The information and discernment behind Penrith Panthers’ new-look patron faithfulness program

The launch of Panthers Group’s new-look patron faithfulness module isn’t usually a thoughtfulness of a venue owner’s extended investment into communications and engagement; it’s also proven a matter in aligning inner teams.

Panthers Group conduct of marketing, Megan Bowen, told CMO a group’s executive organisation was wakeful a faithfulness module wasn’t delivering on potential, and that there was an inner skills opening around creation a changes required to serve success.

“What we knew was a infancy of executives had hereditary a faithfulness program, and along with that, a disastrous impressions some members had aligned with it,” she said. “That was since of past changes finished to benefits, that were not perceived definitely by some members. So some would complain, a changes would be reversed, though afterwards those member tiers were not indeed spending. So we indispensable some help.”

Panthers’ faithfulness module is about 7 years aged and formed around a point-based currency, ‘Panthers Points’, that can be warranted and redeemed opposite a venues. This includes a categorical Penrith venue, as good as Bathurst, Port Macquarie, Wallacia, North Richmond and Glenbrook. Membership to a module is $5 per year. The module has 124,000 members and runs alone to a Penrith NRL team, that has a possess membership module with 20,000 fans.

Despite carrying a plain patron base, Panthers had seen shake opposite certain patron segments. Negative feedback also meant employees were demure to possess a program.

“We used to have a faithfulness manager, though a purpose altered and was not replaced, and there were constructional problems there. On tip of that, we had informative problems as many were too frightened to take tenure given chronological feedback,” Bowen explained.

Backing change with patron insight

The organisation brought in patron rendezvous and faithfulness consultancy, Ellipsis Co, to assistance with a program’s repositioning and relaunch. Managing partner, Tim Tyler, pronounced a initial step was conducting investigate to brand challenges.