Crypto-Rockstars Blockchain Conference

3 days + 30 speakers: 26-28 Nov 2018.

Online conference / practical limit + networking plcae in Cologne, Germany.

Featuring Speakers from Renown Brands Like

  • SAP
  • Accenture
  • BTC-Echo
  • DASH
  • Qarnot
  • Motionwerks
  • Crown
  • BountyGuru
  • CoinTraffic
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Tatiana Moroz from Crypto Media Hub
  • Katalytics
  • Startplatz
  • IBM
  • KI-Dezentralized
  • Spike Crypto ICO Marketing
  • and a mom of a Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht
  • plus more…

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin for beginners
  • Why a fall of a banking complement is imminent
  • Community driven and self-sustainable blockchain ecosystems
  • The denunciation of Blockchain – Tech though talk
  • The first crypto heating section that can cave while heating your home
  • Free a art – how and because cryptocurrencies, communities and creators can unite
  • The Binance Story – How a sell became No.1 in usually 12 months
  • Monero – The fungible cryptocurrency
  • ICO Marketing for Startups
  • The first blockchain formed emobility product
  • The consequences of a Silk Road hearing for digital remoteness lawmaking
  • Doing your task on ICOs
  • Different Blockchains, Different Use Cases – Strengths and weaknesses of private and open blockchains
  • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
  • eCommerce Solutions for Blockchain
  • How we collected 16.666 ETH in usually 15 minutes
  • Secure Identity Protocols (Business Case)
  • Bounties – how to get thousands of people compelling your project
  • Cryptoland – The crypto law routine on Malta
  • A beam to a DASH Privacy Coin
  • Supply Chain Management on a Blockchain
  • How to news your crypto taxes
  • Trading crypto with leverage
  • How to do your possess Chart Analytics
  • Startup Accelerator powered by ICO funding
  • plus more…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Conference About?

This eventuality has a clever concentration on some of a best Blockchain Startups, Technology UseCases and ICO Marketing Know-How.

What is a Mixed Online + Offline Event?

Originally, this eventuality was designed as a pristine Virtual summit/Online conference, though we had so many requests for a live networking location, that we partnered adult with a famous Startplatz in Cologne. All videos are pre-recorded and streamed live on a online webinar platform. So we can watch it from anywhere in a universe OR we can come to perfume to accommodate some speakers in chairman and network with a outrageous internal village of blockchain experts and enthusiasts.

Can we Watch this Online Event during my Home/Office?

Yes, absolutely! Get online entrance and watch all 30 disdainful video interviews of this 3-day eventuality from anywhere in a world.

Important: Access to this giveaway apparatus is singular to usually 500 seats and on a first come first served basis! That means, when we skip a live session, afterwards it´s gone! If a webinar bedrooms are entirely packed, afterwards we can´t get entrance anymore! That means, we competence wish to buy a sheet to get 12 month online VIP-Access to all talk videos OR come to a live networking eventuality in perfume Germany to accommodate adult with many speakers in person.

You can register for a giveaway webinar sheet here (Limited to usually 500 seats!)

What is a Benefit of Coming to Cologne?

The live plcae in perfume facilities giveaway entrance to a outrageous networking area, some trade uncover promotions, a reward magazine, an disdainful red runner talk setup for a press, an interactive amicable wall, accommodate some of a speakers in person, take partial in open QA sessions and knowledge a preference of a finest travel food.

Why are there 2 Different Tickets?

Because of technological issues, there are 2 DIFFERENT Tickets available.

Can we Sign Up as an Affiliate to Help Promote This Blockchain Event?

Yes, we compensate out between 25-50% of a sheet cost as a sales commission.

You can register as an affiliate here:

Important: Ticket prices are augmenting as a eventuality date approaches.