American Express skeleton leaked for a new Centurion Lounge in …

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American Express

  • One of a best perks that comes with a Platinum Card from American Express is that we can entrance a ton of airfield lounges.
  • The best are Amex’s possess disdainful International Lounges and Centurion Lounges.
  • Adding to new additions to a Amex Global Lounge Collection, a new loll was recently non-stop during Melbourne Airport, while skeleton leaked for a new Centurion Lounge in Denver.

One of a best perks that we get with a Platinum Card from American Express is entrance to airline lounges all around a universe by a Global Lounge Collection.

With some-more than 1,000 lounges in a collection, including several opposite categories — such as Delta Airlines-operated Sky Clubs, and eccentric lounges that are partial of a Priority Pass loll network — a best ones are Amex’s possess lounges: Centurion Lounges, accessible in vital airports opposite a US and Hong Kong, and a handful of “International American Express Lounges.”

This is a 11th general loll — apart from a 9 stream Centurion Lounges — though Amex has done a poignant and manifest investment over a past few years by expanding a branded loll network, with renovations of several existent lounges and new locations announced during airports including Philadelphia and New York-JFK. Access to these lounges is disdainful to holders of a Amex Platinum card, or a entice customarily “Black card.”

This week, American Express non-stop a new general loll — and skeleton about a new Centurion Lounge in a US were leaked.

The general loll is located during Melbourne Airport in Australia, in Terminal 2 during Satellite Level Departures. Available for card-holding passengers imagining in Melbourne, as good as those transiting by before a prolonged general or shorter informal flight, a loll facilities identical amenities to American Express’ existent lounges, including chef-prepared food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, barista use for coffee, reward cocktails and top-shelf liquor, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more.

The new American Express Lounge in Melbourne

American Express

While a loll doesn’t now offer showers, these should be accessible within a subsequent few months, according to Australian Business Traveller.

Additionally, skeleton have emerged that American Express is formulation to open a new Centurion Lounge during Denver International Airport. According to a offer filed online by a Denver City Council, a city is in a routine of commendatory a franchise in a airport’s C Concourse for a new lounge, that would magnitude during a whopping 14,650 block feet. That would make it a second-largest loll in a Amex network, only behind a new loll during New York-JFK.

The skeleton filed with a city legislature uncover that a loll will underline a customarily top-notch amenities, including a few special features, such as a sauna and wellness area, a booze and beer-tasting area, and a “tranquility area,” that could be useful for travelers with prolonged layovers.

A still from American Express’ offer to a Denver City Council

Denver City Council

Other details, including timing, are still unknown. While a deputy for American Express did not offer any serve details, she did share that:

[American Express is] always looking during opportunities to move a reward Centurion Lounges to some-more airports opposite a creation and are operative closely with a Denver International Airport as this plcae is positively of seductiveness for both us and a label members.

That would advise that in further to central acknowledgment about Denver, we can design to see even some-more locations announced in a future.

Bottom line

If you’re a visit business traveler, or even only someone who flies a few times a year, airfield loll entrance can be impossibly pleasing and useful.

Whether you’re carrying a few drinks with friends before streamer off on an journey together, or you’re carrying a crater of coffee and responding a few e-mails before on a approach to an out-of-town meeting, loll entrance is an intensely profitable perk of a Platinum card— generally if we supplement adult a value of all those giveaway drinks and snacks.

While Delta Sky Clubs and several Priority Pass lounges are great, Amex’s possess lounges are simply a best, charity estimable food options, glorious drinks, and a some-more relaxing sourroundings — even during rise hours.

As a cardholder, saying a enlargement of a Global Lounge Collection and a Centurion Lounge network is illusory — generally since many of these lounges are opening during vital airports and hubs, so that they’re of use to anyone transiting through, not only people who live in those cities.

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