BTC Surf Expands Its Exclusive Offer for Its Community

If we have been in a star of cryptocurrencies for a prolonged time, we should have gifted a expansion of a business models. In a initial phase, there were many business models related to advertising.

The already famous “faucets”, and a PTCs (Paid To Click) were a viable approach of appropriation tiny portions of cryptocurrencies to go low into this world. Then mixed problems arrived and usually a best projects have survived.

And currently we deliver we one of those projects that have blending and softened over time to continue carrying a place in a jam-packed star of internet advertising: BTC Surf. trademark transparent

What is BTC Surf?

BTC Surf is a community, grown by a professionals of a Spanish Blockchain Association.  Anyone can register for giveaway and suffer several advantages (depending on a form of membership). 

Depending on a activity in a village we can acquire Bitcoins, we can earn trade for your web portal or accommodate new portals and investment opportunities.

Advertise forever

Members can publicize with a singular remuneration and suffer a use for a lifetime. In this way, a advertiser will be means to accept trade from genuine users via his life and so boost his yields.

Those users who do not wish to publicize can also acquire while they see ads from a partners that are advertised, and also know peculiarity alternatives that are being promoted by a other members of a community.

Other sources of benefits: The Affiliate System

Apart from a normal activity of a community, it can also be warranted by recommending a height to other users, with that we will subsequently acquire a elect of a increase that are generated after interjection to that user.  The BTC roller associate network is adult to 11 levels low (for a tip memberships).

Clarity with financials

The placement of income generated by a village is a transparent complement designed with clarity to pledge certainty in a system.

The placement is as follows:

  • 50% – Membership devise distributed in 11 levels.
  • 20% – External Surfing Promotion for all advertisers, generating visits from other trade sources.
  • 10% – Weekly Bonus.
  • 10% – Random reward per activity.
  • 10% – Management and upkeep of BTCSURF systems

The newest: The pool

The latest and many innovative use that BTC Surf partners offer is “the pool”.  When we speak about pool we do not discuss what we all know as a mining pool. A pool, in general, is a organisation of people (or companies) that come together to offer a use or take advantage of a business opportunity.

In this case, a Pool offering by BTC Surf is dictated to feat a associate network market.  With a contributions of a members of a community, a associate networks of tip peculiarity portals within a Bitcoin star and cryptocurrencies are exploited.

Next, let us uncover we a draft of profitability of a pool.

BTCSurf profitability chart

As can be seen in a above graph, profitability ranges between 0.20% and 1% per day. Which is a sincerely essential investment if we cruise a extensive foe in a internet promotion market.

In addition, a pool evolves as a village decides given they will make investments in a portals that a members themselves decide: a apparatus for a community!


BTC Surf is a mature, essential village that continues to innovate to offer essential services for a community, as evidenced by a new launch of a elect POOL.

Official website: BTC Surf

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release