What is Po.et (POE)? | Beginner’s Guide

What is Po.et?

Po.et is an Ethereum-based, concept bill designed to lane tenure and detrimental for a world’s digital artistic assets.

In today’s age of present information exchange, chartering processes and accreditation have turn a outrageous pain indicate for digital calm creators. In a elementary click, anyone can duplicate your design or divide and repost it as their own. If they do find correct licensing, it can be a rarely labor-intensive task, requiring mixed emails and lawyers. Oftentimes, this routine is simply not value it for an essay that took a publisher usually a confederate of hours to write.

Po.et has done it their goal to residence this problem by formulating a initial height that uses a blockchain to digitally timestamp calm and offer as a singular source for chartering information.

How Does It Work?

A Unique “Fingerprint”

Proof of existence

Po.et uses “Proof of Existence”, the first non-financial application of a blockchain. When we supplement something to a Po.et marketplace, it’s given a singular “fingerprint” that can’t be altered, tampered or edited after being assigned. Thanks to a blockchain, a “fingerprint” has no singular indicate of disaster and a calm needs no 3rd celebration or publisher to benefit access.

A Digital Marketplace

On tip of charity an permanent certificate of ownership, Po.et also aims to be a height for creators to be discovered. You can supplement your digital calm to opposite marketplaces to be featured and scrupulously licensed. The marketplaces use Po.et’s token, POE, to singly incentivize members to supplement and sincerely rate applicable content.

To supplement calm to a marketplace, we contingency initial interest your coins. If a members of a marketplace trust a calm is a good fit, they’ll accept it. If a members of a marketplace don’t trust a calm is a good fit, they reject it and allocate your coins.

As a member on a Po.et platform, we can emanate your possess marketplace and make it as extended (ie. photography, poems, memes) or specific as we select (ie. cinema of walruses in birthday hats, songs about climbing rocks in Colorado, etc.). You can afterwards mention a voting terms, requirements, and volume of POE new contributors need to interest to request to join. The some-more peculiarity calm in a marketplace, a some-more profitable a marketplace becomes. This incentivizes members to usually accept quality, applicable submissions and reject a inconsistent ones.

This staking routine should incentivize we to usually contention applicable calm as you’ll remove your coins if not. So, don’t contention cinema of “dogs in object hats” to “walruses with birthday hats” – a village won’t accept it.

Additionally, if someone submits calm to a marketplace that we trust has been plagiarised, we have a ability to “challenge” a submission. Using a singular fingerprints reserved to any document, members can opinion to accept or reject a challenge. If a plea is authorized by a infancy of a members, a new calm is private from a marketplace.

po.et interface

POE Token

POE is a ERC20 currency used on a Po.et marketplace. At a time of launch, it’s three categorical uses, as described by a Po.et group are:

  1. To bootstrap a network effects of Po.et by formulating a village of intent invested stakeholders and publishers
  2. To lift supports for a long-term growth of a Po.et Foundation
  3. To yield a resource to incentivize and prerogative early adopters and certain contributions to a Po.et network

As a network matures, a founders wish that POE can offer as a mercantile inducement behind Po.et’s need to foster quality, curated calm on their trustless platform.

The group minted a sum of 3,141,592,653 (the digits of pi!) POE during a ICO in Aug 2017. The group sole 50% to a village by a token sale event, lifting a sum of $10 million USD. The rest of a token allocations were as follows:

  • 8% Founding Team
  • 10% Angel Investors
  • 10% Integration Partners
  • 22% Foundation
  • 50% Token Sale

Po.et ICO token sale allocation

Po.et Team and Progress

Po.et was recognised within BTC Media, a edition and selling organisation that focuses on a blockchain space. BTC Media co-founder, Tyler Evans, was undone with a labor-intensive routine compared with chartering calm and attributed it mostly to “not carrying a singular source of law about chartering information.”  There are now 10 core members on a Po.et group including CEO Jarrod Dicker who formerly served as a boss of creation and blurb plan during The Washington Post.

The growth of Po.et has been distant into three phases: The Rosetta Era, The Guttenberg Era, and The Alexandria Era.

The Rosetta Era

The Rosetta Era began in Jun 2017. Most particularly during this time, Po.et expelled their ICO and lifted $10 million dollars from a token sale. Using these supports and their seed round, Po.et was means to launch their open exam net and confederate their initial publishers onto a platform. WordPress users were strictly means to timestamp and keep an updated record of all of their created work.

The Guttenberg Era

Po.et has strictly entered a “Guttenberg Era”. According to their roadmap, Po.et will betray their chartering marketplace in a arriving months. This marketplace will confederate 20+ determined publishers and concede creators to start hosting their created content. As good as facilitating discovery, a marketplaces will accommodate artistic licenses and concede for payments to calm creators by frictionless remuneration channels.

The Alexandria Era

The final epoch of growth will be open to all meddlesome users and start ancillary images and videos in a marketplace.


Launched in Aug 2017, POE is still a comparatively new token. The stream marketplace cost is about .0000053 BTC, reduction than 1/4th of it’s Jan 2018 high of .000017 BTC. While it suffered vital blows in a altogether crypto marketplace pullback early this year, a group has remained focused on their product and roadmap. It will be engaging to see if a cost can redeem and continue to grow as a plan matures.

Where to Buy POE

Today, POE can be purchased on a array of renouned exchanges including BinanceBittrex, OKex, and EtherDelta.

Where to Store POE

Because POE is an ERC20 token, we need to store it in a wallet with ERC20 support. The endorsed choice is a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S.

If we don’t wish to bombard out a money for a hardware wallet, we can use Exodus wallet for free.


Po.et is a shared, concept bill designed to lane tenure and detrimental for a world’s digital artistic assets. While a plan is still really young, they’ve already done a dash in a blockchain ecosystem. With a array of certain pivotal hires and a well-thought-out, and so far, well-executed roadmap, this group looks staid to take Po.et far. If a group succeeds, they aim to move a media and edition attention into tomorrow’s Internet of Value.


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