A Beginner’s Guide to PI LIVE 2018

PI LIVE is positively a biggest and top peculiarity opening selling eventuality in Europe. If you’re concerned in opening marketing, presumably a network, publisher, agency, influencer or something else entirely, we should unequivocally be attending this event.

There are a few categorical reasons that we attend PI LIVE underneath a renowned vouchercloud banner.

Firstly, it’s given we get all of a many critical people in one place – we can accommodate and network while training about how things work. This is quite good given of a busiest time of a year for selling in Nov to Dec so we can get those final notation opportunities requisitioned in.

The other side is a preparation factor. There are opposite levels of talks going on – some of that are directed during beginners – good for anyone who is starting out in a industry. Then we have a some-more modernized ‘hot topics’ talks for a veterans. There’s something for everyone.

What should we expect? 

So, let’s start with one of a basis – Queue Buster. To kick a queues, we can pre-register in advance, receiving your sheet and lanyard previously around post. This means we can strut past a scores of people watchful on a day and pre-pay for lunch as well. The turn of audacity we vaunt doing this is wholly down to personal taste. 

Dress code

We’re not a suits attention – intelligent infrequent is perfect. Be respectable yet gentle – embody a coupler if you’re feeling quite fancy. 

Prior to arriving, you’ll wish to set out your gameplan. PI LIVE has an app we should download – we can demeanour during each eventuality that’s going on, select that ones we wish to go to, and organize yourself. More importantly, we can strech out to other attendees that creates pre-booking meetings with them that bit easier. Using a app, we can separate contacts by sector, and thereafter supplement them as a contact. Remember, though… peculiarity over apportion – this is a close community. 

There are colour-coded lanyards too, indicating representatives who are presumably an advertiser, publisher, network or agency.

Once you’re by a doors, take a few mins to get a lay of a land. Walk around and get your bearings. Help yourself to a coffee. (Top tip: a best is between a vouchercloud and Groupon stand.)  

How to make a many of networking opportunities? 

Business cards seem to be a failing multiply in a mainstream… yet in networking this couldn’t be serve from a law – they’re vital. Don’t listen to a GDPR naysayers – you’re authorised to give business cards out to hit people…you’re only not authorised to supplement them to 7 mailing lists. 

Remember you’re attending PI LIVE for a reason. You don’t mostly get a good understanding of time to pronounce with people, so you’ll need to get to a indicate fast and concisely. This is where your conveyor representation comes in. Tell people who we are, what we do, and because you’re here – keep it elementary and extent a jargon. There are some good networking spots via a venue, including a Beer Garden and Prosecco Lounge.

The extras

Taking someone out for cooking is a good approach to build a attribute with a impending client. Don’t speak too most about business, and given you’ve invited them, compensate a bill. People eventually do business with people – it’s all about building a rapport. If anyone needs an instance of what this looks like, there’s an extraordinary research from The Office (the American version, unfortunately.) It’s a small slapstick, yet a basis are all there. 

After parties

There’ll be a central one, and presumably an unaccepted one afterwards. The foundations of a associate universe are built in these parties. Back in a aged days, it started off down a pub. We’ve grown it a small given then. While coffee fuels a days, after 8pm, it becomes a pursuit for alcohol. Know your limits, though. You’ll need to be uninformed for a morning. 

My birthday is customarily around this time (cake courteously accepted). One celebration we done a mistake of overdoing it somewhat due to an overly inexhaustible PI LIVE owner who shall sojourn nameless… that meant we missed out on some of a some-more engaging morning talks. Learn from my mistakes. After a event, make certain we follow up, too. PI LIVE is never truly over. 

The awards

The subsequent step is to demeanour during a awards. There’s a genuine holistic charity behind PI LIVE – it unequivocally is about a community. Often, a really people you’ll combine with on these awards will be met during a event.  

Awards focus – plead ‘holistic offering’ and advantages opposite a board… awards are a some-more ‘advanced’ segment, commencement with initial activity during PI LIVE. Who knows, we competence be shortlisted to win an International Performance Marketing Award (IPMA) someday… this year, we’re adult for two! 

The opening selling attention is really close – everybody seems to know everyone. Being seen and building those relations in this attention is so important. The biggest reason for me is about being seen during a forefront of a industry. It’s critical to be recognised.