PR: Mycelium Wallet Partners with Changelly Exchange

Mycelium Wallet Partners with Changelly ExchangeMycelium Wallet Partners with Changelly Exchange

This is a paid press release, that contains brazen looking statements, and should be treated as promotion or promotional material. does not validate nor support this product/service. is not obliged for or probable for any content, correctness or peculiarity within a press release.

Changelly, an present cryptocurrency exchange, has partnered with Mycelium, one of a many arguable and distinguished Bitcoin wallets that now goes tellurian with multicurrency support and integrates Changelly’s API into a mobile wallet application.

Being mostly famous as one of a oldest and arguable Bitcoin wallets, Mycelium opens adult for everybody who opts for alts and tokens by integrating Changelly’s API into a mobile app. The API is deployed directly into Mycelium’s interface enabling users to switch between currencies though regulating a Changelly website. Since Changelly allows to sell outrageous amounts, there will be an choice to buy adult to 200 BTC during once usually in a few clicks.

With Changelly onboard, group during Mycelium not usually provides their constant users with a best rates, though also takes a whole patron knowledge to a some-more user-friendly level.

In addition, Changelly offers a auspicious income share indication for Mycelium permitting to get some-more distinction out of any transaction.

Konstantin Gladych, CEO during Changelly, stated, “We’re anxious to be a partial of such a good and creditable project. Our present sell choice will not usually yield Mycelium’s users with a best rates, though also assistance move a wallet to masses.”

In turn, Jérôme Rousselot, Chief Revenue Officer during Mycelium is assured that a partnership with Changelly will be fruitful, “At Mycelium we are really vehement to start operative with Changelly, an innovative association creation crypto users’ life so most easier. Changelly understands a hurdles of a industry, is a really veteran partner and offers a best service.”

About Changelly

Changelly is a renouned cryptocurrency sell providing a ability to now and seamlessly sell over 90 altcoins during a best marketplace rate or buy them regulating a bank card.

Operating given 2015, Changelly has captivated over 1.5M purebred users from around a world. Currently, a use processes some-more than 15K sell daily with a monthly turnover of around 60K BTC.

Changelly offers a API and a customizable remuneration widget for any crypto use that wishes to boost a turnover. The sell provides a Affiliate module with a utterly appealing income share mechanism. Changelly is a partner with Mycelium, Jaxx, Coinmarketcap, Coinpayments, Uquid withdraw card, Coinomi, and other distinguished companies.

About Mycelium

Mycelium is a Bitcoin association with a extended operation of products, mostly famous as one of a initial (and best for crypto anarchists and geeks) Bitcoin wallets with some-more than 500 000 users. The wallet provides a set of collection and facilities for storing and promulgation Bitcoins in a safest demeanour possible. In 2014, Mycelium was postulated a creditable endowment “Best Mobile App” as a wallet with higher bank-grade security.

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New PaymentSpring Affiliate Program was Designed with Small Businesses in Mind

IT professionals can now attend in a new affiliate program geared toward their client’s holding online payments. PaymentSpring only announced a product whereby IT pros like developers can pointer their clients adult for a remuneration estimate gateway. They afterwards acquire a share of each remuneration by a program.

A Peek during a PaymentSpring Partner Program

Mike Phelan is a President of PaymentSpring. He told Small Business Trends a associate module was designed with tiny businesses in mind.

“We know a significance of devoted partners, so we’ve designed a module that is super easy for tiny businesses to get started and incentives that concede us to continue a partnership over only holding good caring of their clients.”

It works like this: these IT pros and consultants deliver their clients with a PaymentSpring solution. Customers can duplicate and pulp one line of formula onto their tiny business websites to get started. Or, they can hit a association for support.

Online Payments

PaymentSpring takes over estimate their online payments after that. The association is a Level 1 PCI-Certified provider. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) is a set of standards for companies that use credit label information.


They also offer API so interfacing with an existent complement is easier as good as mobile solutions. There’s a Gateway to guard exchange as well. IT pros meddlesome in this module can hit a partner module by this link.

PaymentSpring, a Nelnet (NNI) company, is a payments solutions enterprise. They concentration on a nonprofit, developer and business sectors. PaymentSpring is a purebred ISO of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE, and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.

Image: PaymentSpring


Rakuten Marketing Partners with RevTrax to Drive In-Store Sales

RevTrax, a heading personalized digital promotions company, has announced a partnership with Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network that enables brands to boost sales by deploying secure and rarely targeted digital coupons to consumers, utilizing advertiser DMP information to capacitate real-time offer personalization and safeguard incrementality of in-store associate sales. The consumer can simply save these offers to a digital wallet around Apple, Google or Samsung.

“When it comes to in-store associate sales, we know that advertisers have historically been endangered about incrementality, confidence and scalability – all of that are addressed in this corner solution,” pronounced Seth Sarelson, RevTrax Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We are anxious to marry a personalized offer portion and dimensions capabilities with Rakuten’s network to significantly interrupt a digital offer space.”

Key facilities of a new partnership include:

  • Incremental sales growth: Identify new contra existent business (via DMP or other assembly integration) and respond accordingly with applicable offers.
  • Mobile optimization: Device-responsive record optimizes to uncover a consumer a right offer knowledge for any device. Full support of mobile wallets.
  • Member-level tracking: Track down to a member-level to support faithfulness affiliates.    
  • Security: Ensure that banking links can't be copied from authorized associate sites.
  • Greater strech and scale: Work with an advertiser’s whole network starting day 1.
  • Flexibility: Run offers down to a SKU level. Exclude present cards and other items.
  • Greater control: Serve singular use coupons in real-time. Control activation caps and sum budgets for any offer.

“Our sell partners adore warden solutions,” combined Sarelson. “The Rakuten and RevTrax formation requires NO tech work by advertisers or publishers to get started, and we’ve seen programs launch in as small as dual weeks. This is a win-win for a industry, and retailers wanting to see quick in-store results.”

Recent in-store associate formula reported by RevTrax include:

  • Doubling sales from a vital retailer’s associate program
  • $20 million of incremental in-store income for a tradesman in one year
  • $15 of in-store income normal generated from any click for a retailer

According to Rakuten Marketing CEO, Tony Zito, “Sales occurring in a earthy section trebuchet store are mostly driven by digital marketing, and retailers need a ability to precedence a associate channel to expostulate incremental purchases in-store during scale. RevTrax is a healthy partner for Rakuten Marketing to accelerate expansion of in-store associate sales.”

To learn some-more about pushing in-store associate sales, hit your Rakuten Marketing Account Team or email sales(at)revtrax(dot)com.

About Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing’s attention heading solutions commission marketers to flower in their developed purpose and grasp a full intensity of digital marketing, well and effectively, with data-informed insights that emanate consistent, enchanting and successful practice opposite screens. Offering an integrated solution, along with singular insights and consultative partnerships, Rakuten Marketing delivers a collection that marketers need to boost efficiency, capability and performance.

Rakuten Marketing is a multiplication of Rakuten Inc., one of a world’s heading Internet use companies. The association is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, a United Kingdom, and via a United States. Follow us on Twitter or learn some-more during

About RevTrax®

RevTrax creates smarter promotions easy. Our height connects opposite all digital and promotional vehicles, providing personalized offers and online-to-offline tracking for 350+ code partners. RevTrax provides intelligent solutions for marketers opposite all inclination on owned and paid media, delivering secure offers and squeeze trail insights, joining online behaviors to any sell purchase, online or offline. Founded in 2008, RevTrax is formed in New York City and is rated as one of Crain’s ‘Top 100 Best places to work in New York City.’

Income Access launches associate programme with German DFS brand

SPORT.Guru, handling underneath a 0 7 gaming umbrella, is to launch a managed associate programme with Income Access, utilising a firms program and network to maximize patron acquisition.

The new programme is to be managed by Income Access’ in-house associate government team, with a SPORT.Guru formation to support associate recruitment and altogether programme enlargement by joining it to an endless database of DFS and gaming affiliates.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Income Access and Digital Wallets during Paysafe, said: “The daily anticipation sports straight continues to variegate and enter new markets.

“We’re vehement to offer a associate selling and record support to an innovative code like SPORT.Guru, with a core concentration on Germany, an elaborating marketplace with poignant enlargement and income intensity for German and tellurian DFS and sports-betting affiliates.”

German confronting DFS code SPORT.Guru, regulated by a Malta Gaming Authority, allows business to competition in day-long anticipation sports contests for real-money prizes, formed on opposite competition forms and scheduled around real-life sporting events in Europe’s tip football leagues.

Detailing that it is one of a singular series of firms to underline a Bundesliga as partial of a offering, a organisation skeleton to supplement a accumulation of contests for North American sports leagues.

Amongst a enlargement skeleton are a National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL), in further to Formula 1.

Chris Kirschbaum, Digital Marketing Manager during SPORT.Guru, said: “We see Income Access, with a associate platform, network and government services, as a singular and tellurian partner that will assistance daily anticipation sports attain in European markets.

“We value a affiliates as most as a players, and are committed to creation them feel like partial of a family. We’re celebrated to be attention pioneers in a selected marketplace and vertical, and inspire affiliates to join a belligerent violation DFS programme.”

The ice is right for Lindquist in Worcester, ECHL

Eric Lindquist likes to be a bone-fide tellurian on a job. He is not a tiny eyes and ears of a Worcester Railers HC. And he will positively not settle for a stipulations of being a discarnate voice from above.

No, a Massachusetts- and California-seasoned sportscaster contingency pierce about his workspace, holding his assembly with him. Families on palm and in a Railers network gaunt on him as a pivotal infotainer.

“There are 20 sets of relatives listening to their sons play,” he told Pucks and Recreation. “It’s a prolonged season, and pursuit X’s and O’s diversion in and diversion out can get a tiny uninteresting and stale.”

So he animates a real-time chronicles a easy approach — by vital a game-night knowledge himself. During media timeouts during a DCU Center, while a ice-level laborers knock down sports drinks, he sneaks slurps of tiny speak in a stands.

At intermission, he savors longer helpings of a same while stretching his legs on a concourse. When a Railers score, he can and will strech out for high-fives with ideal strangers. And even amidst a action, he will excite laugh-out-loud gibberish with broadcast partner Tom Matthews.

Sometimes, before any of that, he dons another metaphorical shawl while guest are asked to doff their lids. He ventures from his roost within a seating play and enters a spotlight to perform a inhabitant anthem.

It is a acquire reversal for a male who prefers creation his income and memories in an interactive manner. As a proverb goes, caring means sharing. Depending on a environment and situation, Lindquist cares with creativity. He shares his knowledge and unrestrained where suitable — home — and divvies a sum like a tourism guru on a road.

“I’m a fan, bottom line,” he said. “I wish to be means to share what a prohibited dog tastes like in a visiting arena. What it’s like in a press box. What a fans are like. Where to get lunch in a certain city.

“I competence not be a smoothest when it comes to play-by-play, yet we consider people commend my energy.”

His 5 employers in his minor-league broadcasting career should design zero less. After all, Lindquist has performed a many pizzazz on his resume by competing on diversion shows tangible by foul energy.

As a immature teen, Lindquist over a dream by appearing on Wheel of Fortune, where he won a whopping $60,000. Later, while operative during a Los Angeles sports agency, he won The Price Is Right’s Showcase Showdown. In all, his several stints in Southern California yielded 11 onstage game- or reality-show appearances.

“That’s generally a initial thing anybody wants to speak about,” he pronounced of successive sportscasting pursuit interviews. “It’s kind of helped me in a bizarre approach to be means to do what I’m doing.”

He could simply contend a retreat as well. A North Andover, Mass., local who got his start as a student-broadcaster during Northeastern University, Lindquist calls a competition that requires swiveling heads and open-ended expectation. Anything can take a spin before or during diversion time (or uncover time). Accordingly, anyone’s bulletin for a day can be altered on a fly.

Lindquist’s initial post-college dabbling in L.A. coincided with a birth and bang of existence TV. With his Showcase Showdown victory, he had cemented his name on a stage during and around CBS Television City. He was partial of a tube that game-show and reality-show agents go picking during in a pinch.

“Like any other business, everybody arrange of knows everyone,” Lindquist explained.

Odds are Lindquist’s affinity for sports done his name burst to curt one of his foreigner improvisational experiences. While his gusto for pucks has tangible his career, he admits he knows tiny about round games. (Although he after did promote Lowell Spinners baseball for a time.)

Yet one morning, a deputy from a dating uncover called to scrutinise about portion as a stand-in.

“‘But we have to fake we know how to play tennis,’” Lindquist remembers being told. “I don’t consider we picked adult a pole once in my life,” he combined with a chuckle.

Nonetheless, he got to a studio, got into uniform and got into character.

And when he was not vouchsafing cameras and makeup tumble on him, Lindquist postulated others a flutter of fame. When his reign in sports group “didn’t work out,” he attempted operative as a casting executive for Fox existence programs.

The eagerness for ice, however, eventually resurged. When a AHL’s Lowell Lock Monsters dangled his initial possibility to lapse to a Bay State and broadcasting, Lindquist bit.

He has given done dual some-more end-to-end moves any way. Before a Railers, he called a ECHL’s Long Beach Ice Dogs (2006-07) and AHL’s Worcester Sharks (2007-15) and San Jose Barracuda (2015-17).

The one deteriorate in Long Beach coincided with Bob Barker’s 35th and final year of hosting The Price Is Right. The fluke done for a singular and timely fasten of Lindquist’s passions.

As a team-building exercise, he led a 45-minute tour behind to his aged stately haunts during CBS Television City. Leading scorer Ash Goldie even answered a desired “Come on down!” call, yet he did not allege over a podium.

For Eric Lindquist, a ice is right with Worcester Railers HC

Lindquist’s impasse will infrequently extend to pulling double avocation as a national-anthem vocalist. (Photo pleasantness of Eric Lindquist/Rich LeBlanc)

Back out east, Lindquist spasmodic experiments with game-show-inspired activities to keep players lax or humanize them before a fans. He has variously drawn impulse from a gone Three’s A Crowd and a time-honored Family Feud.

Of a latter, he recounted, “That didn’t work too well. Guys were cheating.”

Otherwise, in a past 14 years, he has during slightest put his grave game-show impasse on hold. With that said, he is always open to an contingent army on Big Brother, Survivor or The Amazing Race.

For now, he expectedly watches from a vital room with more-informed-than-average eyes. Just don’t design him to revisit a drift he has already covered.

Since Barker retired, Lindquist has eschewed The Price Is Right. When reached by Pucks and Rec, he hinted during giving Wheel a same diagnosis when Pat Sajak and Vanna White pass their torch. He fears a season of a shows might take a spin for a ’80s Coca-Cola regulation after that most upheaval.

“I kind of like a old-school mentality,” he said, adding that he has a identical perspective of his dear sport.

“I’ve always been a large fan of a hockey quarrel and a earthy aspect of a sport. Not tradition, yet things in a approach that we enjoyed it or how we remember it.

“I’m not observant we don’t wish change, yet we grew adult in a mid-’90s with Bob Probert, Tie Domi, Lyndon Byers, Chris Nilan. That’s what got me into hockey. we wish to get behind to how we grew adult with it.”

As it happens, per, a Railers have intent in 28 sparring by their initial 39 games. This past weekend, heading pugilist Yanick Turcotte intent Wheeling reflection Jeremy Beirnes twice in as many days.

Conversely, during that same symbol in their report last season, a Barracuda had logged 18 fights. In 2015-16, San Jose available 22 bits in a initial 39 outings.

The ECHL yields generally chippier movement than a joining immediately above it. That aspect has plenty association in fitting Lindquist’s pierce behind to Worcester this past summer.

Railers HC foretold a appearance in 2016, one year after a San Jose Sharks changed their AHL associate from Worcester to their possess building. Effective a year later, Worcester’s initial Double-A hockey authorization followed a self-proclaimed “cue from a European sporting bar model.”

“Worcester Railers HC is introducing a new approach to be partial of veteran hockey in North America,” says a de facto goal statement. It has already followed by by cast a names of season-ticket holders on a backs of their particular seats. It has also widespread a possess name around a area but hesitation.

One retard adult a travel from a DCU Center sits a Railers Tavern. A half-mile in a other instruction will take we to a Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center. Opened one month before a club’s debut, a two-sheet trickery also houses a restaurant, a café and a training center.

Two Division III college programs, dual girl programs and Worcester Academy have all started pursuit a Ice Center home. There stays a doubt of either a Division we Holy Cross men’s team will eventually bound over. The combined ice also allows Railers crew to deliver beginners to a pleasures of convenience skating.

“We do have that clarity that we wish everybody to be a partial of what’s going on,” Lindquist said.

As an outspoken, effusive center male between a group and fan base, Linquist suits that system. He jumped during a possibility to lapse to Worcester after dual fish-half-out-of-water campaigns with a Barracuda.

With a Railers, a 12,239-seat DCU Center wedges a radio counter between a seating bowls. As an NHL trickery indefinitely sheltering a organization’s child club, San Jose removed Linquist above a whole 17,562-spectator space.

But naturally, being a minor-league club, it never filled that cavernous coliseum. The largest assembly a Barracuda drew in Lindquist’s waste SAP Center reign was 7,664.

“I was sitting all a approach adult in a ceiling, and we didn’t feel as tighten to a fans, a players and a action,” he recalled. “I wasn’t in my comfort zone.”

And so that Bay Area hurl might be a 38-year-old’s usually career stop in a major-league mansion. His lapse to a Double-A joining after a decade in Triple-A is a step down in technical terms only.

Linqduist’s eye-catching game-show lane record speaks to his intrepidity before substantial, major-level audiences. But his success regulation there of “don’t take it too severely and don’t take yourself too seriously” also reaffirms his mutual fit with Railers HC and a “eccentric” European selling model.

“I suffer doing it during a ECHL level. I’ve have some-more fun this year,” he said. “Sometimes we kind of have some-more leisure in minor-league sports to have some-more personality.”

PR: Okoin VR Project Launches 2nd ICO Round

Okoin VR ICOOkoin VR ICO

This is a paid press release, that contains brazen looking statements, and should be treated as promotion or promotional material. does not validate nor support this product/service. is not obliged for or probable for any content, correctness or peculiarity within a press release.

The OKOIN plan launches a second turn of a ICO. According to a government of VR Technology, that owns a project, a second turn will make a token some-more glass and fast after entering a open exchange, and interjection to insurance opposite suppositional manipulations. The second turn will final from Jan 25, 2018 to Apr 25, 2018. For a start, dual additional programs are launched: Bounty and Affiliate ones.

During a initial round, a OKOIN plan managed to attract some-more than $25 million investment in equivalent. The stream value of a token is $ 2.7. It is designed that during a second turn a silver will also have a solid expansion and a cost will gradually arise to $8 (ROI 200-700%), after that a token will enter a exchange.

The categorical charge of a second turn is to strengthen a token from speculations and yield it an eccentric value with a infrastructure combined to discharge a VR “18+” content, in particular, for observation cinema by regulating a practical existence helmet VR OKO.

VR OKO is a self-contained innovative device grown by VR Technology, a practical existence helmet for examination adult movies. VR OKO does not need a tie to a phone or mechanism and allows examination amorous cinema for 6 hours but recharging. The video library of a plan has some-more than 500 cinema in 40 opposite genres. The helmet VR OKO can now be purchased for OKOIN tokens and ETH.

The OKOIN plan launches dual new programs in respect of a start of a second ICO round:

Bounty Program, in that anyone can accept a prerogative for being active in amicable networks (the Bitcointalk forum, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram messenger, etc.)
Affiliate (referral) Program, in that any user can accept a elect (2-5%) in ETH, and a reward in a OKOIN tokens.
In further to a categorical programs, a special module “+100” is run for investors of a initial round, within that any initial turn financier receives a reward of 100% of a purchased tokens in a second round. Bonus tokens are accrued during one calendar month.

OKO STARS Party that was ostensible to be hold on Jan 26 has been shifted to Apr 25. The sketch of tickets will take place in a initial days of April. The sum series of tickets to be raffled –130. Investors of both a initial and second rounds might attend in a drawing.

Participants of a Affiliate program, whose partners have invested some-more than 250 ETH in a project, are guaranteed to accept a VIP sheet to a party. The sheet totally covers flights, accommodation, and appearance in a event.

Company website:
Legerova 1820/39, 120 00
Prague 2, Czech Republic
Company name: VR record association s.r.o.

Contact Email Address
Supporting Link

This is a paid press release. Readers should do their possess due industry before holding any actions associated to a promoted association or any of a affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any repairs or detriment caused or purported to be caused by or in tie with a use of or faith on any content, products or services mentioned in a press release.

Cleveland Clinic announces cardiac connection with Florida-based health system

Cleveland Clinic has entered into a cardiovascular connection agreement with Florida-based Martin Health System to concentration on best practices, studious care, peculiarity and safety, a dual announced Friday, Jan. 26.

The Clinic’s Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart Vascular Institute’s associate network now totals some-more than 20 hospitals and health systems opposite a nation after some-more than a decade of combining affiliations with cardiothoracic medicine and cardiovascular medicine programs in Ohio and beyond.

The cardiac programs during a Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart Vascular Institute and a Frances Langford Heart Center during Martin Health will form this affiliation, by that a health systems devise to share best practices in cardiology and heart surgery, optimize patient-centered caring and rise programs to urge quality, reserve and outcomes, according to a news release.

The Clinic will yield government services, such as clinical direction, peculiarity declaration and entrance to technologies and techniques. The Clinic has been named a best sanatorium in a nation for cardiology and heart medicine for 23 uninterrupted years by U.S. News World Report.

“Cleveland Clinic is a preeminent cardiovascular sanatorium in a universe and we are vehement to move their peculiarity and knowledge to a Treasure Coast,” pronounced Robert L. Lord Jr., boss and CEO of Martin Health System, in a prepared statement. “Being dependent with Cleveland Clinic will be profoundly profitable for a patients, a village and Martin Health as a whole.”

Martin Health System is a informal nonprofit provider in Stuart, Fla., with 3 acute-care sanatorium systems and a network of outpatient services.

“Cleveland Clinic is unapproachable to have a event to associate with a cardiac module during Martin Health System,” pronounced Dr. Jeffrey Rich, authority of Cleveland Clinic’s Heart Vascular Institute Strategic Operations, in a prepared statement. “We demeanour brazen to a partnership between teams to continue a glorious outcomes for a patients of Martin Health System.”

The Clinic and Martin Health have concluded to try other opportunities to work together some-more closely, according to a release.

Why Publishers Are Moving Toward an Affiliate Model

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Robert Glazer, Founder and MD, Acceleration Partners sum how associate selling has turn a vital tack for many online media companies. He serve explains how a expansion of associate selling has turn a profitable apparatus for both advertisers and publishers

Shopify recently began operative with BuzzFeed to boost prominence of a merchants, imprinting BuzzFeed’s biggest step into associate selling to date.

The structure is simple, BuzzFeed will embody links behind to Shopify in some of a articles and accept a elect on any sales conversions done from those links. Unsurprisingly, BuzzFeed is removing a large cut-10 to 25 percent per sale.

Affiliate selling has turn a vital tack for many online media companies. Last year, The New York Times purchased The Wirecutter for $30 million, anticipating to advantage from a site’s niche assembly and associate revenue.

Jessica Spira, conduct of income during The Wirecutter, pronounced this about a destiny of media and associate marketing, “Performance selling has been a categorical source of Wirecutter income given a launch in 2011. We’ve translated reader vigilant into high acclimatisation rates by formulating context around a squeeze preference and including calls to movement during a prove of squeeze consideration. This intersection of calm and commerce works good in opening selling by permitting advertisers to partner with us in a cost effective and fit way.”

Deals like these prove a change divided from cost-per-thousand-impressions-based models toward a performance-based structure, where advertisers compensate for formula rather than impressions. Publishers like BuzzFeed and merchants like Shopify are embracing associate selling interjection to a mutual advantages of a opening partnership model.

The Rise of Affiliate Marketing

Banner ads died some-more than a decade ago . Cost per click rose, afterwards programmatic brought behind a banners. Affiliate selling is a subsequent step in this evolution. Even with programmatic marketing, many people omit unsolicited page ads. Publishers now have a personalized information and niche audiences required to yield profitable selling services to merchandisers. The announcement is roughly native, heading to some-more clicks and some-more conversions.

Today, dual groups make adult a bulk of associate deals. Publishers offer performance-based remuneration models for online ads, as their banners no longer beget income . Thought leaders and companies, meanwhile, offer some-more profitable calm to audiences in a wish that it will lead to sales.

Together, these dual groups can accomplish some-more than possibly one could alone. A announcement with a clever following and a management to suggest a good product can assign a aloft rate to merchandisers, who are happy to compensate for directly converted leads.

The Evolution of Affiliate Marketing

As associate selling continues to settle itself as the many cost-effective selling tool for both advertisers and publishers, a approach companies use it will evolve.

Both advertisers and publishers can trigger partnerships. A publisher competence have an arriving listicle about a best coolers, for example, and afterwards strech out to affiliates to see that companies will compensate aloft rates to have their coolers featured. They would afterwards bond to a retailer’s associate network or approach program, set adult an account, and accept a monthly check for a commissions.

The stronger a associate performs, a some-more a businessman sells. Performance selling turns a diversion of faking impressions into an sell of genuine value , definition advertisers no longer contingency urge their invoices.

As associate selling continues to turn some-more common, publishers will find new ways to denote a value of chain on their sites.

Benefits and Challenges of Affiliate Marketing

Merchants and advertisers advantage from joining with an associate program, tracking results, and carrying payments rubbed automatically after a certain period.

Media companies, magazines, and calm sites are increasingly meddlesome in associate selling and are shifting into it, though their plea lies in not meaningful who to speak to about it.

They need to work with someone who represents publishers, like Button or BrandCycle. Then, consider where they have imagination and demeanour during hunt information to see that areas don’t see many hits. If there’s direct for certain content, they can rise it and arrange for it. 

The opening indication ensures that when everyone’s doing well, everyone’s enjoying a profits, and clamp versa. Retailers have a commerce budget-not a code budget-and they’re looking for clicks and sales, not impressions. Adopting a performance-based indication ensures a satisfactory rate and improved results.



Make a Most of Your Valentine’s Day Plans with These Credit Cards

Valentine’s Day PlansWith Feb quick approaching, it’s time to start creation skeleton for Valentine’s Day, and what improved approach to do it than to book a regretful getaway or make reservations during an overwhelming restaurant? While we might be tempted to strech for your withdraw label when we compensate for your Valentine’s Day plans, opting for credit is your best bet. Not customarily will we get some-more fraud insurance and confidence features, though if we collect a right card, you’ll be means to acquire rewards for spoiling your Valentine. Not certain that cards are worthwhile? Continue reading to learn that cards will fit your plans. It should be remarkable that if we intend to use one of these cards for your Valentine’s Day plans, you’ll wish to request sooner, rather than later, as it might take a integrate days for we to accept a earthy label after your focus is approved.

Which is a best label for your special outing?

Whether we wish to booze and sup your Valentine, ready them a homemade dish or take them on a weekend getaway, these are a cards that will acquire we a many crash for your regretful buck.

For those formulation to booze and sup their Valentine

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

Valentine’s Day PlansIf we wish to take your date out for a regretful cooking during your favorite restaurant, a Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card is for you. That’s given this label earns an unlimited 3% money behind on dining out, 2% behind on groceries and 1% on all other purchases. On tip of that, it offers an considerable $150 intro prerogative to cardholders who spend $500 on purchases in your initial 3 months, that means we can use this prerogative for another special date down a road. The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card also has a 9-month 0% intro APR on both purchases and change transfers (with a 3% change send fee), giving we copiousness of time to compensate for your Valentine’s Day date. The label also has no annual fee, no unfamiliar transaction fees and a series of total perks, including extended guaranty insurance and cost insurance with equipment purchased with a card, transport protection, a nominal concierge use and more. It should be remarkable that a label is accessible to those with good to glorious credit (usually deliberate a credit measure of 700 or higher).

Discover it chrome

Valentine’s Day PlansDiscover it chrome is a good choice for those looking to booze and sup their Valentine who might have less-than-perfect credit, as it requires normal to glorious credit (usually deliberate a credit measure of 670 or higher) for approval. This label doesn’t acquire utterly as many as a formerly mentioned card, though it still earns a plain 2% money behind during restaurants and gas stations (up to a quarterly maximum, now $1,000, afterwards it’s 1% back) and 1% money behind on all else. Additionally, Discover will compare all of a money behind you’ve warranted during a finish of your initial year as a cardholder — definition if we acquire $300, Discover will compare that and give we a sum of $600! You’ll also suffer a 14-month 0% intro APR on purchases and change transfers (with a 3% change send fee) and entrance to your monthly TransUnion FICO measure for giveaway as good as identity burglary insurance alerts.

For those formulation to ready for their Valentine

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Valentine’s Day PlansIf we devise to emanate a personalized dining knowledge for your Valentine, a Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express (a NextAdvisor advertiser) is a label for you. It earns an implausible 6% money behind during U.S. supermarkets (on adult to $6,000/year in purchases, afterwards it’s 1% back), 3% during gas stations and name U.S. dialect stores as good as 1% on all else. Aside from a money behind offers, a label allows cardholders to get $200 prerogative after we spend $1,000 on purchases in a initial 3 months. While a label has a $95 annual fee, if you’re a visit grocery shopper, afterwards a advantages will some-more than transcend a costs (to find out for certain use a giveaway Cash Back Credit Card Calculator). Finally, a Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express has a 12-month 0% intro APR on both purchases and change transfers (with a change send cost of $5 or 3%, whichever is greater) and cardholders will be supposing with squeeze protection, lapse insurance and extended guaranty on equipment they buy with their card. Prefer a label with no annual fee? Check out a sister card, a Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express, that offers allied rewards and perks. Both Blue Cash cards are accessible to those with good to glorious credit (usually deliberate a credit measure of 700 or higher).

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

Valentine’s Day PlansAnother good label for those who wish to ready a dish for their special someone is a Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card, that earns 3% money behind on gas and 2% money behind during grocery stores and indiscriminate clubs (including Costco) for adult to $2,500/quarter in total gas, indiscriminate bar and grocery store purchases. All other purchases acquire 1% money back. The Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card also has a $150 prerogative for cardholders who spend $500 on purchases in a initial 90 days of comment opening. Those who also bank with Bank of America get an ongoing 10% money prerogative reward when they redeem their money behind rewards directly into their Bank of America checking or assets comment — those who are Gold, Platinum or Platinum Honors Bank of America customers, will accept an even bigger bonus, trimming from 25% to 75%. To pacify a deal, this label also has no annual cost and comes with a 12-month 0% intro APR on purchases and change transfers (with a change send cost of 3% or $10, whichever is greater). The label is also accessible to those with good to glorious credit (usually deliberate a credit measure of 700 or higher).

For those formulation a regretful getaway

Before we puncture into a travel credit card picks, we should note that we might wish to book your transport skeleton with another label now to secure your outing before it’s too late, afterwards compensate with one of a following cards when we arrive during a hotel, inn, etc. given you’ll expected acquire aloft rewards.

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard

Valentine's Day PlansWhen it comes to transport rewards credit cards, it doesn’t get many improved than a Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard. That’s given cardholders earn 2X miles on all purchases, as good as a 40,000-point prerogative — worth $400 in travel — when they spend $3,000 on purchases in a initial 90 days. What’s more, each time we redeem your miles, you’ll get 5% of a miles behind to use toward your subsequent redemption. When it comes to saving your points, we can use them for travel, matter credit, present cards or merchandise, that means your Valentine’s Day getaway can assistance we compensate for a destiny trip. Aside from these inexhaustible benefits, a label has a 12-month 0% intro APR on change transfers done within a initial 45 days of owning a label (with a 3% or $5 change send fee, whichever is greater) as good as no unfamiliar transaction fees. There is an $89 annual fee, though it’s waived for a initial year, and a label is accessible to those with glorious credit (usually deliberate a credit measure of 700 or higher).

Discover it Miles

Valentine’s Day PlansPrefer a transport rewards credit label with no annual fee? If so, Discover it Miles is your best bet. Not customarily does a label have no annual cost and no unfamiliar transaction fees, an ideal perks for anyone holding their Valentine overseas, though it also earns an unlimited 1.5 miles on all purchases. Similar to a formerly mentioned Discover card, Discover will compare all of a miles we acquire in your initial year as a cardholder! Miles warranted with this label can be redeemed for money back, transport purchases and more. Discover it Miles also has a 14-month 0% intro APR on purchases and it’s accessible to those with normal to glorious credit (usually deliberate a credit measure of 670 or higher). Rounding out this label are a series of Discover cardholder perks, including giveaway temperament burglary alerts and giveaway monthly copies of their FICO credit scores.

To make a many of your Valentine’s Day skeleton and destiny date nights, you’ll wish to make certain we have a right credit label in your wallet. Visit a reviews of a best credit card to learn some-more about a cards minute in this post.

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Urbanimmersive Announces Audited 2017 Year-End Financial Results and Presents Highlights

LAVAL, Québec, Jan. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Urbanimmersive Inc. (“Urbanimmersive,â€� a “Corporationâ€� or “UIâ€�) (TSX VENTURE:UI.V) (OTC PINK:UBMRF), a genuine estate calm offered platform, now announced name audited financial formula and presents business highlights for a fourth entertain and year finished Sep 30, 2017. The financial statements and compared management’s contention and investigate (“MDAâ€�) can be noticed on SEDAR during

During a 2017 financial year, a Corporation has achieved an critical miracle in a vital expansion devise by successfully substantiating plain foundations for a destiny business development, particularly interjection to a successful launch of a calm offered marketplaces and a origination and launch of an associate module for genuine estate use providers.

“2017 financial year has really been a rhythm point.� Stated Ghislain Lemire, CEO, Urbanimmersive. “One of a biggest hurdles faced by each online marketplace is to emanate a right change between a supply and demand. We did it, and from now on, we can improved devise and govern a expansion devise for a entrance years.� Added M. Lemire.

2017 Fiscal Highlights

  • Launch of a Centris® Marketplace;
  • Launch of a Affiliate Program for genuine estate use providers with a signing of countless photographic, 3D and web use providers;
  • Closure of a inner 3D use department;
  • Development and launch of a credit line resolution built in a Urbanimmersive solution;
  • Appointment of Ms. Judith Brosseau as a house member.

Subsequent events

  • Financing by a sum of 3,520,000 common shares were released by a Corporation following a practice of warrants for sum deduction of $284,250;
  • Financing by a open charity by arising a sum of 10,000,000 units of a Corporation for sum deduction of $1,250,000;
  • Appointment of Mr. Jean-François Grou as a house member. Mr. Grou will also support Urbanimmersive’s government as a consultant;
  • Blockchain record Cryptocurrency mining initiatives.

Centris® Marketplace Launch

Officially launched during a commencement of a 2017 financial year, a Centris® Marketplace, that offers genuine estate agents in Québec an online marketplace of visible calm providers has taken off and is growing. This initial large-scale launch for Urbanimmersive compulsory several phases of contrast and technological and blurb adaptations that pushed a formula serve on a financial opening of a Corporation.

Launch Discounts

During a 2017 financial year, in sequence to attract new users and foster a Centris® Marketplace, a Corporation has launched offered campaigns charity discounts of adult to 50% off a cost charity by photographers enrolled in a height in sequence to attract new users and foster a Centris® Marketplace. On a other hand, on smoothness of a services, a photographers perceived a full amount, not discounted, for a services rendered. Since a cost of sales was aloft than offered prices, these offered campaigns had a approach impact on a Corporation’s sum margin. The Corporation believes that these efforts were compulsory to fast change approach and use offerings in a platform.

Credit Line Solution

Among a technological adds finished to a height during a 2017 financial year, we note a full expansion of a line of credit resolution integrated to a Urbanimmersive platform. Initially grown to facilitate a transition of business to a credit label remuneration system, a credit line resolution has turn a rival advantage to acquire and keep users on a Corporation’s height by antithesis to freelance platforms that offer usually credit label remuneration systems. The Corporation also considers a new line of credit resolution as an critical component of a success of Urbanimmersive’s associate module launched in a same mercantile year as it offers Urbanimmersive affiliates partners a event to continue to offer normal blurb remuneration terms, facilitating a transition of all their use exchange to Urbanimmersive’s offered calm platform.

Affiliate Programs

Following a launch of a Centris® Marketplace, a Corporation launched an tie module permitting use providers such as print agencies and genuine estate website providers to use a Urbanimmersive’s height for all of their billing transactions. The Corporation’s new credit line resolution allows affiliates to make a full transition of their receivable accounts to a Urbanimmersive height as all their billing is finished by and on interest of Urbanimmersive.

The Corporation announced several tie module agreements in Québec. The many critical agreement was sealed on Jun 6, 2017, with ID-3 Technologies Inc., whose full formation of business into a Urbanimmersive height was finalized in Dec 2017.

On Jan 11, 2018, a Corporation sealed an tie module agreement with Real Services Photography, a heading visible calm organisation in Ontario. This initial tie agreement with an anglophone retailer allows a Corporation to be assured about a blurb strategy.

Blockchain Integration

To support a adoption of a credit line resolution with genuine estate agents, home builders and associate partners, a Corporation has undertaken technological developments in sequence to be means to combine with a loan try for a collateral compulsory to support a credit line facility. The Corporation has recently opted for blockchain technology, that promises to decentralize a exchange ledgers and move forlorn clarity compared to other technologies. The expansion of blockchain formation began in a fourth entertain of a 2016–2017 financial year and is now underway. On Nov 22, 2017, a Corporation announced a three-year financing agreement with a collateral try Finaccès to support a line of credit. The Corporation believes that a formation of blockchain record and this new appropriation agreement will concede Urbanimmersive to accelerate patron merger by final some-more tie agreements.

Shutdown of a Internal 3D dialect

In a second entertain of a 2017 financial year, in sequence to concentration only on a expansion and smoothness of record solutions, a Corporation announced that it was terminating a inner 3D picture prolongation services business with a layoff of 6 employees compared with a 3D use department.

Cryptocurrency Mining Initiative

Since a inner 3D use dialect had until afterwards compulsory a operation of a server room to describe 3D images and deliberation a investment finished given 2010 in this server room, a Company has motionless to optimize a infrastructure by converting some of a servers to perform cryptocurrency mining processes. Work began during a third entertain of 2016–2017 mercantile year and has been finished recently. At a commencement of 2018, a Corporation hired Catallaxy, a Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton organisation of experts in blockchain record and cryptomining, whose charge is to investigate and optimize a intensity of Urbanimmersive’s server room and assists a Corporation on a investigate and expansion compared to blockchain formation into a line of credit solution.


During a 2017 financial year and a initial entertain of a 2018 mercantile year, a sum of 3,520,000 common shares were released by a Corporation following a practice of warrants for sum deduction of $284,250. On Dec 21, 2017, a Corporation finished a open charity by arising a sum of 10,000,000 units of a Corporation for sum deduction of $1,250,000. In addition, on Jan 12, 2018, a Corporation released an additional 1,500,000 units for sum deduction of $187,500 as partial of a full practice of an overallotment choice postulated by a Corporation in tie with a open offering.

New Directors

On Mar 30, 2017, a Corporation announced a assignment of Ms. Judith Brosseau on a Board of Directors. Ms. Judith Brosseau acts as Chair of a Board of Directors of L’inis, The National Institute of Image and Sound. She has hold a positions of Senior Vice-President, Programming, Communications and Interactive Media for Les Chaînes Télé Astral from 1998 to 2013 and of Director of Strategic Planning for Communications during a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from 1992 to 1998. Ms. Brosseau acts as an executive of several companies (Harold Greenberg Fund, Sylvain Émard Danse, Wapikoni mobile) and is a consultant.

On Dec 11, 2017, a Corporation announced a assignment of Mr. Jean-François Grou on a Board of Directors. The Corporation also retains a services of Mr. Grou as a consultant to support a management. Mr. Grou has some-more than 25 years of knowledge in heading general companies in a record zone with an considerable proven lane record. Prior to fasten Urbanimmersive, Mr. Grou acted as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Rideau Recognition Inc., a Canadian record association with scarcely 250 employees carrying offices in Canada and in a US. Before this role, Mr. Grou was CEO and executive of 20-20 Technologies Inc., a Québec record association formerly listed on a TSX with scarcely 550 employees located in 13 opposite offices worldwide. During his tenure, Mr. Grou grown and executed a business plan that augmenting a company’s annual income from $11M to some-more than $70M until a merger by a private equity organisation in 2012.


The financial statements and compared management’s contention and investigate (“MDA�) can be noticed on SEDAR during

About Urbanimmersive

Urbanimmersive is a calm provider marketplace for genuine estate professionals. The Company connects genuine estate professionals, photographers and writers in sequence to facilitate and optimize strange calm prolongation workflow. Urbanimmersive enables a business to precedence their offered investment while augmenting productivity, competitiveness, their web visibility, consumer rendezvous with their code and ultimately, their revenue.

For some-more information, greatfully contact:
Urbanimmersive Inc.
Ghislain Lemire
President CEO
514-394-7820 X 202

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