Affiliate Network Payment Study Reveals Significant Gaps Between U.S. and Non …

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tipalti (,
provider of a heading tellurian payments government platform, has
expelled commentary from a consult of over 250 tellurian associate partners on
their remuneration with a state of associate elect payments. The
study, “Global Affiliate Networks Payment Satisfaction Report,”
conducted by Tipalti, identifies gaps in remuneration between U.S.-based
affiliates and those outward of a United States. This investigate exposed
several pivotal affiliate
insights, including a need for incomparable communication with
affiliates, a high turn of change risk associate network programs
face with payable affiliates due to remuneration issues, and a transparent gap
between U.S.-based affiliates and those in a tellurian space.

Among other notable findings, a investigate identified that scarcely 41% of
affiliates have stopped operative with an associate network since of a
remuneration issue. Of those who did not already finish a attribute with an
associate network, 65% contend they would stop operative with a network
since of unchanging remuneration problems.

The Importance of Payments to Affiliates

According to a research, associate network managers should take notice
that payments are immensely critical to their affiliates and that it
can expostulate their faithfulness or attrition. Nearly all affiliates surveyed
concluded that:

  • Being paid on time is critical (99.5%).
  • They design an ability to determine remuneration standing online (99.5%) and to
    be automatically told when remuneration issues arise (98.1%).
  • They conclude a extended choice of remuneration methods (93.6%) as good as
    being means to get paid when certain threshold numbers are met (90.1%).
  • Consistent remuneration issues means poignant disappointment and can cause
    them to dump out of a network or module (65%).

The Chasm Between Global Affiliates Versus U.S.-Based Affiliates

Both U.S. (52%) and non-U.S. (41%) affiliates have gifted late
payments, though tellurian affiliates also have issues with payments never
nearing during all. 34.8% of non-U.S. affiliates have had a conditions where
they did not accept remuneration compared to 13% of U.S. affiliates. The
consult also identified graphic differences between U.S.-based
affiliates and those in other countries. For example:

  • While U.S.-based affiliates cite PayPal and ACH, tellurian affiliates
    cite PayPal and handle transfers (and uncover a incomparable eagerness to
    compensate for send fees). Echeck /International
    were a third many renouned remuneration process for global
  • 66% of tellurian affiliates wish to be paid in internal currency.
  • While 61% of U.S. affiliates contend their networks collect W-9 taxation ID
    information, a answer is not as transparent for tellurian affiliates where
    scarcely 68% contend that W-8 collection is possibly not function or they
    don’t know.
  • The altogether remuneration levels change severely between U.S. and global
    affiliates with a non-U.S. affiliates carrying a some-more negative
    notice of their remuneration experience. While usually 9% of US affiliates
    contend payments need improvement, scarcely 20% of non-U.S. affiliates say
    remuneration operations need improvement.

“Affiliate networks need to cruise a change their global
associate partners have on their ongoing business success and how their
elect payments processes are impacting their ability to partisan and
keep a best associate marketers.” pronounced Chen Amit, CEO and co-founder
of Tipalti. “Programs that occupy operational best-payment practices,
such as improving associate on-boarding, charity affiliates a secure
portal to check their remuneration standing 24 / 7, immediately notifying
affiliates about remuneration swell or issues, and providing a operation of
remuneration methods and banking choices, will eventually grasp greater
network success and stability.”

The “Global Affiliate Networks Payment Satisfaction Report” survey,
conducted by Tipalti in Jun and Jul of 2015 polled participants from
mixed amicable networks (including LinkedIn) and a AffiliateFix
. More than 250 people responded and a tellurian brew of
respondents enclosed 69% non-U.S.-based affiliates. Affiliates sundry in
distance trimming from smaller (those generating remuneration underneath $10,000 a
year) – 63% – to incomparable affiliates (those that had affiliate
remuneration of over $200,000).

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Tipalti is a usually associate remuneration government height to automate
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