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LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Travel companies should leave behind a comfort of bequest solutions and concentration on delivering quality, seamless practice in sequence to benefit long-term loyalty, says Travel Loyalty Report: A wake-up call for sleepwalking faithfulness programs, a new faithfulness benchmarking consult by Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) and Points (TSX:PTS) (Nasdaq:PCOM), a tellurian personality in powering faithfulness commerce.

Launching currently during EyeforTravel Digital Summit 2018 in San Francisco, a consult assesses a state of patron faithfulness in a transport attention opposite mixed geographies and transport sectors, from airlines to OTAs to faithfulness companies. While it reveals an altogether boost in patron loyalty, with 84% of respondents saying a expansion in faithfulness over a past dual years, questions arise around a conditions and strategy behind new faithfulness gains and either transport brands are prepared to means this expansion by investment in new ideas.

The news highlights that discounts and coupons are still a many renouned tactic for pushing loyalty, with 61% of all consult respondents revelation to relying heavily on them (rising to 72% in Brazil), notwithstanding widespread doubt in their efficacy. Awarding points and miles is used by 52% of respondents, rising to a rise of 82% in a UK.

However, globally, 71% rate ‘quality of offering’ a biggest impact on loyalty, while patron knowledge and an softened extent of product and use charity are also valued above discounting methods. Despite this, there seems to be a graphic opening between discernment and actions, with usually half of respondents citing that they are actively operative to urge their product operation and patron experience, and even reduction (33%) to urge their extent of product and use offering.

Ariane Gorin, president, Expedia Partner Solutions says: “Today’s savvy travelers are looking over cost as they select their elite brands. To expostulate loyalty, transport companies need to demeanour over existent solutions like discounting, vouchers and points schemes. Lasting faithfulness will be won by companies who unequivocally balance in to consumer expectations, broach a different product charity and deposit in higher user experiences.”

Stuart MacDonald, clamp boss and ubiquitous manager, Points Travel agrees: “Ultimately, a pivotal to winning faithfulness is still winning over a customer, and as a consult shows there’s still good value in faithfulness points and miles, that sojourn a tip faithfulness investment worldwide. There’s a reason because a investment in such programs stays so high. Efficiently leveraging proven faithfulness strategy – joined with rising creation and information scholarship – continues to expostulate fit results. Points Travel empowers faithfulness programs to expostulate additional member rendezvous by abounding points offers and additional emancipation opportunities on hotels and cars, worldwide.”

Gorin continues: “In Expedia Group’s associate business, we have helped hundreds of associate partners boost patron faithfulness by expanding their product charity by entrance to a tellurian rates and availabilities for transport products. In serve to a supply, we yield partners with best-in-class record tools, built from Expedia Group’s some-more than a billion dollars in tech investment each year. The multiple of supply, record and comment government helps a partners grow their businesses by augmenting patron faithfulness and engagement.”

Other pivotal commentary presented by EAN and Points in ‘Travel Loyalty Report: A wake-up call for sleepwalking faithfulness programs’ include:

  • The tip percentages in faithfulness gains come from respondents in France (94%), China (90%) and Brazil (85%); 74% of US respondents contend faithfulness has increased.
  • While a total indicate to altogether health in loyalty, a infancy of consult respondents bring outmost factors such as a stronger economy (70% overall, 88% in a UK and 82% in Brazil), increasing selling spend (72% in a UK and 73% in Japan) and changing patron demographics, as a pivotal to their faithfulness gains.
  • The airline attention is a slightest expected to news faithfulness growth, with 71% indicating to an boost over a final dual years and 29% stating no change. Loyalty companies are a second weakest zone for growth, with 79% stating an increase.
  • Only half of respondents bring that they are actively operative to urge their product operation and patron knowledge and even reduction (33%) to urge their extent of product and use offering.
  • Even yet new ideas like personalisation and gamification are believed to be effective, quite by a airline industry, really few companies are indeed doing it (30% and 57%, respectively).
  • The consult also reveals that there is comparatively small accord on how to magnitude loyalty, with few respondents holding a extensive approach. The many renouned dimensions tactic altogether is amicable view (61%), though there are poignant informal differences: amicable rises to a high of 80% in a UK, though plunges in tools of APAC, descending to 34% in Korea and 30% in Japan.

The news can be downloaded at: bit.ly/travel-loyalty-report

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