Startup Shirsa Media Labs uses a energy of a Net to gamify kids’ learning

Sukhada Tendulkar and Mandar Desai were ardent about
kids’ learning
. They had clever beliefs on how children can be done to learn a required skills to assistance kids ‘stay atop their game’, as they grow to take on several life and career challenges. So, a dual founded edutech

Shirsa Media Labs
in Oct 2013. “It was a step towards translating a ideas into reality,” says Tendulkar, Co-founder and CEO. Besides passion, a event in a edutech space was also promising. “With 25% of a race next a age of 15, and children increasingly spending some-more time on a Internet, a event to strap a Net for their training was huge,” says 31-year-old Tendulkar.

Mumbai-based Shirsa offers dual training products, Planet of GUI (POG) and NewsPIK. Planet of GUI is a practical universe for kids between a age of 6 and 12. It offers several goal-oriented activities and enchanting training element including videos, online games, worksheets, eBooks and scholarship experiments. “Here we yield personalised, ageappropriate calm and suggest new calm formed on a user’s poise on a platform,” says Tendulkar. NewsPIK is a digital journal for kids. The Shirsa group curates news articles, events, quizzes and other information, so children are wakeful of a universe around them. “It is stimulates a immature minds and keeps them informed,” says Tendulkar. Children acquire prerogative points for reading news and these points are redeemable on a POG platform, permitting them to clear calm of their liking—videos, games, ebooks, etc.

Shirsa products aim to rivet any child along with their particular relatives in personalised educational entertainment. The concentration is on consistent training skills with believe of a theme and delivering a gamified training knowledge to a child. “Our prophesy is to make preparation
and rewarding, and we aim to turn a onestop resolution for all edutainment needs of a children,” says Tendulkar.

Founded with an initial investment of Rs 30 lakh from a founders, a startup clocked tighten to Rs 1 crore in income in 2015-16. “Our user bottom has seen a 100% year-on-year expansion and we will see a most crook expansion this year,” says Tendulkar. Currently, 1.5 lakh sell users and 100-plus schools are regulating Shirsa’s products.

When a founders started out, they faced dual vital challenges. The initial was to bond with attention experts who could yield feedback on their business thought and a viability. The other was to build a clever group that accepted a founders’ prophesy and was committed to this cause. “A multiple of a home-work, conviction, flexibility, networking, and trust among pivotal group members, along with a bit of fitness helped us accommodate these challenges,” says Tendulkar.

Shirsa runs gaunt operations and has a staff of only 20. “We follow a plan of spend correct and are never get too aggressive. Organic expansion and advantageous use of collateral is a intelligent approach to grow a company,” says Tendulkar, a former banker.

Even as B2C edutech companies have faced hurdles due to low Internet invasion and adoption, a founders have shifted their concentration from B2B to B2C now. “This has been an conscious change since of a expansion intensity of a B2C channel,” says Tendulkar. The startup has set an desirous aim of reaching 10 lakh users by end-2016. “With larger Internet adoption bandwith prices will come down and this will assistance us. Meanwhile, concentration on light, 2Gfriendly solutions helps us strech sell consumers,” says Tendulkar.