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Storiqa E-CommerceStoriqa E-Commerce

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Storiqa is starting to enhance new trend in e-commerce worldwide. The many engaging things are usually commencement 28 of Nov is a special day, that many substantially will change a universe of digital commerce. This day ICO Storiqa launches. It will final compartment a 28 of December, so there are 30 days compartment a finish line. The pre-ICO has been already finished and it was successful – a plan reached already 4 425 ETH and a bill now is $1 500 000. It was a apparent win of Pre-ICO.

Ruslan Tugushev is a owner of Storiqa project, he is famous as an businessman and co-founder of initial crowdfunding height in Russia – Boomstarter. It was one of his successful startups and it helped him a lot to know all a issues of a complicated digital market. This bargain and knowledge given 2012 led him to launch a new plan – Storiqa.

Storiqa aims to yield a ways of digital trade and destroy all a borders between buyers and sellers. The categorical thought is a origination of a marketplace, ancillary cryptocurrency and smart-contracts. Due to regulating of blockchain technology, Storiqa has a lowest transaction and business costs. It also helps to make purchasing processes simplest in a world.

While many of a normal platforms for online shops need special skills in programming, Storiqa has a elementary user-friendly interface, permitting each manufacturer to enter a tellurian marketplace in a fastest way. Don’t need to spend a lot of income and engage a lot of resources usually to emanate a online store. If in past a digital trade was not for a particular players, today one does not have to be a group actor and sinecure a staff to enter a tellurian digital marketplace and start to trade with people worldwide.

Storiqa has all a tools, required for successful trade within a digital space. The writer can set adult a e-shop within 60 mins and enter a tellurian market. Here he or she will be means to promulgate with business directly, guard and collect information about their activity, preferences, and tastes to optimize a store according to a patron needs.

“We are mostly compared with famous e-commerce platforms and hear that there is no disproportion between us and other marketplaces. But let me explain that Storiqa is directed to assistance small-scale writer to go tellurian but barriers and with cheaper commission. Multicurrency wallet is not a usually rival advantage. We offer support 24/7 in 8 languages, associate selling solutions, products localizations, pure examination complement that guarantees satisfactory trade.” – settled CEO Ruslan Tugushev. “No one in e-commerce offer partnership with trade owners. We attract bloggers who assistance to boost sales by products examination and also are means to acquire with mention system. Win-win case, isn’t it?”

Another thing, creation Storiqa available for both a buyers and sellers, are STQ tokens, specifically released by a platform. Each user can buy with it a genuine products from all over a world. Storiqa is a multicurrency platform, that means that everybody can use a opposite form of banking (both fiat and digital) for shopping a products. Storiqa has a system, permitting a quick and easy banking exchange.

STQ tokens are released according to a Ethereum standards and can be simply exchanged to any digital or fiat currency. The bigger village is, a aloft a token’s cost and it will continue increasing. Unlike other currencies, a token has a most lowest elect and aloft cashback, so for buyers it always some-more profitable to buy a equipment with STQ.

To find out some-more about Storiqa, greatfully check out a company’s whitepaper during

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