Income Access releases associate selling consult report

Income Access releases associate selling consult report

7 Mar 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) — Income Access, Paysafe’s selling and record services provider, has expelled a new consult report, entitled State of Play: iGaming’s Affiliate Marketing Industry. The news includes statistical and anecdotal insights on a stream state of a associate selling attention as good as expectations for 2018 and what trends will conclude a months ahead.

More than 20 consult questions cover a operation of topics, including mobile trade and optimization, elite promotion models, verticals and markets of interest, factors when deliberation an user partner and more. The full news is accessible for download on a Income Access website.

Questions associated to mobile and promotional strategies were among a many revealing. A sum of 86% of affiliates pronounced that they now run a mobile site, and 77% comparison calm (i.e., online site reviews, sports news, etc.) as a pivotal promotional strategy. For a latter point, other renouned promotional strategies embody ensign advertisements with sign-up offers (55%) and Twitter accounts with trackable links (30%).

Casino (44%), sportsbook (36%), poker (31%) and bingo (27%) were identified as a tip 4 verticals that affiliates are deliberation compelling in a future. Esports (25%), lottery (21%) and amicable gaming (21%) also showed signs of long-term associate interest.

Income Access compared several formula to a apart 2016 associate consult — also conducted by Income Access — that addressed many of a same topics and questions. This comparison showed an boost from 20% to 39% of affiliates who pronounced that some-more than 50% of their trade arrived from mobile devices. For verticals, a series of affiliates who comparison bingo as a stream concentration rose from 17% in 2016 to 40% in 2017. Casino was a tip stream straight of concentration during 75%.

Several affiliates supposing personal and anecdotal explanation about a stream state of associate marketing, expectations per a associate channel’s expansion and a many critical questions affiliates will ask themselves in 2018.

Through a Income Access Network, iGaming’s longest-serving eccentric associate network, Income Access is in daily hit with heading attention affiliates opposite an array of verticals and markets. With a apartment of digital selling services, including associate module management, media buying, SEM, ASO and calm marketing, Income Access has also gained in-depth believe of a collection and strategies leveraged by iGaming attention stakeholders.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Income Access and Digital Wallets during Paysafe, said, “With a consult report, Income Access set out to weigh a state of a attention by a eyes of affiliates. What we found was a brew of consistency, that can be seen in formula for a heading markets and verticals, and evolution. Increased seductiveness in bourgeoning verticals such as esports and Lottery is a good pointer for a industry. That affiliates are creation a unwavering bid to be vital with their calm growth is likewise encouraging.”

For some-more information about a consult report, greatfully hit Income Access.

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