eBay Enterprise buys associate record businessman AffiliateTraction

EBay Enterprise says a pierce will give distant some-more collection to a retailers who work with a associate selling program, that has 59 tradesman clients in a Internet Retailer Top 1000.

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EBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions has acquired AffiliateTraction, an affiliate technology businessman that depends such retailers as Fathead LLC, Skechers USA Inc., Guess Inc. and American Apparel Inc. among a clients, a companies pronounced today.

Terms of a transaction were not disclosed. 

EBay Enterprise also announced that AffiliateTraction CEO and boss Greg Shepard will assume a purpose of arch plan officer during eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions.

The understanding enables eBay Enterprise to give distant some-more collection to a retailers who work with a associate selling program, Michael Jones, eBay Enterprise’s CEO, tells Internet Retailer. EBay Enterprise’s associate module has 59 tradesman clients in a Internet Retailer Top 1000, according to Internet Retailer’s Top500Guide.com. That ranked eBay Enterprise fourth among retailers’ associate selling vendors to a Internet Retailer Top 1000, behind CJ Affiliate, Rakuten and ShareASale. EBay Enterprise says it works with “hundreds of thousands” of affiliates and roughly 3,000 retailers.

In appropriation AffiliateTraction, eBay Enterprise is adding record that seeks to automate a routine of appropriation and building relations with affiliates. For instance, it recommends affiliates that a tradesman should work with, and it also offers energetic attribution—it tells retailers who they’re going to pay—and energetic commissioning—it tells them how most they ought to compensate any affiliate.

AffiliateTraction had operated as a record use provider and didn’t give a tradesman clients entrance to a technology, though that will change with a acquisition. Coupling that record with eBay Enterprise’s vast associate network should assistance eBay Enterprise improved offer both retailers and affiliates, says Jones. Jones was a co-founder of Pepperjam, a online selling group and associate network acquired by GSI Commerce in 2009 that is one of a pivotal pieces that creates adult eBay Enterprise. EBay acquired GSI Commerce in 2011.

“Within a associate selling world, not most has altered over a past 10 years,” he says. “It’s been a same aged thing. But this changes everything.”

By giving retailers entrance to a strong set of collection that AffiliateTraction has prolonged used to make associate merger some-more like programmatic ad buying, it could interrupt a channel, Jones says.

Within a subsequent 3 months, eBay Enterprise will start to offer agencies and advertisers entrance to some AffiliateTraction tools, with a idea of entirely integrating a record into eBay Enterprise’s height within 6 months.

AffiliateTraction is headquartered in Santa Cruz, Calif., with offices in Toronto, London and Sydney.

In associated eBay Enterprise news, Jones says that a businessman skeleton to rebrand a business, that is no longer dependent with eBay Inc., within a subsequent few months.