FTC charges Orlando-based Montano Enterprises with fake marketing

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a operators of an Orlando company, Montano Enterprises, with fake promotion about sales of general software.

The commission’s sovereign lawsuit says Ronnie Montano’s companies told business they could acquire large income operative from home by regulating products marketed as “secret codes,” though those products were indeed general program products. Customers who bought a products mostly paid many some-more than they are sole for in other outlets.

The elect is suing Montano, Hyong Su “Jimmy” Kim, Martin Schranz and their associated companies, observant they bilked consumers out of millions of dollars with products like a Mobile Money Code. The FTC accuses Montano of offered general program applications labeled as a Mobile Money Code.

The censure alleges that a defendants essentially contacted consumers with spam emails sent by associate marketers. For example, some emails cited in a censure claimed that a products were a “secret process folks are regulating to make thousands of dollars per day (seriously!)” or that users can start “generating 60k a month on 100% autopilot.”