Why Affiliate Marketing Yields Better ROI Vs Google

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“Half a income we spend on promotion is wasted; a difficulty is, we don’t know that half.” – John Wanamaker

The maze binds loyal for complicated selling as good and is accurately where Affiliate Marketing comes in. A perfect contrariety to normal Offline Online Marketing channels, associate selling offers an forlorn lapse on investment.

Before we dive into numbers, let’s revisit a simple suspicion of Affiliate Marketing. Here, a third celebration i.e. an affiliate, uses several forms of selling like Email, SMS and Notifications to foster your product or service. The associate gets paid usually if a sale is made. Hence this kind of selling is also called Performance Marketing.

On Google Ads however, a marketer pays Google per click. Let’s take an instance to uncover a perfect cost disproportion between Google and Affiliate Marketing. In Fashion, a standard associate price is 10%. So if an associate drives a sale for Rs 1500, a cost is Rs 150. On Google, a normal Cost Per Click is Rs 10 and normal acclimatisation rate is 1%. Therefore, on Google, a cost per sale works out to Rs 1000.

Below is a discerning Google vs Affiliate comparison for other categories. 

Moreover, if a patron earnings a product, we don’t have to compensate a associate anything however with Google, we still have to pay. 

The subsequent evidence some marketers have is around new vs aged users. Yes, affiliates competence not always expostulate new customers, though afterwards conjunction does Google. Marketers uncover Google Ads to new and aged users comparison and compensate outrageous costs per sale. Here too associate selling wins on quite ROI.

The categorical Ecommerce affiliates in India include: 

  1. Cashback Coupon Sites
  2. Price Comparison Sites
  3. Banks
  4. Telcos
  5. Newspapers

Between a 5 tip affiliates, only about each eCommerce user in India is covered. Given a perfect economics, Marketers in India contingency demeanour during Affiliate Marketing some-more seriously. 

It is therefore no warn that a biggest players like Amazon, Alibaba, Booking.com, Expedia, Tesco are all investing resources to grow Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate selling is a lot of things though mostly it is intelligent business. 


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