Johan Styren: Branching out into associate marketing

Johan Styren has built a repute as an operator, formerly holding a pretension of CEO of LeoVegas. Looking for something new, he’s now changed over to a associate side of things, initial Dilanti Media. He assimilated a Becky Liggero to speak about his new project.

Styren motionless to emanate his possess affiliate participation since he felt he could do things a bit differently. “What we’re doing opposite is that we’re super kind of tech focused,” he said. “We’re unequivocally perplexing to build correct technical height for what we’re doing. We’re unequivocally most in it for a prolonged term.”

To get a association started off, they are looking tighten to home, yet with larger plans. “We’re focusing on Europe right now, yet we’re also looking during some-more outlandish markets like Japan for example,” Styren told Liggero. “Something a small bit closer to home yet something that many operators are meddlesome in is Germany as well.”

Dilanti Media’s proceed to opposite markets will be initial and inaugural about providing a best use with a top peculiarity of return. “Our plan is simply to build something that is unequivocally quality, something that is unequivocally adding value, not usually to a user yet to a tangible finish customers,” he said. “I’d like to see us as a of a gambling industry. We’re unequivocally adding value, unequivocally assisting people to select a right gambling company to play at.”

He’s not usually happy to settle with gambling clients though, Styren knows a energy of associate media can widen most further. He explained:

“There’s still a lot of room on a associate side to unequivocally build some peculiarity companies there. Furthermore, we would also contend that it’s an event to pierce outward of a gambling universe as well, since what we’re building is unequivocally germane to any industry.”

Liggero pulpy him on specifics of that industries could profit, and Styren didn’t skip a beat. “Forex and crypto,” he offered. “Those are a closest targets. But again, it’s unequivocally germane to any attention that works with connection really.”