Dining rewards are on a arise in 2018 as credit label issuers like Wells Fargo and AmEx aim foodies



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  • In 2018, a credit cards rewards space has seen dining
    emerge as a vital category.
  • While cards have offering prerogative rewards on a dining category
    before, new and rested cards have been announced this year
    that prominence dining, rather than travel, as a categorical feature.
  • With sparkling products from American Express, Capital One,
    Wells Fargo, and Chase, here are a best cards we can get for
    dining out and eating in.

Over a past few years — arguably given 2016, when a Chase Sapphire
credit label debuted, yet arguably for several years
before that, too — credit label rewards and travel
went palm in hand
. While cash behind remains a most
renouned form of credit label reward, as against to visit flyer
miles or hotel points, cards have increasingly focused on
providing transport advantages and perks. Some travel-centric cards
competence also offer prerogative points on dining purchases — a two
categories mostly seem tied together — with dining framed as a
duty of a “travel lifestyle.”

While transport is still a vital concentration of credit label rewards, and
is mostly a best emancipation option when
regulating credit label points, a new rewards trend has emerged during

Dining, mostly sum with groceries or entertainment, has
emerged as a standalone flagship prerogative category.

While cards have warranted prerogative points on dining and groceries
before — a Chase Sapphire
Preferred Card
, that was expelled in 2009, earns 2x points
on dining alongside transport — a releases of new cards and
refreshes of several existent cards have been particularly
food-centric. In further to new cards now accessible from
AmEx, Capital One, and Wells Fargo, Citi recently announced a
modernise to a Prestige Card.

Despite a clear concentration on dining, American Express still
retains an component of transport lifestyle in a new card’s

“We designed a new Gold Card to prerogative a Card Members’
flourishing appetites for dining out, eating in and roving near
and far,” pronounced Rachel Stocks, who is an executive clamp president
of reward products and advantages during AmEx. “Our Card Members
increasingly wish to knowledge new cuisines and try new
places, so when formulating this new product, we focused on adding
value in these areas”

Between inexhaustible rewards on spending and high new member bonuses,
2018 has brought in a rewarding time for diners.

Here are a best cards accessible right now — new and aged — for
dining and groceries.

1. The American
Express® Gold Card

American Express Gold Card benefits
American Express

Welcome offer: 25,000
Membership Rewards points when we spend $2,000 in a first
3 months. Until Jan 9: Get adult 20% behind during US restaurants
within a initial 3 months, adult to $100 total.

Best for: All-around dining rewards

This October, American Express launched a large reboot of its
Premier Rewards Gold card, or “PRG,” rebranding it as
the American Express
Gold Card
, releasing a new steel design
and limited-edition rose gold
, and totally overhauling a rewards and advantages on
a card. Because that wasn’t utterly enough, AmEx also launched a
sincerely singular new acquire bonus.

Right now, this is arguably a best label accessible for food,
unless you’re usually meddlesome in money back, rather than
potentially some-more profitable rewards points, and unless we find
yourself abroad during restaurants often.

The new Gold
 earns 4x points during US restaurants and
on adult to $25,000 per year during US supermarkets (and 1x indicate after
that), 3x points on flights requisitioned directly with a airline, and
1x indicate on all else. Based on a fact
that you can simply redeem Membership
Rewards points for some-more than 1¢ of value each
, that makes
this a highest-earning label for all food-related.

Like a aged PRG, the Gold
 offers a $100 airline price credit each
calendar year, and adds adult to $120 of dining credits — separate into
$10 any month — during Grubhub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory,
Ruth’s Steak House, or participating Shake Shack locations.

New label members — those who haven’t formerly had a Premier
Rewards Gold — can acquire a acquire prerogative of 25,000 points when
they spend $2,000 in a initial 3 months. Additionally, those
who request before Jan 9 can get 20% behind on all US restaurant
charges — adult to $100 sum — in a form of a matter credit.

While it’s formidable to allot an accurate value to Membership
Rewards points, The Points
 subjectively estimates any indicate as
value 1.9¢. That creates a acquire prerogative value $575 — $475 for
a points, and adult to $100 behind from restaurants. Even without
factoring in a annual credit benefits, that’s some-more than enough
to make adult for a card’s $250 annual fee.

here to learn some-more about a AmEx Gold Card from Insider Picks’
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2. Capital One Savor
Cash Rewards Credit Card

capital one savor
The Points

Sign-up bonus: $500 (after
spending $3,000 in a initial 3 months)

Best for: Cash behind rewards on dining

If dining and cooking are your thing, and money behind is what
you’re after, the Capital One
is sure to please.

 earns total 4% money behind on all
dining and entertainment, 2% behind during grocery stores, and 1% on
all else. Plus, a label offers a whopping $500 sign-up
prerogative when we spend $3,000 in a initial 3 months.

The Savor carries a
reduce annual price than a AmEx Gold — $95, waived a initial year.
The earning rate will make adult for a price in many cases, formed on
normal spending, yet if that’s too high for you, there’s an
alternative: the Capital One
SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

The SavorOne
 has no annual fee, and offers a
somewhat reduce — yet still profitable — earning rate of 3% cash
behind on dining and entertainment, 2% behind during grocery stores, and
1% on all else. It offers a reduce sign-up prerogative of $150
when we spend $500 in a initial 3 months.

here to learn some-more about a Capital One Savor label from Insider
Picks’ partner: The Points Guy.

here to learn some-more about a Capital One SavorOne label from
Insider Picks’ partner: The Points Guy.

Read more: The Capital One Savor offers 4%
money behind on dining and party — here’s how most the
normal American saves any year with a card

3. Wells Fargo
Propel American Express® Card

https_%2F%2Fblogs images.forbes.com%2Fthepointsguy%2Ffiles%2F2018%2F07%2FNY City Cards wells fargo propel 8 1200x800
The Points Guy

Welcome bonus: 30,000 Go Far points, value $300
(after spending $3,000 in a initial 3 months)

Best for: Dining rewards with no annual fee

This new label from
Wells Fargo
 has one of a some-more attractive
rewards programs you’ll find from a no-annual-fee card. While
it’s marketed as earning “points,” those points are value 1¢ each
and can be redeemed for cash, radically creation it a cash-back
card; we can also redeem points during 1¢ any for travel, gift
cards, and more.

 earns 3x points (essentially 3% cash
back) on all travel, dining, and name streaming services (and
1x indicate on all else). If that sounds familiar, it’s
since it’s roughly a same as the
popular Chase Sapphire Reserve (more on that in a

Of course, there are some pivotal differences between a cards.
The Propel is
fundamentally a cash-back label with a operation of redemption
opportunities, all of that value points during 1¢ each, while the
Sapphire Reserve offers a potentially some-more profitable redemption
options. Plus, a Sapphire Reserve offers a series of premium
travel-centric perks that a Propel doesn’t, like airfield lounge
access, a $300 annual transport credit transport check insurance, and

Of course, the Sapphire
 also comes with a $450 annual fee,
while the Wells Fargo
 doesn’t have a fee. It’s also more
useful for visit travelers.

The $300 acquire prerogative on a Propel, sum with a high 3%
earning rate on renouned spend categories including all dining and
transport (and 1% on all else), as good as a $0 annual fee,
creates this a stellar option.

Click here to
learn some-more about a Wells Fargo Propel label from Insider Picks’
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4. Chase Sapphire
Preferred Card

Card Group — Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Sapphire Reserve_21 1

The Points Guy

Sign-up bonus: 50,000 points
(after spending $4,000 in a initial 3 months)

Best for: Dining and transport combined

The Chase Sapphire
predates a new trend of dining-centric cards,
and it ties dining inextricably to travel. However, it still
stays one of a most all-around useful and
rewarding cards
out there — and it offers prerogative points on
dining purchases.

The Sapphire
earns 2x points per dollar spent on only about all
transport and dining purchases, and 1x indicate on all else. It
also comes with a ton of transport and squeeze protections, such as
let automobile insurance, outing check coverage, and extended warranty.

The sign-up prerogative — 50,000 Ultimate Rewards (UR) points — is
worth, during a really least, $500 as money behind or present cards.
However, if we book transport by the
Chase Ultimate Rewards portal
and use points to pay, you’ll
get a 25% bonus, creation points value 1.25 cents each. That means
that a sign-up prerogative would be value $625.

Even some-more remunerative — the Chase Sapphire
 lets we send your UR points
to a few opposite visit flyer and hotel faithfulness programs.
This comes in accessible because, in many cases, it costs fewer points
to book a outing if we go by one of those programs, as
against to regulating a points as cash. You can review some-more about why
transferring points to visit flyer programs gets we more
value here.

This all comes for a sincerely customary annual price of $95, that is
waived a initial year.

You competence also wish to cruise the Chase Sapphire
, which is fundamentally a beefier chronicle of the

While a label comes with a same sign-up bonus, it earns points
on bland spending faster, nabbing a aloft 3x points per
dollar spent on transport and dining purchases, and 1x on everything
else. It also offers similar, yet in many cases, enhanced
transport and squeeze protections.

While a label has a $450 annual fee, it creates adult for that with a
yearly $300 transport credit, entrance to airfield lounges by the
Priority Pass network, and more. However, a Reserve is only
profitable if you’re a sincerely unchanging traveler. While there are
copiousness of reasons to collect it over the
, a Preferred is a improved choice for a
dining-centric spender who’s also looking for plain travel
rewards — here are seven other reasons we competence want
a Preferred over a Reserve

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