Tested and Approved: The 5 Best Contour Kits for Total Newbies

Contouring gets a swat for being approach harder than it indeed is, and we’re not certain why, yet we have a feeling it starts and ends with a Kardashians. Hey, 0 shade, since a Kardashians-slash-Jenners are a tangible queens of contouring, though they’ve also incidentally permitted a thought that contouring and highlighting requires 12 opposite creams, a dozen brushes, and an MFA in painting.

But trust us when we contend that contouring really, truly doesn’t need to be that hard, or even somewhat difficult. Because as prolonged as we hang with powder formulas, and get a pack that matches your skin tone, we can subtly contour your face in reduction than 3 minutes. (Seriously—we timed it this morning). And to assistance we pierce brazen in your makeup game, check out a entirely vetted, picked-and-approved list of a really best amateur contour kits, below.

The Best, Most Stylish Calendars for an Organized 2018

With a ubiquity of iCal and Notes and Reminders and a dozens of apps meant to lane a skeleton and dishes and workouts, a paper mind and a art of essay seem to have depressed by a wayside. Call us old-fashioned, though there is something to be pronounced for glancing during a week forward on a calendar on a wall and removing a discerning image of large arriving skeleton but drumming or scrolling. There are even studies that uncover that writing—rather than typing—helps urge memory (no some-more lost appointments!).

A thoughtfully selected calendar isn’t only functional, it’s a square of art for your home or something to zhush adult your desk, an appendage you’ll suffer looking during as we sip your morning coffee. Whether we go for a minimalist and quotidienne-cool At-a-Glance calendar or a dainty moon phases chart, these 16 options are stylish ways to stay orderly in 2018.

1. At-a-Glance Recycled Daily Desk Calendar Refill, $7, ataglance.com

2. National Parks Wall Calendar, $17, papersource.com

3. Midnight Menagerie Wall Calendar, $18, amazon.com

4. Connor 2018 Emoji Easel Calendar, $135, barneys.com

5. Bold Year Grand Calendar, $39, minted.com

6. 2018 Mara-Mi Desk Calendar in Gold Accents on Acrylic Base, $10, target.com

7. 2018 Jumping Point calendar, $40, moma.org

8. Dear Hancock 2018 The Bunny Calendar, $16, papersource.com

9. Undated Julia Kostreva Perpetual Calendar, $10, target.com

10. 2018 Ardium Desk Calendar, $19, etsy.com

11. Aurora Wall Planner, $48, poketo.com

12. Ladies of Literature 2018 Calendar, $24, papersource.com

13. Moon Phases Calendar Print, $22, leifshop.com

14. 2018 Wall Calendar in Colors II, $26, etsy.com

15. Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar, $30, artifactuprising.com

16. 2018 Matchbook Calendar, $9, inkello.com

A vital charge is about a wreak massacre on transport in a US — if we have these credit cards, you’ll be covered

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airport check travelYvonne Mouskourie of Tom’s River, N.J., creates herself gentle after her morning moody to Florida was cancelled during Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J., Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017. A assign battered a Northeast with some-more than a feet of sleet in places Tuesday, paralyzing many of a Washington-to-Boston mezzanine after a remarkably amiable Feb had lulled people into meditative a misfortune of winter was over.AP Photo/Seth Wenig

  • As a season’s initial vital assign bears down, there’s a intensity for poignant disruptions to travel.
  • If we can’t change your transport skeleton and you’re behind or canceled, airlines aren’t obliged for reimbursing your losses like food, clothing, toiletries, or hotels.
  • Fortunately, some credit cards like a Chase Sapphire Preferred and a Chase Sapphire Reserve offer outing check protections for transport purchased with that card.

The initial vital assign of a winter is streamer a way. As a “cold-weather bomb” gets prepared to detonate over a East Coast, bringing heartless cold and potentially complicated snow, transport after this week and this weekend is approaching to be significantly impacted.

Airlines are charity travel waivers to passengers drifting on specific routes and dates, though if we aren’t lonesome by a waivers, or if we don’t have a coherence to change your transport plans, we competence finish adult behind by complicated winds and craft de-icing, or even temporarily stranded if your moody is canceled. While airlines will reaccommodate we on a after moody in both cases, you’ll be on a offshoot for food, toiletries, changes of clothes, and a hotel room if we finish adult in that situation.

Fortunately, we competence still be in luck. If we lift a credit label that includes trip check coverage, and we used that label to compensate for during slightest partial of your airfare, we can be entitled to adult to $500 of coverage for immaterial losses since of a behind or canceled flight. While several cards embody a benefit, dual of a many renouned are a Chase Sapphire Preferred and a sibling, a Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Both cards offer a same advantage of adult to $500 per chairman whose sheet was purchased with a card. The coverage kicks in when a check army an overnight stay, or when a check lasts a certain volume of time — 12 hours in a box of a Preferred, 6 hours in a box of a Reserve.

Additionally, a Chase Sapphire Preferred offers 2x points on all transport and dining, while a Chase Sapphire Reserve offers 3x points on a same categories.

I always use my Chase label when engagement transport in box of delays (and for a points), and we indispensable to place a explain this past summer after we was behind by serious storms. Within about 8 weeks of fixation a claim, we perceived reimbursement for lunch, a dungeon phone charger, a backup phone battery, and even a span of headphones that we indispensable so that we could do some multimedia work from my laptop in a terminal. If a check had lasted a tiny longer and we had been stranded overnight, we would have been lonesome for cooking and a hotel room as well.

If you’re roving this week and are influenced by a winter storm, double-check that credit label we used to book a sheet since we competence be entitled to a same coverage. If we don’t have that protection, cruise opening a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

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CAKE by Accelerize Joins Global Performance Marketing Community as a Leading Sponsor during Affiliate Summit West

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Jan. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Accelerize (OTCQB: ACLZ) (OTCBB: ACLZ) and a digital selling program division CAKE today announced a company’s appearance as both a unite and exhibitor at Affiliate Summit West, hold Jan 7-9, 2018 during a Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Billed as a opening selling industry’s premier tellurian gathering, a eventuality attracts some-more than 6,000 attendees, exhibitors and suspicion leaders from over 70 countries. ­

Affiliate Summit West brings together a far-reaching operation of stakeholders – including tellurian brands, agencies, online publishers, networks, media companies, record providers and some-more – to network and learn some-more about a trends and innovations now moulding a opening selling industry. The eventuality facilities 3 categorical trade uncover areas that will embody 300+ exhibitors and sponsors, as good as enchanting presentations and panels from over 100 speakers, covering a tip hurdles and opportunities for opening marketers, as good as a latest attention developments.

As a Bronze unite and exhibitor during Affiliate Summit West, CAKE joins a name organisation of attention leaders that will have a rarely manifest participation during a event. Attendees can revisit counter #303 and Meet Market tables A9/A10 to learn some-more about CAKE’s latest craving solution, Journey by CAKE, which is designed to yield opening marketers with an extended perspective into a patron journey. A cloud-based solution, Journey by CAKE delivers real-time analytics, data-driven detrimental and seamless integrations with renouned media platforms. The height allows users to constraint valuable, cross-channel comprehension that drives improved decisions and maximizes lapse on promotion spend (ROAS.)

The associate space continues to grow and mature as a channel, with eMarketer predicting that associate selling spend will strike $6.8 billion by 2020.

“Performance selling is demonstrating a value for today’s brands with discernible ROAS,” pronounced Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer of Accelerize. “As marketers scale their associate programs, they need proven solutions that will capacitate them to manage, magnitude and optimize campaigns opposite mixed channels and partners. This is what we are delivering with Journey by CAKE, and we demeanour brazen to pity a prophesy for Marketing Intelligence with attendees during Affiliate Summit West.” 

About CAKE by Accelerize

CAKE, a multiplication of Accelerize Inc., provides exclusive cloud-based solutions to collect, charge and optimize a opening of digital selling lapse on investment, in real-time. Bringing clarity to cross-channel selling campaigns, we commission advertisers, agencies, publishers and networks from some-more than 50 countries worldwide with a discernment to make intelligent selling decisions. CAKE by Accelerize is headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif. with operations in London and New Delhi. For some-more information, visit www.getCAKE.com.

About Accelerize

Accelerize Inc. (OTCQB: ACLZ) (OTCBB: ACLZ) offers selling record solutions that change a approach advertisers precedence their digital promotion data. For some-more information, visit www.accelerize.com.

Use of Forward-looking Statements

This press recover might enclose forward-looking statements from Accelerize Inc. within a definition of a “safe harbor” supplies of a Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and sovereign bonds laws. For example, when Accelerize describes a impact of a new craving software, a expansion of associate selling spend and uses other statements containing a difference “believes,” “anticipates,” “plans,” “expects,” “will” and identical expressions, Accelerize is regulating forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are formed on a stream expectations of a government of Accelerize only, and are theme to a series of factors and uncertainties that could means tangible formula to differ materially from those described in a forward-looking statements. The following factors, among others, could means tangible formula to differ materially from those described in a forward-looking statements: changes in record and marketplace requirements; a record might not be certified as we swell further; we might be incompetent to keep or attract pivotal employees whose believe is essential to a growth of a products and services; variable marketplace and technological problems might rise with a products and services; inability to timely rise and deliver new technologies, products and applications; or, detriment of marketplace share and vigour on pricing ensuing from competition, that could means a tangible formula or opening of Accelerize to differ materially from those contemplated in such forward-looking statements. Except as differently compulsory by law, Accelerize undertakes no requirement to publicly recover any revisions to these forward-looking statements to simulate events or resources after a date hereof or to simulate a occurrence of amazing events. For a some-more minute outline of a risk and uncertainties inspiring Accelerize, anxiety is done to Accelerize’s reports filed from time to time with a Securities and Exchange Commission.

Media Contact:
Brittany Christopher
(949) 548-2253 x 257
Investor Contact:
Ascendant Partners, LLC
Richard Galterio
(732) 410-9810

Guidemaster: Everything Amazon’s Alexa can do, and a best skills to enable

If you’ve usually introduced one of Amazon’s Echo devices into your home and feel a small lost, you’re not alone. The promises done by Amazon’s practical partner Alexa are vast, and it’s formidable to know where to start when we wish Alexa to do something some-more than set a cooking timer or tell we tomorrow’s continue forecast.

Aside from Alexa’s simple facilities automatic by Amazon, there are thousands of Alexa skills to select from; skills are facilities done by third-party developers that assistance Alexa do some-more than usually a Amazon-sanctioned basics, and many of them confederate with other services, apps, and products. Each ability has to be enabled in a Alexa mobile app (or from your comment on Amazon.com) before Alexa can use it.

Enabling a ability is roughly like installing an app on a mobile device—simply capacitate a ability we wish and Alexa will be means to use that ability until we invalidate it. There are some-more than 25,000 Alexa skills now, and while Amazon has softened a interface by that we can hunt for and learn skills, it’s still not a easiest to work with. Here, we’ve summarized Alexa’s categorical facilities and a best third-party Alexa Skills that we can capacitate now to use with Amazon’s practical assistant.

Note: Ars Technica competence acquire remuneration for sales from links on this post through affiliate programs.

Basic Alexa features


Alexa is built to tell we even a many paltry information about your day and anything else we wish to know about. You can use voice commands to have Alexa tell we a time and date as good as anything that competence be on your calendar, supposing that you’ve related a calendar in a Alexa mobile app.

The Exploding Success Of Skyview

(By Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan) Skyview Networks was launched by Ken Thiele and Dave Chamberlain during a 1995-1996 NBA season. Working in and with longtime Phoenix Suns broadcaster Al McCoy, a thought was to get a games promote to markets outward Phoenix. They’ve come a prolonged proceed given that thought was launched over 20 years ago.

McCoy was distributing a games around phone coupler and wanted someone to assistance him with satellite distribution. Thiele and Chamberlain had usually sole their trade organisation to Metro Networks. They didn’t know many about satellite delivery, though set out to learn all they could to residence McCoy’s needs. Sixty days later, they were delivering a Suns diversion around satellite uplink.

The organisation was small, usually a handful of employees early on, including Jeanne-Marie Condo, who was hired on to lead a sales bid as a organisation stretched some-more and some-more into a universe of delivering inhabitant sports franchises around satellite. Today, Skyview Networks is one of a largest placement and register government providers in North America, with a inhabitant sales bid that is second to none, 90 employees, and corporate offices in Scottsdale, AZ. The organisation also has offices in New York, Louisville, Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Radio Ink: Ken, How did we get started in a business?
Thiele: In Sep of 1985, my late business partner, Dave Chamberlain, and we got a small-business loan for $250,000 to buy a helicopter and promote equipment. We were an pretender trade use providing 6 Phoenix radio stations with trade reports, saved by barter. Advertisers perceived a 10-second blurb on a finish of a trade report. We built that to 28 stations in Phoenix by year dual and afterwards stretched into Tucson, Las Vegas, Nashville, Louisville, Memphis, and more.

In 1995, we were acquired by David Saperstein during Metro Networks. In a acquisition, Metro was not meddlesome in a satellite uplink, that we were regulating to discharge a Phoenix Suns. Al McCoy had given us a call in 1995 and explained that he was distributing a Phoenix Suns around phone coupler. He wanted to know if we had record that could do better. We are problem solvers; this is who we are during a core. If we don’t have a answer today, we will have a resolution for we tomorrow.

So when Al asked, we hopped on a moody to Washington, DC for a satellite conference, energetic to find a solution. We found a vendor, and when we told him we indispensable an uplink in October, he asked us, “For what year?” Sixty days later, we had a uplink in place and were means to promote a initial Phoenix Suns diversion that year. Then Al talked to Chick Hearn over during a Lakers, and afterwards a Lakers talked to Ken Pries adult in Oakland with a A’s, and it was word-of-mouth expansion from there.

Our clients have always been a best marketing, and today, domestically, Skyview is a largest provider of placement and register government in veteran sports, and we partner with dual of a biggest names in news, ABC Radio and CBS News Radio.

Radio Ink: Jeanne-Marie, same question.
Condo: I’ve unequivocally had dual jobs in a final roughly 30 years. The initial was during KTAR, that is a News/Talk/Sports hulk in Phoenix. we cut my teeth there in sales. we worked there for 10 years, and by a fifth year we had a respect and payoff to be named sports offered director.

This was during a time when pivotal sports authorization changes were occurring in Phoenix. Jerry Colangelo was bringing in a Arizona Diamondbacks and a Phoenix Coyotes (now a Arizona Coyotes). It was a same time Michael Bidwell was bringing over a Phoenix Cardinals (now a Arizona Cardinals). It was during this time we had a eventuality to work with them, specializing in sports sales during KTAR.

In my 10th year, Ken and his business partner approached me with a Skyview venture. Their initial judgment for a Skyview business indication was to yield record services to a teams, such as network placement of their broadcasts, in sell for inventory. From there, my pursuit commencement day one was to take assign of all income for a company, offered that inventory.

It started out small, with usually 3 teams; it grew from a Suns to a Rockets to a Lakers. Believe it or not, we started with usually outline network register — we didn’t even have flagship metro marketplace inventory. We were unequivocally focused, walking strategically and creatively by any step. Over a years a efforts have paid off, magnifying into many, many, some-more teams.

Radio Ink: Ken, how did a organisation start to grow, and how did we sinecure Jeanne-Marie?
When we motionless to leave Metro Networks, we indispensable a sports seller. Our good crony Jim Taszarek pronounced we had to proceed Jeanne-Marie Condo. we still remember a assembly we had with Jeanne-Marie. She was gainfully employed and doing unequivocally well. we asked what it was going to take to pierce her on board, and this is substantially a biggest disappointment in her life: She gave me a vast six-figure series and we said, “Done!” we didn’t give her a plea of a traffic — we knew she would be a one to authority a sales.

Now we are going on 23 years together in business, and we have never looked back. It has been a unequivocally clever attribute we have built together by trials and successes that have occurred.

Radio Ink: Did we cruise when we initial launched this would turn as large as it has?
If we had famous behind afterwards where we would be today, there would’ve been a lot of march and instruction changes over a final 32 years, though what is and will always be a same is a goal to be a good partner, that stems from being a good listener.

Ken Thiele and Jeanne-Marie Condo

We unequivocally took off when Colangelo was awarded a Arizona Diamondbacks authorization and his staff of people invited us in to rise a tailored inventory-management complement for Major League Baseball. Before a software, sports teams usually used Excel spreadsheets to conduct their millions of dollars’ value of promote inventory. Our advantage was being means to commend a eventuality and precedence a organisation of program developers. Our record organisation was means to emanate and formula an inventory-management concentration that would assistance Colangelo to maximize and monetize his play-by-play broadcasts.

Think of all a pitching changes, additional innings, sleet delays, and other extemporaneous moments that start in a live game. It’s 0 like linear radio or TV. We had to build a complement that could take advantage of those astonishing diversion tools so they could be packaged, sold, and billed by a authorization to maximize their revenue.

This program is called AdView and can be scaled to run one broadcast, or work for a customer like Learfield, opposite scarcely 80 university jaunty broadcasts, out of one combined system. All those broadcasts run by a program height and are all scheduled out of Jefferson City, MO, that is obliged for a government of hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

Radio Ink: Tell us accurately what we meant by “run by your software.”
Learfield Sports owns a sports radio rights to a series of universities opposite a country, and any of those universities, for example, has a men’s football broadcast. With AdView, they can sell to a inhabitant advertiser like Allstate a blurb summary right after any touchdown, in any diversion played that week by a scarcely 80 universities.

AdView provides a ability to report this bound position in a promote for all a schools, so when that eventuality should occur, that specific summary will be aired. It can even cavalcade down to report particular messaging propagandize by school, definition one advertiser can atmosphere scarcely 80 singular versions of a messaging in that same 30-second spot. Our program provides a partners a ability to conduct a endless volume of register with unequivocally small effort, and a combined advantage of being means to customize and maximize register for a advertiser.

Radio Ink: Jeanne-Marie, how large has a sports dialect of a company become?
Condo: It is a inhabitant network now. Touching on an progressing criticism Ken made, we truly trust a substructure of Skyview, and a matter for a endless growth, is listening unequivocally delicately to a clients. Ken has been on a highway constantly over a final 22 years presenting technical solutions to a sports teams, and I’ve been on a highway any week for a final 22 years presenting network register opportunities, both of us listening to a clients, dissecting their needs.

The sports franchises share their pain points on a promote side with Ken, while we listen to all a agencies to get a grass-roots bargain of what kind of register is profitable to them.

At a finish of a process, we regroup to furnish tradition solutions tailored for a particular clients. Over a march of a years we grew to have a attribute with any singular organisation in America; any baseball, basketball, football, and hockey authorization works with Skyview. On a network basis, we were afterwards means to broach a whole joining in an unwired network, that became unequivocally changed since a usually aspirant was a diversion of a week, that was blacked out in a home market.

In ubiquitous terms, nationally, it is unequivocally opposite when we can take a network section by a tangible veteran broadcast. We offer a veteran teams, and we pierce their inventory. Our infrastructure kept building any year to this energetic level, ensuing in Skyview’s being means to have a opposite review with advertisers; automotive aftermarket, large box retailers, all opposite kinds of clients could now daub into a passion of a sports audience, a hometown fan.

If we can suppose a network where a Dodger fan is connected to a Cub fan, to a St. Louis Cardinal fan, to a Tampa Bay Ray fan; all a proceed through, it resonated and grew strong. Then we beheld a shift, behind in ’13 and ’14. By being on a travel as many as we was with my sales team, and being in so many customer offices, we could hear what we were missing: a womanlike skew. Buys were changeable to a womanlike demographic. We won a ABC business in ’14, and knew we could pattern a sales network accurately in a proceed that was appealing to a buyers. Ken’s side had a outrageous infrastructure to know accurately how to lift it adult technically.

Radio Ink: So a reason we were losing business was since we didn’t have adequate womanlike audience. How did a partnership with ABC Radio help?
Condo: Someone in my pursuit wants to win any singular square of business. No seller wants to hear they did not win a buy. However, a routine authorised us to see pivotal changes in a industry. We have had double-digit expansion consistently by a infancy of a years. What was function in ’13 and ’14 was we saw a change in customer strategy; industry-wide, we started to see a unconditional change of masculine assembly dollars changeable towards womanlike skew.

What happened utterly brilliantly with ABC Radio was we changed all a news into one retard of register and took all their FMs and all their song into a opposite lineup, that gave them new female-focused networks. ABC Radio did a unequivocally good pursuit of appropriation a right audience, while assisting us build customized branded solutions for advertisers. With ABC Radio combined to a promotion offering, that already enclosed sports, we now had a energetic apartment of products permitting us to strech masculine and womanlike consumers. The plan has combined endless movement that continues.

Thiele: People oftentimes know a large success we have, though there are events heading adult to that large success. We started articulate with Radio Disney about a services in 2013. After consulting with Radio Disney, we were after introduced to Kevin Plumb and a organisation over during ESPN. We started that year operative with them to advise their transition to mount on their possess from Cumulus, their placement partner during a time, in that they were unequivocally successful.

It was Jan of 2014 when Kevin asked me to come to Las Vegas for CES, and he said, “I have someone we would like we to meet.” we went for a review and was introduced to Steve Jones of ABC News Radio. The attribute grew during a endless gait between Jan and Aug of 2014, when we sealed a bargain to be their disdainful distribution, sales, and inventory-management partner. That gave us 5 months to come adult with an pattern and plan to transition over 1,000 radio stations from their existent home during Westwood One to Skyview.

It is mostly pronounced that this is one of a largest moves in a story of radio. The business has grown, with 1,650-plus affiliates that they offer in one form or conform with news calm or uncover prep. It was a outrageous lift for us. We were singly positioned as a one-stop shop, and this was since Steve Jones finished a preference to align with Skyview. We are plumb integrated in a clarity that we perform a distribution, conduct a inventory, and yield what we cruise a best inhabitant sales department, led by Jeanne-Marie. With services in one location, he was means to concentration on what he does best, that is formulating award-winning content.

It was one year from assembly Steve Jones to rising a partnership, New Year’s Eve 2015. We had a full staff in a operations dialect manning a phones, though we usually took a sum of 3 calls that night.

Radio Ink: You were sitting by a phone in box affiliates had problems?
Exactly. It was so still and went so intensely good that Steve picked adult a Field Stream magazine. It was an implausible impulse to take in. Now we demeanour during 2017, and in these 3 brief years, a expansion has been amazing.

Radio Ink: Talk about how a CBS bargain came together.
First thing that occurred before a CBS News Radio bargain is we sealed an prolongation with ABC Radio, holding us by 2026. Because of a clever relations with ABC, we had pure conversations with Steve Jones that we had an eventuality to partner with CBS News Radio. They were going by a same conditions ABC Radio gifted years earlier. The parallels are uncanny.

After operative closely with Charlie Pavlounis, comparison clamp boss and CFO of CBS News, and his dedicated team, we are keenly prepared to transition a CBS associate network on New Year’s Eve 2017. We were means to do a unequivocally endless rollout during a upfront deteriorate and have perceived endless feedback from a promotion community.

Condo: The marketplace is anxious with a expanding branded opportunities with Skyview. There has been good direct for a news register and calm opportunities; they have been using unequivocally hot, unequivocally sold-out. we cruise a organisation is doing a lot of things right. We are being clever about rate and deferential about cost per indicate and not augmenting those dramatically with a demand. We have been holding caring of those who have taken caring of us.

The skill inside a integrations — real, strange calm with ABC that clients have been means to tie into, generally with a TV height — pierce an sparkling energetic to a audio platform. As an example, Shark Tank’s success is pushing a network to heavy, complicated sellouts. It’s unequivocally tough to get on a network now. So, since of that sellout, ABC Radio was bargain that we were in a position of wanting to grow.

We worked with Craig Swagler, a ubiquitous manager of CBS News Radio. He’s been by my side any notation of a design, and Charlie Pavlounis has overseen it. The dual of them, along with Amy Bolton, manager of associate sales, together we have been conceptualizing and retooling a CBS News Radio height into what we know a buyers want.

Again, listening carefully, and operative hand-in-hand with CBS News Radio, we’ve designed code opportunities, from their news to their womanlike music-oriented lineups. We’re focused on short-form; CBS News Radio has a lot of catalogued calm as good as long-form programming. ABC Radio has been unequivocally bargain in bargain that a expansion means marketplace share, eventually permitting us to pierce some-more to a list for a agencies, that in a finish is a win for everyone.

The Skyview crew

Radio Ink: Tell us about your Hispanic division.
It’s going unequivocally well. we have to tip my shawl to Ken; he is a one who found this implausible executive who we now have by my side. Blanche Joesten is fantastic. She runs a Hispanic division. Skyview en Español is all play-by-play sports, essentially MLB, NBA, and NFL. It’s matching to Skyview’s English counterpart: it’s an unwired network joining all a fans by a broadcast.

Blanche is a leader, and a height has unequivocally earnest strength. Through her caring we have gifted expansion in a division. She has been on house a year now, and it is relocating unequivocally fast in a inflection inside a company.

Radio Ink: You mentioned we are out listening to clients. Give us an instance of something we listened that we combined a resolution for.
A pivotal review that occurs in a buyers’ offices is that they are unequivocally sleepy of a same ideas over and over again. There’s a notice that some sellers are usually changing logos and a name of a thought pitched in a past, not presenting fresh, intelligent integrations.

For example, Dove Men’s is looking for ways they can tie into a business village in ways that would be engaging to a listener. So we lift Shark Tank tips and confederate those into a Dove Men’s campaign. We have a resources to lift from renouned TV personalities and shows to yield suggestive integrations.

For American Express, that is attracting women opening businesses, we implement Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News’ arch business, technology, and economics correspondent, and also horde and doing editor of a No Limits podcast. We lift calm from her interviews with unequivocally prestigious womanlike business owners and mix it into an American Express campaign.

I have dozens of examples where we are means to lift in content: ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir has a shred called “Made in America” that we lift calm out of into an Advanced Auto Parts campaign. You are also removing a organisation of unequivocally premier talent.

Another instance is Kabbage, a loan company. If we wanted to start a organisation tomorrow and indispensable capital, Kabbage wants we to cruise of them. We were means to get Laurie Greiner to come in and be an constituent partial of that campaign, from a commercials to a tangible media integration.

We’ve also combined some flattering energetic programming on a holidays that we have been means to pierce a clients. With Sherwin Williams, we have a luminary debate of “Color My World”: What are their favorite colors, and what triggers it for them in a universe of color?

Radio Ink: When we are in front of advertisers, what is their notice of radio?
Radio is gaining momentum. Success comes from maximizing it as a car — a schedules are using correctly, a integrations are dynamic, all of that gets clients excited. There have been dramatic, pivotal changes with large blue chip advertisers relocating between agencies in 2017. These large blue chip accounts are during new agencies, and a pierce worked in radio’s preference since they were all listening. So we could pierce ideas, and a new agencies wish to try them. Those new ideas are working, and that generates excitement.

To clarify, we am conference in this upfront deteriorate that there are cutbacks; budgets are being pulled behind in a accumulation of clients in network radio. That’s a fact. How we respond will continue to apart us. We demeanour brazen to a challenge.

Radio Ink: Where do we wish to take this company? What’s next?
There’s still endless opportunity. We creatively started out with Al McCoy and his 20 radio stations doing a Phoenix Suns, to where we are now nationally. The scale and capability we have in servicing a clients, and a premier code partnerships we have with ABC and CBS, with veteran and collegiate sports, lends itself to so many opportunities to expand.

With technology, we have a transparent highway map as to where this is going to take us. We have some opportunities in a brief tenure that we will weigh as a organisation and eventually see if it creates clarity to pierce them on board. If we take a demeanour during a business we service, they unequivocally are a who’s who inside a promote community, and we are not going to wandering from that strategy.

We wish to be famous as a organisation that does an glorious pursuit servicing reward brands inside a industry. If it meets all those criteria, afterwards it’s a immature light for us to enter into a partnership.

Condo: ABC and CBS are all in, and they are operative unequivocally tough to emanate additional avenues of intensity network design, unequivocally actively pushing what tomorrow looks like. We’re experiencing endless growth, and there is a lot of eventuality knocking on a doorway right now. We’re going by any situation, methodically examining what it means for 2018 and beyond. We’re on gait to do an implausible pursuit with all of a brands and lift them to a top levels. Everything is banishment on all cylinders, and we need to keep that movement going forward.

Radio Ink: What do we wish a radio attention to know about Skyview it might not know?
That we caring about a industry. We caring about a firmness and growth. We are all in on creation this an implausible attention and removing it into a certain future. There has been a lot of disastrous press about some tough financial situations in a industry. We have 0 debt. We are 100 percent stable. We are actively contributing to a industry’s healthy direction. We are here to make this a certain experience, from a network side to a customer side.

Thiele: We are in an sparkling time in radio. Skyview has a genuine passion for radio in general. We see it and trust if it is finished correctly, in good fixing with your aim audience, it’s one of a many effective vehicles for advertisers. No doubt about that. We adore a thought of what we are going to see from Entercom CEO David Field and a partnership with CBS Radio. Listening to David and his unrestrained for radio, we see this as a time of revitalization of radio. It has been prolonged overdue, and we wish to be a poignant actor in creation that a success.


Steve Jones, Vice President – ABC News Radio.

And a word from Steve Jones…
I initial met Skyview President Ken Thiele during CES in Jan 2014. Soon Ken, EVP/GM Jeanne-Marie Condo, and we were operative with a teams to relaunch a ABC Radio business. It was an huge task, formulating a placement structure and building a sales plan that would pierce a iconic ABC Radio code behind into a marketplace as a self-syndicator.

We launched with 1,000-plus affiliates on Jan 1, 2015, and today, with Skyview, we are providing news and party programming to some-more than 1,650 stations. Our revenues have grown steadily, and this summer we extended a disdainful sales and placement partnership to 2026.

I work unequivocally closely with Ken and Jeanne-Marie, and we can’t pronounce rarely adequate about their firmness and joining to excellence. We work hard, though we also make a indicate of shouting mostly and carrying fun. Now we are staid for even larger expansion as we’re actively assessing new programming for distribution. Recently, we welcomed a colleagues from a storied CBS News Radio brand, as they are following a indication and separating from their stream syndicator this January.

Skyview’s expansion has been good for ABC and certain for a altogether network radio business. Congratulations to a Skyview executive organisation of Ken, Jeanne-Marie, Diana Chamberlain, Dave Dickson, and a whole Skyview staff on your unusual success!

Steve Jones
VP/General Manager
ABC Radio

Low-Tech Ways to Spot Suspicious Affiliates – By Hagai Shechter


Affiliate selling can move in essential leads, coax app installs, and expostulate sales, however, when hackers feign KPIs (i.e., those leads, installs, and actions), that apportionment of a selling bill has been wasted.

Even some-more unpropitious are marketers wasting time chasing artificial leads, or measuring debate opening regulating feign metrics.

Most affiliates are infallible and effective, though a tiny elect of sinful players have done their approach into networks to take commissions. It’s critical to note that feign affiliates go out of their approach to equivocate detection: regulating proxies, hijacking computers, and even forging plcae information to cover their loyal origin.

A aspect perspective of debate logs competence skip feign activity. So, what can marketers do? Here are some low-tech hacks for detecting questionable affiliates:

In-App Activity is Not Normal or Nonexistent

If we find that app installs from a certain associate outcome in no activity within a app, or a activity is suspiciously unchanging (e.g., all a users play your diversion though afterwards stop after a certain turn or uninstall a app after a set volume of time), it’s time to demeanour deeper into that campaign’s performance. Fraudsters are good during masking their bots’ activities, though looking tighten adequate competence exhibit a pattern.

The Campaign is Going Too Well

Fraud performs well. If a normal acclimatisation rate (in a click or implement campaign, for example) for all affiliates is 10 percent, though one associate consistently delivers 40 or 50 percent, be suspicious.

The Campaign Goals are Consistently Met

If we change your debate goals (e.g., a series of views, clicks, actions, or installs), and they are suspiciously achieved, even when a really niche demographic or aim is set, be suspicious. Again, feign campaigns tend to perform good on paper.

There’s a Ton of Traffic, though No Buyers

This competence seem obvious, though don’t get hung adult on self-centredness metrics: clicks, views, installs, etc. They can be simply gamed, and bots don’t buy products or services. Keep an eye on KPIs that matter: genuine sales, phone calls, and leads that respond to your emails.

Unusual Uptick in Refunds or Chargebacks

Fraudsters are famous to emanate feign sales with stolen credit cards, ensuing in we essential out a elect to an affiliate, usually to accept a chargeback or a product returned after on. You contingency reinstate a sale, though a elect we paid is gone.

While these competence be basic, even apparent suggestions to detect a feign affiliate, they’re a starting indicate for marketers.

The bottom line is that as prolonged as rascal is profitable, it will continue to happen. Marketers are correct to keep their ensure up, be suspicious, and pronounce adult to partners when things don’t seem right.


Hagai Shechter is a CEO of Fraudlogix, an ad rascal and associate rascal showing company.

This essay seemed in emanate 41 of FeedFront Magazine, that was published in Jan 2018. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-41

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How to Win with Facebook Video: 7 Useful Tips for Beginners

As marketers and advertisers, these numbers should unequivocally ring some video calm bells in your minds. Add to that Facebook 360 Video and your rendezvous possibilities are infinite.

Jonathan Searle, Inbound Marketing Manager, The Pedowitz Group:

Facebook was one of a initial platforms to capacitate users to not usually share video within their height though also concede for businesses to benefit essential insights into how prolonged users are examination videos if they are saved or common giving business not usually vicious insights though a ability to aim those that have intent during a certain % of any video. This has been a marketer’s dream though carrying to compensate absurd amounts to a height for these insights.



Here are 7 ways to optimize your Facebook Video selling efforts:

  1. Video content: Share something singular and useful

Understanding your assembly is vital. Identify what problem or plea your awaiting is facing, and try to residence it in a proceed that will ring – either it’s humorous, educative, romantic or any other suitable tonality. Solution-based Facebook videos widespread unequivocally shortly as they offer something useful .

  1. Video length: Short and crisp

Short videos have a limit chances of going viral. For a incomparable impact, visible storytelling is a best as it doesn’t have ominous or linguistic barriers. It’s like a man in a pub in Oslo and some lady in a tube hire in Seoul are equally engaged.

Facebook admits that videos that are shorter than 2 mins tend to hoard improved courtesy than longer ones. The thought here’s simple. Your video should be ominous and contingency communicate your brand’s core summary though don’t try and get into too many detail. That can means distraction. Another critical angle is syncing your visible with your message, subtitles or info, as many videos on Facebook are watched on mute.

  1. Video opening: Make a many of a initial few seconds

A outrageous cube of your assembly is regulating a mobile app of Facebook and are mostly on a go. That’s because we contingency squeeze their courtesy instantly. The initial 2-5 seconds reason a pivotal to that courtesy . One effective proceed to that is by commencement with an exploration like a ‘did we know’ or ‘what if’. In such brief formats like Facebook videos, stay divided from overselling and braggadocio too many about who you’re. It only doesn’t click and drives audiences away. The idea is to excite and motivate them. So, innovate on those fronts.

  1. Video spotlighting: Remain courteous to your Facebook page and thumbnails

Ensure that your Facebook page has a local Facebook video to keep a fans glued. Again, local Facebook videos are a ones that are hosted on a height with a Facebook-based URL. Video thumbnails need to be selected delicately formed on Facebook discipline and restrictions . You can select a thumbnail from within your video by regulating a ad origination apparatus of Facebook. Choose something constrained so that even if a video isn’t playing, a picture on screens is an interesting, enchanting one.

Searle adds:

Currently a final “FREE” organic proceed to benefit trade is to implement Facebook Live. Once a business goes LIVE, Facebook unequivocally goes out of a proceed to share that a company/brand is live by desktop users, though some-more a app users that have it commissioned on mobile devices. If we consider about this compared with a ability to lane that videos, a commission of expenditure and targeting opposite inclination unequivocally can maximize your remarketing and direct era abilities to broach rarely intent intensity customers.

  1. Video scheduling: Correct timing

Sometimes a best of Facebook videos are mislaid in a sound when they aren’t scheduled properly. Don’t let this occur to you. Many brands have amicable media teams fully-dedicated to scheduling posts on opposite platforms. In box we don’t, there are options such as Hootsuite to assistance we do a same.

Your audiences live in apart time zones and that creates scheduling or timing an component we can’t skip for Facebook videos. Depending on when your assembly is accessible we can arrange your Facebook videos by formulating a posting report for your page.

  1. Be consistent: Stay a course

Often, you’re not certain how many of video calm is adequate or abundant. To find out, control visit polls and rivet your followers. This way, you’re listening to your audience, and in a incomparable intrigue of things, it helps we to be unchanging in terms of your video content. Try to precedence Facebook video ad campaigns for improved views and reach. Concise, unchanging calm is what hooks people on .

  1. Video CTAs: Closing a loop

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are your gateway to pushing trade to your website and creation your assembly take a subsequent step. With Facebook CTAs, we can use your video to route people to your site and this also transpires into your window of a acclimatisation opportunity. The aptitude of a CTA with your video calm is a cause that we can ill means to overlook.

Some examples of Facebook Video success

#LikeAGirl by Always

#LoveAtFirstTaste by Knorr

HubSpot on email marketing

Apart from a above, for your Facebook videos, precedence a in-house (rather in-app) register of Facebook with Facebook Live (live streaming feature), Facebook 360 Video (a 3D observation experience), and Facebook Insights. With Facebook Insights, we can investigate and magnitude a opening of your video that enables we to get improved with a subsequent video. After all, your selling decisions on what worked and what didn’t need to be formed on data.

Searle affirms:

The best proceed would be around rendezvous during watch time %, shares, and altogether cost per perspective and interaction. Video now engages users some-more for a many cheaper cost per rendezvous or communication if targeting and remarketing are employed within your inbound or direct era campaigns. The ability to take a high behaving video and audience, and afterwards enhance it to another 2 million and users that Facebook identifies as a identical assembly allows for improved enlargement and strech to a specific organisation of intensity users while gripping costs during a indicate to be essential and uncover a good ROI.

Now’ is a good time to embody Facebook Video in your video calm selling strategies.

5 Ways to Dress Up for a Holidays for Under $150

At this indicate in a holiday season, after you’ve braved a Black Friday sales and taken advantage of all of those Cyber Monday deals, your bank comment has expected taken a bit of a hit. And with all of a gifts that still need to be purchased for your friends and family, a final thing your credit label matter needs right now is for we to splurge on a new outfit for all of a arriving holiday festivities.

But purchasing that stimulating new dress for your annual New Year’s party or that new neat blazer for your bureau holiday cooking does not have to mangle a bank—here, we’ve gathered some of a best festive, glamorous outfits for all of your holiday gala needs, all for underneath $150. From Zara’s tuxedo-inspired red satin dress to Asos’s glamorous lead heels, there are many ways to brew and compare but spending a fortune. Above, emporium these 5 gratifying looks for underneath $150.