HOQU Eliminates Fraud in Affiliate Marketing

HOQU Eliminates Fraud in Affiliate Marketing

October 30, 2017 GMT |

The economy is changing, and companies all over a universe are quick expanding their tellurian overdo by holding advantage of a many present of selling techniques. One of these techniques, associate marketing, is a form of digital selling where marketers (affiliates) are rewarded formed on how effective their campaigns are. Affiliate selling is a cost-effective approach to do advertising, as it means that merchants usually have to compensate for a promotion that indeed leads to new business.

However, promotion is not an attention that is giveaway from fraud, and 2016 saw, according to a ANA, some-more than 7 billion dollars of rascal in a industry.  HOQU (pronounced Hoh-koo) is a decentralized selling height that aims to safeguard satisfactory associate selling deals, worldwide.  The HOQU organisation – a organisation of advertising, fintech, and tech consultant – has grown an ecosystem that will discharge rascal in associate marketing.

The HOQU ecosystem is built to be integrated into selling platforms all over a world.  The following advantages for merchants and affiliates will be accessible on your app around a soon-to-be grown API.

Anti-fraud for merchants:

Merchants who find associate selling on HOQU are stable from rascal on a series of opposite fronts. Potential associate marketers are finished accessible to merchants formed on a multi-tier complement of authentication and reputational rating, all cumulative by a blockchain.

Affiliates are divided into 3 tiers, formed on how many information they have supposing to infer their identity. The simple tier – tier one – is a default for all associate accounts that have simply registered. The top tier – tier 3 – will be reserved to all associate accounts that have followed a whole authentication procedure. Among a information that these users will yield will be a indicate of their pass or ID label and a application check or some other request proof their place of residence.

More entirely real affiliates are some-more reliable, and so will have entrance to a infancy of selling work available. Merchants can use filters on a user-interface to mention that they usually wish to use a services of high-tier affiliates.

Merchants can be certain that they are removing a many “bang for their buck” since a HOQU height is integrated with a many slicing corner of technologies for measuring KPIs. An instance of such a apparatus is MarketCall (https://marketcall.xyz). Using MarketCall, a businessman indicates how many they are peaceful to compensate per any call received, and MarketCall usually takes remuneration for competent calls from intensity clients.

These technologies altogether assure that eccentric affiliates can't “pad their numbers.” If a businessman feels like they are profitable for some-more promotion than they are indeed receiving, they can find fortitude from a third-party interest center, a partial of a HOQU ecosystem.

Of course, all exchange will be positively secure, since they will be finished regulating a HQx token, on a HOQU blockchain. All authentication information and reputational information will be cumulative on a blockchain, too. This means that if a fraudster associate tries to make a new comment on HOQU to find work, they will keep their old, low, rating.

Anti-fraud for affiliates:

The facilities that strengthen HOQU merchants from rascal strengthen affiliates too. The same multi-tier complement is practical to merchants. A businessman that is entirely real will have a many easier time anticipating associate marketers that will work with them as they will be viewed to be some-more reliable.

Additionally, affiliates can see a reputational ratings of merchants before going into business with them. They can know if they competence have a problem per remuneration or any other emanate good before any work gets done.

Affiliate marketers will be benefitted by a fact that credit label fraud, or “shaving,” is unfit on a HOQU ecosystem. Affiliates will always get a payments they deserve, in HQx tokens, since a blockchain will safeguard it. If not, a interest core is accessible to them, as it is for a merchant.

Importantly, a associate can feel self positive in his anonymity. Affiliate hit information, after going by a authentication process, is taken on a height for anyone else to see. The usually information that merchants will have about them is what is accessible on their user profile.

The throng sale is coming

The digital selling attention is flourishing quick – by approximately 20% annually. Demand is already there for a approach to get absolved of rascal in this 335-billion-dollar industry. HOQU is a solution, and purchasing a HQx token is a good approach for we to get concerned with a project.

35,000,000 HQx tokens will be accessible during a pre-sale and 520,000,000 during a token sale.

The pre-sale starts Nov 13th and ends on Nov 20th.

Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 HQx

Minimum Purchase: 50 ETH

40% early bird bonus

The token sale starts Nov 27 and ends one month after on Dec 26.

Price: 1 HQx = 0,0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5000HQx

For some-more information about a project, revisit https://hoqu.com and download a excellently created white paper.

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