Former CFO president’s impact felt in his passion for farming communities – Springfield News

At a Community Foundation of a Ozarks, we are really unapproachable of a renowned past presidents, yet a list usually includes dual people. Jan Horton, a CFO’s initial worker and boss until timid in 2003, stays a critical partial of a Springfield village and an forlorn item and envoy for a organization.

Our second president, Dr. Gary Funk, left in 2011. Since afterwards he’s taken his passion for farming expansion (best illustrated during his reign here by a investiture of a Rural Schools Partnership and expansion of a informal associate network) and place-based training to a inhabitant level.

Now a proprietor of Cambridge, Wisconsin, Funk’s many new try is a Rural Schools Collaborative, a informal classification with partners in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin and South Dakota that links parochial schools with village care to work for a raise of both. The CFO is a partner in this project.

The RSC recently released a initial turn of “Grants in Place,” distributing some-more than $25,000 to teachers in 35 opposite farming districts in 7 states, including Ava, Cabool, Mountain Grove, West Plains and Willow Springs in Missouri.

“The Community Foundation of a Ozarks has proven that tiny free investments in farming communities have a intensity to go a prolonged way,” Funk said. “So, training from CFO’s Rural Schools Partnership model, a new classification motionless to support teacher-catalysts in as many farming schools as possible. We were impressed by a response to this program.”

Each “Grants in Place” plan links farming classrooms to a incomparable community. Ava will paint a propagandize picture and work with Mountain Grove High School to emanate a film festival about internal story and folklore. West Plains students will emanate materials for a walking debate of a town’s ancestral block and assistance stitch blankets for needy kids. Cabool students will emanate a quarterly newsletter for a propagandize and town, while Willow Springs will concentration on internal butterflies. It’s all, as Dr. Funk would say, “very cold stuff.”

You can learn some-more about a Rural Schools Collaborative during a website, For some-more information on a CFO’s Rural Schools Partnership, greatfully see

Matt Lemmon is media executive for a Community Foundation of a Ozarks.