivotal stakeholders, advertisers and publishers have utterly opposite mandate trimming from a day to day tasks compulsory to run a module all a approach adult to attention turn issues like GDPR.

So how we should we magnitude a value of your network partnership? We interviewed member on both sides of a mezzanine to get a offset view, so special interjection to Hattie Jackson from TopCashback, Aftab Aslam Dan Cohen from Savings United, Mike Fisher from Philips and Colin Carter from Weather2Travel for holding a time to speak to me and pity their thoughts.

The fundamentals

In new months, tracking has been a large subject with ITP and Chrome targeting third-party cookies. Advertisers should check their setup and make certain that we have a first-party resolution in place to lessen this. There are a horde of other tracking enhancements that might be accessible to make certain your publishers are removing sincerely paid for a trade they yield including Cookieless and Cross-Device tracking. If we can’t lane it, we can’t news on it, so correctness and robustness are critical to make certain applicable information is accessible for serve analysis.

Which leads orderly on to reporting. Creating useful insights depends on receiving information in a approach that allows a user to appreciate and analyse their data. Good insights can breathe uninformed life and beginning into programs and clear opportunities for all parties. As Mike Fisher, Direct to Consumer Lead, Philips UK puts it: “Insight is a fortitude of a preference making. Our network supports us good here with visualization collection and entrance to data.”

Payments are also a pivotal area, quite for publishers, and it can be an area of frustration. There are many variables that can foreordain when elect is paid such as validation periods. Your network should be pure on these variables to conduct expectations and be advising advertisers on how to strike a right change to inspire a clever blurb attribute with their partners.


Affiliate Marketing has always been a good sandbox for perplexing new ideas and is one of a cornerstones of a industries repute for innovation. Networks lead a approach in facilitating a introduction of new technologies. “I’m unequivocally happy with a approach a network is introducing some-more tech solutions to us, in CPA models”, pronounced Fisher; “This gives us a lively to try new solutions though carrying extensive doing windows. This loyal exam and learn capability aligns with a vital prophesy and enables growth.”

Beyond record and processes, associate selling is a remarkably tellurian industry. Relationships are important, and networks play a essential purpose in bringing publishers and advertisers together and providing an fit structure for communication. As Dan Cohen from Savings United, puts it, “We rest on a network to act as a consultative and educational overpass between publisher and pivotal clients. The stronger this is, a increasing value to us as a publisher.”.
Colin Carter, Weather2Travel echoed this: “We demeanour during how intent associate networks are with us and either they are peaceful to support and rise a relations with brands.”

Fisher agreed, acknowledging a significance a network plays in a quickness of a blurb relationship: “They actively maintain relations between a code and a associate partner, opening adult faster communication opposite all parties.”

The right balance

One of a hurdles for any network is distinguished a right change between their pivotal stakeholders so that both get what they need from a relationship. As Colin Carter states: “It’s critical that associate networks sojourn in a centre belligerent between brands and publishers and do not solicit to vigour from brands. We wish associate networks to maintain a relations with brands and take an seductiveness in a business goals.”

Advertisers and publishers should also advantage from a information and insights that networks generate. Some networks have turn quite skilful during presenting this in an ominous approach to beget insights and useful benchmarking. “We demeanour to networks to yield attention insight, from new innovations to appearing threats and benchmarking opposite other publishers to assistance expostulate growth,” commented Hattie Jackson from TopCashback.

So how should we magnitude a value of your network partnership? Networks continue to supplement a good understanding of value. There is not going to be a one distance fits all and viewed value will be opposite from one businessman publisher to another. Elements like tracking and stating seem ubiquitous, though peculiarity varies considerably, and these fundamentals are a fortitude of additional combined value. Consider your relationships, a series of new opportunities presented, superintendence supposing and a peculiarity of support we accept – not forgetful a SLA we sealed adult to!

I’ll give my final difference to Carter, who summed it adult nicely: “For us, it comes down to these 5 things: trust, transparency, engagement, communication and development.”