How You Can Support this Year’s IAB/PwC Affiliate Marketing Study

How large is a associate selling channel in a UK? This was a doubt a attention asked itself 7 years ago when 27 companies collaborated to move to life a world’s initial distance of marketplace study.

Coordinated by a Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC, a pithy news grabbed headlines with constrained income and lapse on investment numbers. Boasting £16 in sales for each £1 invested and accounting for £14bn of a UK’s e-commerce market, it really showed associate selling was a channel to be taken seriously.

Fast brazen to 2020 and no such news exists to uncover a stream scale of a industry. While this might seem like a opposing step maybe it also indicates how many associate selling has integrated into a wider digital ecosystem.

However, a IAB still produces a integrate of title associate numbers. And that’s where we need businesses doing within a space to come brazen and contention their data.

Wider contribution

As partial of their Adspend Study, a IAB usually measures network and height fees. Given they don’t take into comment commissions in a wider study, they sum both sets of information to furnish a top-line series privately for a associate industry.

This can usually be achieved, however, if we have as far-reaching a grant from a attention as possible.

These are a companies who submitted numbers in 2019:

Awin, CJ, Impact, MyOffers, Optimise, Partnerize, Quidco, Rakuten, Tradedoubler.

It’s value observant that this is a poignant dump from 7 years ago and it would be good to see other companies supplement their revenues to a total. That’s because we’re reaching out to a wider associate community.

Snapshot of a channel

If you’re interested, there are a integrate of considerations. Given networks and SaaS platforms typically constraint many publisher commissions, we do not need publishers to minister unless there are revenues not prisoner by these forms of platforms. 

Similarly, some advertiser run approach programmes that might be missed from a altogether picture. Agencies too might be regulating program that isn’t offering by a aforementioned businesses. As a ubiquitous order of thumb, if we feel we can contention numbers that won’t be accounted for twice and are formed on pushing CPA-based activity we wish to hear from you.

While we don’t have a apparatus to indication numbers from vital programmes like eBay and Amazon, and therefore can't magnitude a full range of UK associate marketing, what stays is an critical image of a channel. The usually information indispensable is full-year commissions and fees tracked in a UK by your business.

Now for a critical bit. The IAB collects this information in a secure environment, theme to a cold of PwC’s information doing standards. No submitting company’s information is common with another submitting company’s. All information is collated and represented as a ‘size of market’ piece; zero is distant out.

Here are a formula from a final 3 years:

It’s totally giveaway to contention your numbers and we do not need to be a member to participate. You’ll also accept a duplicate of a news when it is expelled in April.

If we feel we should be enclosed greatfully drop me a line and we will pass your sum onto a IAB who can send out a acquiescence form. Time is brief so you’ll need to get in hold this week.