How to Win with Facebook Video: 7 Useful Tips for Beginners

As marketers and advertisers, these numbers should unequivocally ring some video calm bells in your minds. Add to that Facebook 360 Video and your rendezvous possibilities are infinite.

Jonathan Searle, Inbound Marketing Manager, The Pedowitz Group:

Facebook was one of a initial platforms to capacitate users to not usually share video within their height though also concede for businesses to benefit essential insights into how prolonged users are examination videos if they are saved or common giving business not usually vicious insights though a ability to aim those that have intent during a certain % of any video. This has been a marketer’s dream though carrying to compensate absurd amounts to a height for these insights.



Here are 7 ways to optimize your Facebook Video selling efforts:

  1. Video content: Share something singular and useful

Understanding your assembly is vital. Identify what problem or plea your awaiting is facing, and try to residence it in a proceed that will ring – either it’s humorous, educative, romantic or any other suitable tonality. Solution-based Facebook videos widespread unequivocally shortly as they offer something useful .

  1. Video length: Short and crisp

Short videos have a limit chances of going viral. For a incomparable impact, visible storytelling is a best as it doesn’t have ominous or linguistic barriers. It’s like a man in a pub in Oslo and some lady in a tube hire in Seoul are equally engaged.

Facebook admits that videos that are shorter than 2 mins tend to hoard improved courtesy than longer ones. The thought here’s simple. Your video should be ominous and contingency communicate your brand’s core summary though don’t try and get into too many detail. That can means distraction. Another critical angle is syncing your visible with your message, subtitles or info, as many videos on Facebook are watched on mute.

  1. Video opening: Make a many of a initial few seconds

A outrageous cube of your assembly is regulating a mobile app of Facebook and are mostly on a go. That’s because we contingency squeeze their courtesy instantly. The initial 2-5 seconds reason a pivotal to that courtesy . One effective proceed to that is by commencement with an exploration like a ‘did we know’ or ‘what if’. In such brief formats like Facebook videos, stay divided from overselling and braggadocio too many about who you’re. It only doesn’t click and drives audiences away. The idea is to excite and motivate them. So, innovate on those fronts.

  1. Video spotlighting: Remain courteous to your Facebook page and thumbnails

Ensure that your Facebook page has a local Facebook video to keep a fans glued. Again, local Facebook videos are a ones that are hosted on a height with a Facebook-based URL. Video thumbnails need to be selected delicately formed on Facebook discipline and restrictions . You can select a thumbnail from within your video by regulating a ad origination apparatus of Facebook. Choose something constrained so that even if a video isn’t playing, a picture on screens is an interesting, enchanting one.

Searle adds:

Currently a final “FREE” organic proceed to benefit trade is to implement Facebook Live. Once a business goes LIVE, Facebook unequivocally goes out of a proceed to share that a company/brand is live by desktop users, though some-more a app users that have it commissioned on mobile devices. If we consider about this compared with a ability to lane that videos, a commission of expenditure and targeting opposite inclination unequivocally can maximize your remarketing and direct era abilities to broach rarely intent intensity customers.

  1. Video scheduling: Correct timing

Sometimes a best of Facebook videos are mislaid in a sound when they aren’t scheduled properly. Don’t let this occur to you. Many brands have amicable media teams fully-dedicated to scheduling posts on opposite platforms. In box we don’t, there are options such as Hootsuite to assistance we do a same.

Your audiences live in apart time zones and that creates scheduling or timing an component we can’t skip for Facebook videos. Depending on when your assembly is accessible we can arrange your Facebook videos by formulating a posting report for your page.

  1. Be consistent: Stay a course

Often, you’re not certain how many of video calm is adequate or abundant. To find out, control visit polls and rivet your followers. This way, you’re listening to your audience, and in a incomparable intrigue of things, it helps we to be unchanging in terms of your video content. Try to precedence Facebook video ad campaigns for improved views and reach. Concise, unchanging calm is what hooks people on .

  1. Video CTAs: Closing a loop

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are your gateway to pushing trade to your website and creation your assembly take a subsequent step. With Facebook CTAs, we can use your video to route people to your site and this also transpires into your window of a acclimatisation opportunity. The aptitude of a CTA with your video calm is a cause that we can ill means to overlook.

Some examples of Facebook Video success

#LikeAGirl by Always

#LoveAtFirstTaste by Knorr

HubSpot on email marketing

Apart from a above, for your Facebook videos, precedence a in-house (rather in-app) register of Facebook with Facebook Live (live streaming feature), Facebook 360 Video (a 3D observation experience), and Facebook Insights. With Facebook Insights, we can investigate and magnitude a opening of your video that enables we to get improved with a subsequent video. After all, your selling decisions on what worked and what didn’t need to be formed on data.

Searle affirms:

The best proceed would be around rendezvous during watch time %, shares, and altogether cost per perspective and interaction. Video now engages users some-more for a many cheaper cost per rendezvous or communication if targeting and remarketing are employed within your inbound or direct era campaigns. The ability to take a high behaving video and audience, and afterwards enhance it to another 2 million and users that Facebook identifies as a identical assembly allows for improved enlargement and strech to a specific organisation of intensity users while gripping costs during a indicate to be essential and uncover a good ROI.

Now’ is a good time to embody Facebook Video in your video calm selling strategies.

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