Foreground Announces Plans to Build a Decentralized Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Solution

Foreground promises to facilitate promotion and associate selling by joining advertisers and publishers on both a normal internet and a fast flourishing decentralized web (Web 3.0) to an open and honest network. The network will concede advertisers and publishers to build reputations formed on a verifiable, permanent bill of payments and conversions.

“We see an event to bond advertisers and publishers though a center man,” says Rick Feiner, Founder and CEO of Foreground. “The blockchain provides a 100% accurate story of payments. We’re regulating that information to build a verifiable repute for any and each advertiser and publisher that joins a Foreground network.”

Foreground enters a marketplace during a time when a tech village is starting to comprehend a disintermediating outcome that blockchain record will have on digital marketing. Up to 40% of ad budgetary allocation tends to go to vast networks and use providers. By leveraging technology, automation and clarity to revoke cost, Foreground is set to interrupt a attention by creation it simpler, some-more pure and efficient.

“The bursting ecosystem of decentralized apps is going to need a monetization solution,” continues Feiner. “The ICO marketplace alone is $3 Billion and growing, though doesn’t nonetheless have entrance to even a many simple associate tools. Foreground is a usually resolution that creates advertisements and associate selling work seamlessly on a blockchain, permitting us to offer one of a fastest flourishing markets in a tech space.”

Foreground is building a decentralized app that includes a full apartment of collection to commission advertisers and publishers, including collection for reporting, acclimatisation attribution, and payment. The product is being built by achieved developers and is corroborated by a Blockchain Incubation multiplication of Productive Edge, a universe category digital mutation consultancy formed in Chicago.

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