Cable provider GCI reaches prolongation with network affiliates

ANCHORAGE — Alaska wire and internet provider GCI reached a agreement prolongation that will keep ABC, CW and Fox on a wire packages during slightest by January.

GCI and a owners of internal network affiliates concluded on a prolongation amid ongoing negotiations over cost increases, a Alaska Journal of Commerce reported Wednesday.

ABC and CW would’ve been private from GCI use statewide on Jan. 1 though a extension. Fox would have been private on Jan. 15.

Fox programming includes a arriving National Football League playoffs.

“The negotiations aren’t final and we’re not out of a woods nonetheless though we are creation good progress,” GCI pronounced in a statement.

GCI Spokeswoman Heather Handyside pronounced a provider offers 450 channels in Anchorage and negotiates new contracts for any of them. Cost increases on contracts are customarily between 5 percent and 20 percent, though GCI pronounced a ABC, CW and Fox associate owners requested a 300 percent increase.

“We do it successfully all a time,” Handyside said. “But any so mostly there is a programmer or broadcaster and we can’t accommodate their rates. It’s out of change when compared with other stations that we pay. We do get into these really moving negotiations. And infrequently it takes a while.”

Matanuska Telephone Association, that also offers radio wire packages, has had a same cost issues in renegotiating a contracts. Association President Michael Burke pronounced a association stopped airing Fox on Jan. 1.

In cost negotiations, a association was counter-offered incomparable prices any time it negotiated, Burke said.

“We’re open to putting them behind on during a reasonable price, though for now we’ve mislaid a ability to keep a channel,” Burke said.

In Juneau, a agreement prolongation allows those channels to resume broadcasting, according to information performed by a Juneau Empire. The Juneau Fox TV associate stopped transmitting to GCI in November, withdrawal collateral city residents though entrance to a channel solely by receiver or satellite TV.

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