How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

Blogging is one of a industries that has captivated many gifted writers to start self-hosted blogs. It is engaging to note that one can now start their possess blog with no collateral and skills. This has been finished probable by an array of collection that have been grown and finished accessible for free. As a result, it is now easier to turn a blurb blogger than it was a box few years ago. Many blogging collection such as WordPress offers a users absolute collection to start and marketplace their blogs during no cost. Even then, bloggers mount a possibility to acquire sufficient collateral by producing good reading materials.

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

Free Vs. Purchased Domain Name

To get started with a giveaway blog, one needs a hosting and domain name. Free domain names are now accessible though offers small comment control to their clients. For this reason, it is advisable to squeeze a domain name that comes with full personalized name with minimal restrictions. There are several methods of creation income online by self-hosted blogs as compared to giveaway hosted blogs. Hostgator is one of a many renouned website domain seller with a far-reaching operation of personalized domain plans.

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There are opposite ways of creation blogging a happening with minimal resources and investments. With self-hosted websites, a blogger is distant some-more expected to attain in a niche of operation and benefit blog definition and blogger definition even faster.

How to Earn Money with a Blog and Blogging Monetization Methods

i. Affiliate Marketing

In associate marketing, a blogger places banners and special links in a websites intentionally to attract clients to specific businessman sites. If a patron eventually buys a product from a site hosted by a merchant, a blogger earns a elect that amounts to his or her earnings. Many associate markers blog for income by corporate referrals. Some promotion networks compensate bloggers specific volume of income on any click or discuss finished successfully.

It is on bloggers to brand good profitable ads and promotion agencies before subscribing to associate offered as a income creation strategy. It is critical to comprehend that many successful tellurian bloggers were once associate marketers.

ii. Selling Your Own Offline Product

Some blog how to acquire income can be finished by personalized website that generally emanate and sell dedicated products. Writers, grill owners, and musicians are now compelling their talents, products and services by blogs. Most of these bloggers collect online payments finished by PesaPal and PayPal income send use providers.

iii. Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is a fulfilling knowledge that comes with sufficient rewards to a blogger. This is so since digital products need minimal investments when compared to earthy products. E-book blogging is an instance of a digital blog that can acquire greatly.

Selling e-book is an increasingly flourishing try that attracts prolonged tenure investment efforts. A book that was combined decades ago competence still be offered during a aloft rate even into a destiny with small joining in genuine time. Unlike earthy books, e-books do not cost to imitate or discharge creation them some-more versatile. Blogging with e-books is one of a many engaging ventures that one competence cruise to try. To get started, brand an area we do good and tell a good rating book. By essay a book and blogging it in an e-book store, we will be certain to acquire pacifist income ceaselessly for years to come.

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

E-book blogging is a fast source of income when finished scrupulously with sufficient marketing. The pivotal judgment of blogging is to capacitate other people to surpass in specific areas. More calm is called for before agreeable estimable results.

Blogging for income is harder when we are removing off a ground; it requires mentorship and diligence even when a blog does not seem to take off. For this reason, it is critical to cruise a aptitude of several digital products we offer to a horde blog platform.

iv. Paid Posts and Marketing Opportunities

This form of blogging actively attracts sponsored posts and management requests. A blogger should be penetrating to temperament with good ranking websites and persons to top their hunt ranking. Some bloggers in this difficulty are paid adult to $500 to cover a element in their page or discuss specific ads.

Marketing opportunities will benefaction in your hit inbox if we do it right and enthuse others to grow. It is critical to stay understanding of others in sequence to get deeply grounded in blogging. It is receptive to offer some giveaway services even as we monetize others when building a website. This is critical in formulating a good will that will attract some-more clients.

v. Be a Consultant

To turn a consultant blog, we need to know how to residence a sold problem inspiring your audience. For instance, we competence cruise regulating a consultancy blog about entrepreneurship and startups. You will be some-more expected to attain if we have applicable knowledge in a margin and are good prepared in a subject.

Providing sum on a thesis will attract a courtesy of some-more people on your expertise. The some-more persuading and lawful your blog is, a some-more we are expected to accept some-more clients for veteran legislature and enquiries. There are many organizations in need of veteran consultancy services and are peaceful to compensate some substantial pile sum to a top ranking bidder. Consultancy is profitably even with a fast changes in record and amicable media enlightenment in business applications.

The categorical reason of blog essay is to offer services. A scrupulously designed website is discerning in reaching a aim audience. Some people offer a accumulation of services in one blog while others cite to specialize in their niche. In all cases it is a good use to thoroughness on a use we are good during and can broach during best.

vi. Email Marketing

Email offered is a absolute blogging plan that involves list building providers such as AWeber. By generating and building a list, a blogger will be means to enhance their targeted traffic. Huge trade is critical generally when rising a product and make essential updates in a blog. Email offered has been adopted by many firms meddlesome in expanding their patron base.

The blogger will start by attracting some-more email subscribers and a volume of sales. It is critical to set elementary goals when regulating this form of bluffing strategies as against to incomprehensible and formidable metrics out there. To get started, offer applicable resolution to a underlying problem, thoroughness of peculiarity and attract vast email subscriber volume, and afterwards thoroughness on creation sales.

vii. Job Boards

Another arguable process of creation income by a blog is to rise Job play to capacitate people secure jobs amid practice crisis. A pursuit house blog will eventually attract employers to recommendation pursuit opening by your site. Problogger Job Board is an instance of a successful pursuit house that has captivated a vast caller base.

Blogs and Bloggers

A timeless blog earns good income for bloggers. All it takes is an movement deliberately finished to seize a blogging opportunity. A blogger should delicately investigate a marketplace niche and establish a interests of his or her assembly before removing started. This is overly critical in entrance adult with prolonged tenure strategies for a sold blogging opportunity.

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in Kenya

Blogs are grown for opposite reasons including education, consultancy, entertainment, and news updates. Identifying a elemental reason of substantiating a blog is profitable to a blogger.

Blog Topics -How to select a suitable topic

There are a series of topics that a blogger can select from. It is, however, needed to select a subject of seductiveness to make certain we attain though straining. Some of a common topics that a blogger competence be meddlesome in embody politics, financial and investment, amicable development, religion, sports, and cultivation among others.

Blogging for Beginners

Beginners mostly find it formidable to start a website since of a technicalities concerned in sourroundings adult and customizing a website to apartment a purpose. Although these technicalities have been reduced significantly, beginners still face hurdles that change from sourroundings adult a blogging sourroundings to reaching their aim market. Before removing started it is useful to collect on a many elite blogging platform. we would privately suggest WordPress, though a choice is preferential. After identifying a blogging platform, select a horde and squeeze your domain. Install WordPress on your domain by discerning implement features, afterwards hunt a manageable and appealing thesis that compare your blog material.

After building a website, it is time to start entrance adult with and building useful resources to attract a dictated audience. The pattern of a blog should clearly denote and simulate your celebrity and area of concentration. There are many guides on selecting blog themes that are applicable to several blog topics. A good pattern develops a good initial sense for several clients visiting a blog for a initial time. A good designed website offers easy navigation for news feeds and calm reading.

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Blog Post Examples

There are several examples of blog posts that a new blogger can learn from. The internet is now filled with blogs covering opposite topics. Identifying high offered blogs and training some-more about them is a good approach of removing started with blogging.


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