eBay Affiliates Could See Disruption in Earnings

eBay Partner Network associate programeBay is creation a change in how it attributes exchange to members of a associate module that could impact their earnings. The change is a predecessor to a new tracking complement eBay will launch after this year, that it pronounced would emanate a “more absolute earning engine” for members.

Changes to a associate module impact sellers indirectly and in some cases directly, given some sellers are members of a module and acquire associate income if they expostulate trade to a site that formula in a sale, either to their possess equipment or another seller’s listings. Any changes that boost (or reduce) gain intensity could motivate affiliates to send some-more (or less) trade to eBay and combine on programs from other marketplaces and retailers – also inspiring sellers.

The eBay Partner Network did not get specific about a initial changes, that take outcome on Jan 24th. “You might see a disproportion in your comment opening as a outcome of a change,” eBay said. “As with any methodology update, a formula generated might be a bit different, and we could see some changes in terms of exchange and earnings,” eBay suggested affiliates.

Announcement follows:

We’re committed to invariably improving your knowledge on eBay Partner Network. As user function and a online selling ecosystem evolves, we contingency as well. That’s because on Jan 24, we will start regulating a new detrimental methodology to credit exchange to a partners relocating forward.

This change is a building retard that lays a substructure for vital upgrades that will safeguard a high peculiarity use and arguable record that we deserve. It is also a initial step toward rising a new tracking complement after this year, that will eventually emanate a some-more absolute earning engine for a partners.

What we need to know: We’re still regulating a last-click detrimental indication and a 24-hour cookie duration. This change is especially about enlightening a methodology to make certain that we are relating exchange to clicks so that we charge a transaction properly, and to have a complement that is reliable, fast and modern.

You might see a disproportion in your comment opening as a outcome of a change. As with any methodology update, a formula generated might be a bit different, and we could see some changes in terms of exchange and earnings.

Upcoming enhancements embody new and sparkling stating capabilities that will serve strengthen a information on that we rest to learn, earn, optimize and grow, as good as vital improvements to multi-device attribution. We consider 2018 is going to be utterly an sparkling year for EPN, and we’re looking brazen to pity all with we in a entrance months.

We suppose we substantially have some questions, and we’re here to help. Email us anytime during AskEPN@ebay.com.

SOURCE: eBay Partner Network Announcement

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Lawsuit in Mass. claims happy integrate got ‘hateful’ flyers, not marriage programs

Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg were vehement to see a marriage programs they systematic for their large day. But when a package arrived, a happy integrate was frightened to instead find eremite pamphlets with messages about enticement and sin, according to a sovereign lawsuit opposite copy association Vistaprint.

The lawsuit, that was filed Tuesday in Massachusetts, accuses Vistaprint of aggressive a integrate since they’re happy by replacing their marriage module sequence with a “hateful, discriminatory” pamphlets.


“Our idea is to reason Vistaprint accountable for a mistreat they have caused, to give a voice to others who might have been likewise victimized, to assistance forestall this from function to someone else and to send a summary that there will be consequences for acts of hatred perpetrated opposite others,” a couple, who got married in Pennsylvania in September, pronounced in a statement.

Vistaprint’s CEO and owner pronounced in a minute to business on Wednesday that it is “incredibly saddened” by a occurrence and has launched an investigation. The Dutch company, that has a informal domicile in Massachusetts, says it has reached out to a couple, who lives in Australia, and hopes to use a occurrence as an “opportunity to gleam light on critical LGBTQ issues.”

“We share in this couple’s outrage. Vistaprint in no approach condones – and does not endure – taste opposite any of a business formed on their race, religion, gender or passionate orientation,” CEO Trynka Shineman and Founder Robert Keane pronounced in a letter.

Shineman pronounced in an talk that they’ve dynamic a couple’s sequence was filled by a third-party partner and that no Vistaprint worker ever had earthy hit with a order, though they are stability to demeanour into accurately what happened.

The lawsuit says a pamphlets perceived by a integrate on a eve of their marriage enclosed phrases such as “fight opposite Satan’s enticement and pursue what is good” and “do not set on a trail of a disagreeable or travel in a approach of evildoers.” The integrate says a pamphlets were designed to dominate and bluster them.

David Gottlieb, an profession for a couple, pronounced they did not protest to Vistaprint during a time of their marriage since they had to hasten to imitation their possess programs in time for a ceremony. Gottlieb pronounced they wish that their lawsuit will move open courtesy to a emanate to safeguard others don’t accept a same treatment.

The lawsuit, that seeks vague damages, accuses Vistaprint of cultured opposite a integrate since they’re happy and breaching a agreement for not delivering a programs they ordered.

What’s associate marketing?- The New Indian Express

Last week we discussed about Referral Marketing. We talked about how we can get your initial business to impute your app or product. This week we will plead about how we can get strangers to expostulate trade to your product, even yet they themselves are not a consumer of your product. This means they are not referring your product since they indispensably favourite a knowledge though they are merely promotion it. Nearly 8% of e-commerce website traffics are attributed to this kind of selling and it is called ‘Affiliate Marketing’. Firstly we should know that strangers would send a trade to we and why. Look for websites/ Youtubers/ bloggers who speak about products in a identical domain as yours. For eg: If yours is a techapp, demeanour for websites that speak about app.

If we have an e-commerce website, demeanour for websites that obstruct trade to e-commerce websites. Send them an email, or call them, tell them about your product and ask if they can foster your banner/ announcement on their page. In lapse we can offer them elect for each squeeze done by a consumer diverted by them. Some consumers are mostly deal-hunters that demeanour for cashbacks and mostly revisit such websites that tell them a best deals out there. If yours is an e-commerce website charity a special deal, it can certainly get featured there. Similarly if your product is an app, a tech blogger or an app reviewer might speak about it or discuss a facilities and a throng meddlesome in such things would click their approach to your app. Affiliates are an engaging complicated approach of compelling your product since : i) There is no cost involved. All we have to do is give aloft commission.

So it’s a win-win. Instead of giving divided your products for giveaway or during a draining discount, since not pass a small elect who will obstruct trade to you! ii) These associate channels assistance we strech those consumers that are differently formidable to strech for you. You can daub on new markets, new age groups, new patron profiles. iii) A lot of these associate channels will use their possess ways of selling their website like promulgation email campaigns, post on amicable media, speak on forums or send pull notifications. How overwhelming would it be if they talked about your understanding there. Your product will get displayed in places we never would have suspicion otherwise.

If we have any queries write to Rajeev@TBSPlanet.com

Rajeev Tamhankar


BPI Sports Best Creatine Review — 5 Kinds of Creatine?

BPI Sports is a sports nourishment association formed out of Hollywood, Florida, and they’re flattering apparent for their inexpensive protein powder and protein bars. But their product line is enormous: they sell 5 kinds of pre-workouts, 7 kinds of amino acids, and 3 kinds of creatine.

Naturally, we wanted to try out “Best Creatine,” that is one of a few supplements with five kinds of creatine. Here’s what we suspicion of a Sno Cone flavor.

Shop BPI Sports Best Creatine HERE.

BPI Sports Best Creatine Ingredients

One dip contains a 4-gram mix that has 3.45 grams of creatine: creatine monohydrate, anhydrous, phosphate, AKG, magnesium creatine chelate, and pH buffered creatine alkaline. This is a exclusive blend, so we don’t know how many of any mix is contained in a scoop.

The “Best Creatine™ Blend” also has 500 milligrams of betaine anhydrous and 50 milligrams of Himalayan pinkish salt.

Besides a small potassium, a other mixture are healthy and synthetic flavors and anti-caking agents. Note that it contains sucralose and acesulfame potassium, dual synthetic sweeteners that some people like to drive transparent of.

BPI Best Creatine Review

BPI Sports Best Creatine Benefits and Effectiveness

Why a opposite kinds of creatine? Monohydrate is simply a many widely used and complicated form of creatine, while anhydrous contains reduction H2O so it provides marginally some-more creatine per gram. Phosphate is what creatine turns into after we devour it so maybe it saves a step in digestion, AKG has some-more antioxidant properties and might do a improved pursuit of loitering fatigue, and studies advise that pH buffered creatine has many no disproportion compared to a unchanging stuff.

Magnesium creatine chelate, or MagnaPower®, is a many engaging variety. It’s a kind of creatine that’s firm to chelated magnesium, a vegetable in that many Americans are deficient. Regular creatine holds to H2O and by regulating a kind that holds to magnesium it gives it a opposite transporter to get a creatine to a muscle. Magnesium is also an alkali compound, so it might negate your stomach poison and keep creatine from spiritless into creatinine. All of this, theoretically, creates for a creatine that absorbs better. Studies are mixed; some do uncover improved energy gains, some uncover no disproportion during all.

One thing to note is that these other kinds of creatine are arguably reduction complicated than your customary creatine monohydrate.

As for a other mixture a sodium and potassium are electrolytes and might assistance with hydration — one dip has some-more potassium than a portion of Gatorade, though reduction sodium — and betaine anhydrous is a comparatively common supplement for power. But a betaine sip is really low here. There’s 500mg, though we generally see during slightest 2.5 grams for an strident outcome on a workout.

BPI Best Creatine Ingredients

BPI Sports Best Creatine Price

You can collect adult 100 servings for $24, so that’s 24 cents per portion or 6.86 cents per gram of creatine. That’s not a cheapest I’ve seen, though not a many costly either. The apparent disproportion here is that it has a far-reaching accumulation of creatine types, so we might feel it’s value it.

BPI Sports Best Creatine Taste

The Sno Cone season was flattering great. It did indeed ambience like a syrup we get on tip of a sleet cone, a small like a mellow, vanilla-laced blue hiss flavor. we was astounded that we favourite it, given I’m routinely not such a fan of blue raspberry.

The Takeaway

It’s a small tough to form a decisive opinion about Best Creatine since it offers some-more than your unchanging creatine, though it’s tough to know how useful those extras are for everyone. It’s probable that there’s some advantage to these additional kinds of creatine, though I’m not assured that blending them all together was a ideal strategy.

It’s also a bit reduce in creatine per portion during 3.5 grams of it in a scoop. This product is juicy and innovative with a operation of ingredients, including electrolytes, though it’s tough to contend exactly who it’d be best for.

BPI Sports Best Creatine


Oaksterdam University Introduces New Online Affiliate Program That …

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis attention affiliates can now acquire money–as a elect for themselves and as a relating village donation–when compelling Oaksterdam University online courses. To accommodate a flourishing final for competent growers, staff, and member in a cannabis industry, Oaksterdam University has combined a new Affiliate Program to attract some-more students to a online educational programs to attend in a cannabis industry. OU will compensate $100 sum any time an OU online module is sole by that competent affiliate;  $50 to a associate and a relating $50 concession to a nonprofit of a affiliate’s choosing.  If a authorized associate happens to be a not-for-profit or nonprofit, they might select to keep all a cash.

Affiliates might select from a accumulation of ad banners to place on their website/social media sites. When intensity students click on a exclusive banner, they will be sent to a Oaksterdam University website. OU will lane users for 10 days and if they squeeze a Indoor Horticulture Online course, a concession and elect will be posted, to be paid out quarterly. Additional programs will also be permitted for a Affiliate Program and will be announced after in 2018.  Anyone enrolled early will automatically suffer a additional module commissions.

This module is a win-win-win for nonprofits struggling for funding, cannabis attention affiliates who wish to do a good assistance while earning money, and Oaksterdam University. With a new launch of Oaksterdam’s online platform, students can now entrance a many extensive indoor cannabis horticulture information from anywhere in a world. All online courses have been grown by a cannabis industry’s tip theme matter experts who are practitioners in their fields including such instructors as Natalie Darves, Joey Ereneta, Jeff Jones, Kyle Kushman, Richard Lee, Big Mike Parker, Robyn Pierce, and Ed Rosenthal as good as several gifted attorneys.

Priced likewise as OU’s Indoor Horticulture Seminar, a online module offers over 16 hours of display element and 35 opposite lessons formed on a latest actionable information and techniques to give students a plain substructure for entering a cannabis attention or expanding personal growth. OU’s online courses are student-centered and use training resources to promote information sharing. All presentations, material, and exams are permitted by a OU Learning Management System, an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, and password-protected system. Students work during their possess gait and will have 180 days in that to finish a coursework, that is orderly into mixed modules consisting of overviews, presentations, grow labs, and quizzes. Focused on all from seed to harvest, OU’s coursework starts with sovereign and state laws and covers required topics associated to successful law coercion encounters, inherent rights, horticulture and business best practices and more. Learning collection operation from created element and videos to interactive media to assistance students master a content. Students can correlate with any other, alumni and expertise in OU forums.

Not usually will students from around a creation advantage from Oaksterdam University’s well-developed and well-respected educational programs, affiliates in countries and U.S. states where cannabis is authorised will also advantage from carrying some-more competent possibilities from that to select to work in a cannabis industry.

About Oaksterdam University: Since 2007, Oaksterdam University has been a foregoer in providing a top peculiarity training offering in a cannabis attention and a initial establishment to residence a flourishing needs of a pot movement, from patients to regulators. Such a concentration has determined Oaksterdam University as a initial and usually cannabis college with a extensive curriculum in cannabis business and horticulture. OU also trains regulators including city officials, state agencies, and legislative staff as good as evaluators overseeing medical pot permit applications. Our expertise is comprised of professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs. OU alumni—over 30,000 from over 30 countries —are a many active advocates in a world.

For some-more information contact:
Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor


Cision View strange calm with multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/oaksterdam-university-introduces-new-online-affiliate-program-that-gives-back-to-the-community-and-pays-commission-helps-in-meeting-growing-demands-for-qualified-cannabis-industry-growers-staff-and-representatives-300583376.html

SOURCE Oaksterdam University

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Video of Jason Akatiff Keynote during Affiliate Summit West 2018

Jason Akatiff, Founder of A4D, gave a keynote display (Once in a Lifetime Opportunity) during Affiliate Summit West 2018 on Jan 8, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

Jason Akatiff during Affiliate Summit West 2018

Even after $500,000,000 in online sales opposite 100 verticals, Jason still loves to learn and grow each day.

He started as an associate behind in 2003 after stumbling opposite a business event (bizopp) ebook and a forum community. He started with Blackhat SEO and media shopping formed on what this ebook and village taught.

Since then, he has founded 4 opposite companies in a associate selling space. The many good famous of these is a A4D – Performance Network, an industry-leading whitehat associate network comprised of 2000+ merchants and 12,000+ media shopping affiliates.

After 14 years in a business he now invests many of his time into examining marketplace trends to emanate a destiny expansion plan for A4D. This involves talent acquisition, lifting capital, marketplace diversification, and building tech and automation. With a maturation of a opening selling space, Jason sees large opportunities to grow rarely essential performance-driven teams and platforms that ceaselessly pull a forefront of innovation.

One thing Jason truly believes in is building plain and tolerable businesses with prolonged tenure value. He watches so many people try and make a discerning sire in a associate universe contra building something of loyal postulated value. His goal is to work with and grow people who share his prophesy of building sustainable, compliant, and prolonged tenure opening businesses.

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Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network Ranked Top Program for …

“It’s an respect to be famous for a ongoing joining to building a higher associate network for brands and publishers to bond so their businesses can thrive,” pronounced Tony Zito, CEO, Rakuten Marketing. “We’re anxious to see that a loyalty to creation and opening broach a advantages to a clients and partners that would acquire us this endowment year after year.”

As a largest investigate consult in a opening selling industry, a mThink survey, famous as a “Blue Book,” identifies a tip associate and cost-per-action (CPA) networks for partnerships. With some 400 networks enclosed for consideration, a consult looks during reputation, influence, clientele, recognition and scale when selecting a network, in further to many-sided consultant views, trade information and measures of attention influence. A row of third-party attention experts, representing each aspect of a associate selling industry, supposing submit to countenance a results.  

“Rakuten Marketing has a prolonged story of pushing successful associate programs, and winning this endowment for 7 uninterrupted years is a covenant to a peculiarity of a network a built and a opening it drives for brands and publishers,” pronounced Chris Trayhorn, Chief Executive Officer of mThink. “In a face of a competition, Rakuten Marketing stood out for a strengths in a areas of innovation, opening and service. It is interjection to a astuteness in these categories, and a altogether loyalty to centering a business in delivering performance, that Rakuten Marketing continues to acquire this award, reflecting a accolades of a clients, partners and peers in a industry, year-after-year.”

About Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten Marketing attention heading solutions commission marketers to flower in their developed purpose and grasp a full intensity of digital marketing, well and effectively, with data-informed insights that emanate consistent, enchanting and successful practice opposite screens. Offering an integrated solution, along with singular insights and consultative partnerships, Rakuten Marketing delivers a collection that marketers need to boost efficiency, capability and performance.

Rakuten Marketing is a multiplication of Rakuten Inc. (4755: TOKYO), one of a world’s heading Internet use companies. The association is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, a United Kingdom, and via the United States. Follow us on Twitter or learn some-more at https://rakutenmarketing.com.

About mThink Blue Book
The Blue Book is a research-based ranking of a heading opening selling networks in a world. Online advertisers and publishers use it each day to name network partners that will assistance them expostulate sales and boost profits. Learn some-more during https://mthink.com/top-20-networks/.

Press Contact
Lisa Tadje
Sr. Communications Director
Rakuten Marketing

Cision View strange calm with multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rakuten-marketing-affiliate-network-ranked-top-program-for-seventh-consecutive-year-innovation-performance-and-strategy-cited-as-superior-qualities-by-advertisers-publishers-and-agencies-300578566.html

SOURCE Rakuten Marketing

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Affiliate Insider debuts niche networking and training eventuality during Betting on Football

Affiliate Insider will horde a initial “niche boutique networking and training event” during this year’s Betting on Football discussion during Stamford Bridge (20-23 March).

Held on a initial full day of #bofcon2018 (Wednesday 21 March), a Affiliate Insider Bootcamp (AIB) is a initial dilettante forum for a new associate news, training and events focused business launched by SBC Global and Founder Lee-Ann Johnstone.

The bootcamp, designed to foster training and pity to grow revenues opposite a associate sector, will underline 6 sessions, any of that will be run as an interactive workshop. Slide presentations, a discussion workbook and lie sheets will also be handed out so that representatives can take home learnings in a discernible format.

Speakers including Rize.Digital’s Nick Garner, Sangster Digital’s Sarah Sangster, Income Access’ VP for Strategy and Operations Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, Madabout Media Managing Director Andy Edwards and Blueclaw Marketing Director Martin Calvert will interpretation their calm strategies and workshops regulating unsentimental examples within a sports betting setting.

Edwards will take affiliates by a fact of how to perform a site review and outrank competitors once a review is complete. After assisting affiliates to know where and how to compute SEO strategies, he will interpretation by giving divided an Intensive Audit as a prize.

Lee-Ann Johnstone said: “The associate attention is relocating fast, and we wish to emanate events that assistance associate entrepreneurs and associate managers keep up. Our calm is privately curated to accommodate a needs of a people in a room on a day. We concentration on providing a abyss of digital calm total with discernible associate selling insights that will assistance associate businesses to grow.

“Affiliates are entrepreneurs and as such need to concentration only as most operative on their business as in it. We offer a boutique networking sourroundings joined with suspicion care to assistance affiliates get a support they need to grow their revenue, network with operators who are critical about a associate channel, and assistance keep all parties sideways of a digital expansion holding place around us.”

Jess Attree, Operations Manager during OLBG.com, added: “Keeping adult on associate news means carrying eyes in lots of places. The Affiliate Insider Bootcamp offers a good apparatus for assisting affiliates keep adult to date on a latest associate associated news and digital insights.”

Paysafe Group (Income Access), Buffalo Partners and Crystal Content, a amicable media and calm agency, have already been reliable as sponsors for a associate event, that will run parallel with 3 other categorical Betting on Football marks – World Cup and Beyond, Global Market Profiles and Betting on Innovation.

Robert Miller, Managing Director of Buffalo Partners, commented: “Buffalo Partners is anxious to be sponsoring a initial Affiliate Insider Bootcamp event. With both a tellurian online gambling and associate landscape ever changing, Affiliate Insider offers a ideal sourroundings to rivet with affiliates, as good as relating Buffalo Partners truth in bringing pivotal learnings and critical discussions to a affiliates to support in assisting their businesses grow.”

  • Affiliates can request for a FREE sheet with a event to attend Betting on Football on day 2 as partial of a incomparable discussion tide HERE.
  • For enquiries around unite and exhibitor opportunities greatfully hit Lee-Ann Johnstone: LJ@Affiliateinsider.com

5 Ways to Recreate Kate Moss’s Throwback Supermodel Street Style


Happy 44th birthday, Kate Moss! She combined a stir on a runways behind in a early ’90s as a waifish discord to a Amazonian supermodel. But Moss’s off-duty character might infer to be a many fast partial of her conform legacy. Moss has always dressed with a kind of grab-and-go palliate that today’s tip models—your Bella Hadids and Kendall Jenners, with their manicured, made-for-Instagram outfits—work tough to imitate.

Who can forget her undone devil-may-care Glastonbury ensembles? Think: a black vest, rosary beads, brief shorts, and a span of essential mud-coated wellies. Her on-the-town looks had only as most laissez-faire cool. She was a believer of #FreeTheNipple all a approach behind in 1993, when she wore a totally sheer, slinky trip dress sans bra with sporty black underwear. Also that year, she done a box for a no-fail dress breathe and sneaker combo, pairing sheeny trousers with Adidas Samba trainers—a demeanour that, like so most of what Moss wore, still feels stylish today.

Above, see 5 ways to get a classical Kate Moss look.

ThePOGG releases associate module value news 2017

ThePOGG.com is unapproachable to announce their affiliate module value news for 2017. The purpose of a news is to share with a webmaster village and benefit an discernment as to that associate programs perform a best and ones that are subsequent average. These numbers are gathered from a statistics and income data from ThePOGG for a whole year of 2017. Although accurate total of Clicks, FTDs and income are not shared, a information is gathered to uncover a normal actor value.

ThePOGG releases Affiliate Program Value Report 2017“For years now it’s undone me to see each associate module claiming that they’re a “highest value” module on a market. While ThePOGG.com is not a largest associate in a marketplace a levels of trade we’re promulgation are now vast adequate that we can see trends starting to appear. The some-more we dug into a numbers a some-more engaging this became – saying that programs are converting good and that are delivering good value. we wish other affiliates will find this information as engaging as we have.”  Duncan Garvie from ThePOGG.com 

The news includes a Reliability score that a aloft a number, a some-more arguable a information is due to a representation distance of information from ThePOGG. For Reliability scores of 1 and 2, these are deliberate low definition a representation distance isn’t adequate for a module to be deliberate to be high or low performing.

Programs with Highest Average Player Value

These 4 associate programs were a top for normal actor value during ThePOGG where reasonable Reliability scores were also benefaction were:

● Trada Affiliates
● Evoke Gaming
● VideoSlots Affiliates
● CasinoLuck Affiliates

Programs with a Best Sign-up Efficiency

If we wish to know a programs that broach a many signups per click, or rather take a slightest series of clicks to grasp a signup, ThePOGG has also rated their best programs for this and they are:

● EasiGames Affiliates
● Trada Affiliates
● WagerJoint
● Bringit Affiliates

Programs with a best Sign-up to NDP efficiency

The initial 4 programs from a Sign-up to NDP potency list uncover Sports Interaction Affiliates, VideoSlots Affiliates, Grosvenor Affiliates, TTR Partners and beAffiliates. These initial 5 programs have trustworthiness scores of 1 to 3 respectively. The subsequent few programs have a softened trustworthiness score.

● Affiliate Cruise
● All British Affiliates
● Evoke Gaming

Programs with a best Overall Conversion Efficiency

The final partial of a news shows how many clicks are indispensable to beget a new depositing actor (NDP). Keep in mind that programs with a trustworthiness measure of 1 to 3 meant a information comes from a smaller than normal representation so it is deliberate reduction reliable.

● Trada Affiliates
● EasiGame Affiliates
● Evoke Affiliates
● Affiliate Cruise

Best Overall Affiliate Programs

The news summarizes a best of a best by factoring in all a information and reports to give a good overview of that programs are behaving a best for ThePOGG for results. The news avoids critisizing a programs that are a weakest for opening and conversion.

● Trada Affiliates
● Evoke Affiliates
● CasinoLuck Affiliates
● Videoslots Affiliates
● WagerJoint
● All British Affiliates
● EasiGames Affiliates
● Fruity Affiliates

About ThePOGG

ThePOGG.com is not your normal online casino portal. The site has a many vicious and entirely researched casino reviews that are both useful to players and affiliates. In a brief time in only over 5 years, a site has helped to redeem over $1 million USD to players around their casino complaints service.

Some of a standout facilities of ThePOGG includes their Casino Complaints and Dispute Mediation service. The site also has terms and conditions monitoring use that offers patron insurance from retroactively altered terms and conditions. The site also lists casinos that reason a Deposit Guarantee Seal to reinstate a player’s deposition if a casino endorsed by them is found to provide a actor unfairly. Our Bonus Reporting complement offers an accurate and satisfactory approach to review a value of a casino acquire bonuses during opposite operators. ThePOGG has a toughest standards in a attention for providing casino reviews. ThePOGG gives honest and accurate reflections of a services supposing by online operators and many importantly for actor assent of mind: chain and recommendation on ThePOGG.com can NEVER be shabby around softened income deals.