Carousel Group’s Daniel Graetzer on being a new child on a associate selling block

There’s a new child on a block, and it’s already removing lots of seductiveness among affiliates. iGaming startup Carousel Group is gearing adult to launch a dual flagship brands, and, and in this talk with’s Becky Liggero, owner and CEO Daniel Graetzer discusses what creates their associate module special.

The Carousel Group has been recruiting some of a best affiliates from around a universe to foster a brands around a recently launched Carousel Group Affiliates program. Graetzer explains:

“I consider what’s many special about a associate module is it’s not so most a associate module nonetheless we are charity some good early signup bonuses. It’s a fact that a energy of a brands behind them, a business behind it, we know. We are a startup company, we move behind us a lot of energy and a lot of weight. We’ve got a possess platform, a possess technology, a possess trade team. We got illusory brands, we’ve got a possess singular take on product and user knowledge so we are charity something uninformed and sparkling to a attention so hopefully affiliates will see a value in that and come on house with us.”

The launch of a Carousel Group Affiliates comes forward of a rollout of a company’s dual new tier-1 tellurian betting brands. is being positioned as a “ultimate end to gamble on tellurian sports,” while is a dedicated height for racing enthusiasts.

Graetzer, along with other members of a Carousel team, were recently during a London Affiliate Conference (LAC), where they talked with representatives and affiliates about a company’s brands. And a eventuality was, in Graetzer’s words, “actually flattering cool.”

“I’ve been entrance to ICE for many years, it’s indeed my initial time on this side of a blockade during LAC. You know, we didn’t know what to design so we listened some crazy things about affiliates. It’s indeed flattering cool, I’m enjoying it. I’m utterly happy to be divided from a threat of a hulk ICE and being in a bit some-more of an insinuate environment and a bit some-more fun, we know, a bit some-more movement over here during LAC,” he noted.