Becky’s Affiliated: How iGaming affiliates can learn and acquire from a tour of Ian Sims

Making a healthy vital as an iGaming associate is harder than ever, something affiliates are reminded of each time they attend an iGaming Business associate conference.  Affiliates who have been in a business for 10 years and will mostly speak of a “good aged days” and those who done “easy” tens of thousands in a mid-2000s seem to have left off a face of a earth.

iGaming affiliates who survived a extreme changes of a courtesy over a past fifteen years have implausible stories to tell and judicious paths to follow.  we have such honour for those who can adjust to change and emanate collection to assistance others adapt, accurately what Ian Sims, or “Simmo” to some, has accomplished.

Becky’s Affiliated: How iGaming affiliates can learn and acquire from a tour of Ian SimsA few weeks ago we spoke with former casino actor and associate Sims during a iGaming Super Show about his latest venture,, a alighting page stating use for affiliates.

Sims became an associate in 2005, sole his initial associate site, “” in 2007 and started over again in 2009 by building a network of sites that he sole in 2016.  Since then, his concentration has been on Rightlander, a apparatus that has been combined for affiliates by an associate who knows where a pain points lie.

Based on his years of experience, Sims describes alighting page aptitude as a “critical acclimatisation trigger” and there are copiousness of affiliates out there now who do not concentration adequate on alighting pages.

“Looking behind during my life as an affiliate, this is one of a areas that we vastly under-valued for a prolonged time. When we eventually stepped behind and suspicion about what done me buy things we didn’t know we wanted, on sites like Amazon for example, we started to realize usually how critical that word ‘trigger’ unequivocally was”, common Sims.

“I indeed tremble now when we consider how many intensity players we mislaid out before we settled profitable courtesy to a state of my alighting pages: a information averages suggested that we was losing between £20,000 and £30,000 in income annually!”, he added.

Sims built his associate network off a behind of being a casino actor and his personification knowledge supposing profitable discernment on where to send his players and that alighting pages to use.

“When we am looking for a casino, we don’t wish one with usually one of my favourite games: we wish one that has a cross-section of ALL my favourite games. Neither am we going to pointer adult though anticipating out a bit some-more about a terms, diversion selection, licencing and generally a withdrawal terms! So alighting pages that concentration on one diversion and don’t have links to other tools of a site simply don’t modify me”, he said.

In 2013, Sims took 6 months to inspect his existent associate calm and satisfied he had a large problem with a alighting pages and destinations he was promulgation trade to.

“I was promulgation lots of really targeted trade to alighting pages and low couple destinations that were utterly specific though now possibly no longer existed or whose calm had altered so many as to describe them mostly irrelevant”, he shared.

This was a duration when a thought for Rightlander was innate and Sims satisfied a six-month plan was one of a many profitable exercises he ever undertook.

“I theory as an affiliate, there are so many other things to do: content, research, SEO, building a sites, design, plan government etc that it’s easy to disremember a smaller nonetheless mostly essential things. I’d always insincere that once we had selected my alighting page or end to send trade to an operator, it would demeanour after itself and that incited out to be a really genuine perspective of a world”, he said.

Sims motionless a usually approach he would know when alighting pages had altered or died was to get a visible of them, one of a singular facilities of Rightlander, a apparatus that took Sims one year to build after offered his associate network in 2016.

“I motionless to take a judgment and rise it into a cost-effective product that all affiliates could use, irrespective of industry. It’s already captivated some flattering heavy-hitting sites in a industry, names that will positively be informed to all iGaming affiliates”, he shared.

Affiliates, including Sims when he was regulating his network, are accustomed to regulating couple checkers such as Screaming Frog and Xenu for a basics, though according to Sims, they are not suitable to guard monetized links.  Another emanate with couple checkers is they can’t tell we when calm has altered or turn reduction applicable to intensity customers, an emanate Rightlander overcomes by display cinema of what alighting pages demeanour like during any sold moment.

Becky’s Affiliated: How iGaming affiliates can learn and acquire from a tour of Ian SimsThere are a series of innovative facilities Sims has built into Rightlander, including a “fast pull warning feature”, profitable information collection and a special underline for affiliates that geo-target calm and use opposite links in opposite countries.

“One of a biggest USP’s of Rightlander is a ability to furnish a perspective from any one of 40 opposite countries so that an associate can see accurately how all their alighting pages demeanour to a intensity patron in that country”, explained Sims.

In further to providing solutions for affiliates, Sims is operative on a apparatus for operators as well, with accurate sum to be suggested in a not-too-distant future.

“Many operators wish to be pro-active with affiliates though not all have a resources or time to keep checking ancestral alighting pages. Rightlander is means to warning operators when alighting page issues start and we am now display a demo chronicle to a handful of operators we know well, with a perspective to fine-tuning it and rolling it out”, Sims said.

Its been a pleasure to follow Sims’ tour from casino actor to associate to developer.  With so many years of knowledge underneath his belt joined with an approachable, kind and accessible nature, Sims is a resources of information for a iGaming associate community.  Seeing as Sims went by dual acquisitions as an affiliate, one good and one not so good, he has dual pieces of recommendation for affiliates who are looking to get acquired themselves.

“Firstly, safeguard we widespread your risk so that we are not contingent on a usually 2 or 3 operators for your revenues. Similarly, do not occupy an SEO association unless they come with a top recommendations. If we build a ‘house of cards’, we substantially won’t ever grasp what we wish for it and a some-more fortitude your sites have, a some-more expected we are to grasp a decent price”, he said.

“Secondly, when it comes to a sales process, occupy a attorney and let them assistance we value your site. It’s easy to over-value your site formed on it’s ‘potential’ – each site has intensity though it will usually ever be realised in a right hands, so don’t cut off your nose to annoy your face”, he added.

Visit to learn about a Free Trial that is now regulating for iGaming affiliates.  If any associate wants to speak to someone about a sales process, Sims is some-more than happy to share his experiences. Just send him a private summary around a Rightlander Facebook page.