Colorado Plains Medical Center Named Duke LifePoint Quality Affiliate

FORT MORGAN, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Colorado Plains Medical Center (CPMC) currently announced that it has been
named a Duke LifePoint Quality Affiliate. This nomination recognizes
hospitals within a LifePoint Health complement that have enrolled in the
LifePoint National Quality Program and succeeded in transforming their
enlightenment of reserve and achieving high standards of peculiarity care,
opening alleviation and studious engagement.

“Colorado Plains Medical Center has always been committed to providing
safe, high-quality caring tighten to home for a members of a Fort Morgan
community,” pronounced Gene O’Hara, arch executive officer of CPMC. “Earning
a venerable Duke LifePoint Quality Affiliate nomination further
demonstrates a loyalty to ensuring that peculiarity stays the
undisputed tip priority during a facility. we am so elegant of the
efforts of any and any member of a group who worked tough to reach
this critical milestone.”

CPMC is a 50-bed trickery portion people in a Fort Morgan, Colorado,
village and surrounding areas. To grasp Duke LifePoint Quality
Affiliate designation, a Colorado Plains group worked to exercise a
series of best practices and launch new initiatives to rivet patients
and families, raise studious reserve and urge peculiarity care.

For example, a sanatorium worked to revoke a occurrence of patient
falls by implementing processes that are singular to a patient
population, such as a “WAR zone” protocol, that aims to keep the
studious “within an arm’s reach” during all times. CPMC also successfully
reduced a readmission rate, in part, by operative closely with patients
and their families to rise a best probable liberate devise to keep
patients good and out of a hospital. Another critical partial of CPMC’s
tour to grasp Duke LifePoint Quality Affiliate nomination involved
focusing on enhancing clinical documentation, improving government of
patients’ ongoing conditions and building relations with community
agencies and organizations that can yield additional caring for these
individuals. The sanatorium group also determined a Patient and Family
Advisory Council to assistance serve urge a studious experience.

“Through a LifePoint National Quality Program, all LifePoint
comforts have embarked on an critical tour to constantly improve
their turn of peculiarity caring and studious safety,” pronounced David Dill,
boss and arch handling officer of LifePoint Health. “From day
one, everybody during Colorado Plains Medical Center has done us incredibly
unapproachable with their unrestrained for and joining to this initiative, and,
many importantly, they have kept their patients during a core of the
process. We are gay to commend a team’s tough work and look
brazen to all they will accomplish as a Duke LifePoint Quality
Affiliate in a months and years ahead.”

The LifePoint National Quality Program was combined by a
partnership between LifePoint Health and Duke University Health
System. When hospitals enroll in a program, they start operative with
Duke and LifePoint peculiarity coaches to weigh and strengthen their
peculiarity programs and processes. Following an initial evaluation, the
sanatorium creates a devise and starts to muster changes that will assistance it
grasp peculiarity alleviation benchmarks and settle long-term solutions
to means a results.

In further to evaluating common peculiarity caring and studious safety
metrics, a LifePoint National Quality Program focuses on foundational
elements compulsory to means peculiarity care, including committed
leadership, systems to safeguard continual opening and process
improvement, and a enlightenment dedicated to safety. Duke LifePoint Quality
Affiliate nomination denotes those hospitals that grasp a extended range
of criteria in any of these areas and denote a ability to
invariably magnitude and urge peculiarity and studious safety.

About Colorado Plains Medical Center

CPMC is a 50-bed acute-care hospital, entirely accredited by The Joint
Commission. With a Level III Trauma Center, a 24-hour Emergency Room and
many other services, a sanatorium customarily serves a two-county area of
35,000. The sanatorium provides a extensive operation of diagnostic
imaging services including MRI, chief medicine, CT, radiography,
ACR-certified mammography and ultrasound. Rehab services include
physical, occupational and debate therapies. Other services include
behavioral health, cardiopulmonary, surgery, lab, obstetrics, social
services, dietary and sports medicine. It was determined in 1952. More
information about CPMC can be found on a website:
or a Facebook page:

About LifePoint Health

LifePoint Health (NASDAQ: LPNT) is a heading medical company
dedicated to Making Communities Healthier®. Through its
subsidiaries, it provides peculiarity inpatient, outpatient and post-acute
services tighten to home. LifePoint owns and operates village hospitals,
informal health systems, medicine practices, outpatient centers, and
post-acute comforts in 22 states. It is a solitary village healthcare
provider in a infancy of a non-urban communities it serves. More
information about a association can be found during

Sun Capital Partners Affiliate Agrees to Acquire Dental Implant …

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sun Capital Partners, Inc. (“Sun Capital”), a heading private investment
organisation specializing in leveraged buyouts and investments in market-leading
companies, now announced that a associate sealed an agreement to
acquire ClearChoice Holdings, LLC (“ClearChoice” or “the Company”),
that serves ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, a usually pure-play,
inhabitant network of providers delivering same-day dental implant
services in a U.S. Terms of a private transaction are not being

Founded in 2004, a ClearChoice network now includes 39 dental
make centers in 22 states. The Company supports a network of
professionals who yield complex, full-mouth dental implant
restorations that revive a duty and aesthetics of healthy,
healthy teeth regulating a multi-disciplinary proceed that singly combines
surgical, restorative, and laboratory functions in an all-in-one center.
The Company is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

“ClearChoice represents a good event for Sun Capital to leverage
a knowledge with service-oriented, consumer-facing businesses,” said
Marc Leder, Co-CEO during Sun Capital. “We’re vehement during a awaiting of
operative with a government group to conduct expansion and urge patient
entrance to caring by augmenting operational efficiency. In addition, we
devise to enhance new core growth infrastructure and to deposit in
digital selling capabilities to boost recognition of this
life-changing procedure.”

The ClearChoice network focuses on make solutions that residence the
needs of patients with poignant tooth loss, famous as “edentulism,” an
underserved and increasingly prevalent condition. The ClearChoice
proceed provides a same-day, “graft-less” solution, in that four
implants and new dentition are commissioned per arch in a singular procedure
that restores adult to 90 percent of nipping capacity. In contrast, the
normal bone-grafting process typically might need 6 to eight
implants per arch propitious in mixed surgeries over several months, and
can cost significantly more.

“ClearChoice has helped urge a peculiarity of life for tens of
thousands of people over a past 13 years with a affiliated
providers’ singular dental make approach, and we are vehement to partner
with Sun Capital as we pierce forward,” pronounced Kevin Mosher, CEO of
ClearChoice Holdings. “Sun’s imagination in flourishing consumer-facing
businesses while enhancing a patron knowledge will be incredibly
profitable as ClearChoice looks to offer an augmenting series of people
around a country.”

About Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Sun Capital Partners is a tellurian private equity organisation focused on
identifying companies’ untapped intensity and leveraging a deep
operational and financial resources to renovate results. Sun Capital is
a devoted partner that is famous for a investment and operational
experience, including sold imagination in a consumer products and
services, food and beverage, industrial, packaging, chemicals, building
products, automotive, grill and sell sectors. Since 1995, Sun
Capital has invested in some-more than 345 companies worldwide with revenues
in additional of $45 billion opposite a extended operation of industries and
transaction structures. Sun Capital has offices in Boca Raton, Los
Angeles and New York, and affiliates in London and Shenzhen.

About ClearChoice Holdings

Founded in 2004, ClearChoice is a marketplace personality in providing high
peculiarity use government services to a flourishing network of affiliated
same-day dental make centers. ClearChoice provides comprehensive
executive and non-clinical services to 39 dental make centers –
a network of alloy owned and operated dental diagnosis centers
providing innovative and peculiarity dental make caring – in 22 markets
opposite a United States. ClearChoice centers offer extensive dental
make diagnosis services, and are leaders in full-mouth or whole-arch
dental restorations. Each center’s categorical design is to safeguard a high
peculiarity of caring by not usually regulating specialists to broach diagnosis but
to have all a specialists during one plcae operative together as an
integrated team, with support from imaging apparatus and an on-site lab.
For some-more information, greatfully revisit

Income Access CEO Lorenzo Pellegrino addresses associate selling strength

Income Access, Paysafe’s selling record and services provider, has clearly undergone exponential expansion in 2017, with a series of partnerships announced opposite a accumulation of markets.

Recent deals with LiveLotto, McBride Racing and SportingTech a many new examples, and Lorenzo Pellegrino, arch executive officer of Income Access and Digital Wallets during Paysafe, has been vocalization to about these deals, a strength of Income Access and a wider associate network and plan relocating forward.

Totally Gaming: Income Access has announced a series of new partnerships recently, what does this contend about a strength of a associate sector?

Lorenzo Pellegrino: Over a final decade, associate selling has developed into one of a many critical channels for iGaming operators’ patron acquisition. Given a high investment compulsory now for PPC promotion and media buys with jammed sites, a cost-effectiveness of a associate channel ensures that it continues to play an essential purpose in iGaming marketing. Our information uncover that in 2017 a mature associate programme can expostulate as most as a third of a brand’s altogether actor acquisition.   

Our new partnerships with MintBet and LiveLotto positively denote a ongoing strength of a associate zone and a core UK market, where operators and affiliates are now operative together to streamline their selling strategies. Beyond a mature UK market, a new program partnerships with Portugal’s SportingTech, Greece’s Stoiximan and Romania’s Betano advise that associate selling is now equally critical in other iGaming markets as well.

The fact that brands in this different operation of tellurian markets have selected to partner with Income Access also shows a strength of a charity in particular. Our cutting-edge associate software, endless associate network and personalised associate government yield brands with a holistic selling resolution to maximize patron merger and selling ROI.   

TG: How essential is this platform/network in a bustling sourroundings with regards to players merger and retention?

LP: Our associate program streamlines actor merger for associate managers. The height enables associate teams to rise rarely targeted campaigns formed on mixed factors, including patron location, language, device and a time of day.

Affiliate managers can also use a program to lane campaigns for other merger channels. As good as affiliates, they can lane media buys, PPC and even offline campaigns. Our platform’s cutting-edge analytics and stating apartment gives associate managers a unequivocally worldly apparatus to urge a opening of their associate campaigns and their altogether lapse on investment.

The Income Access Network connects associate managers to over 25,000 tellurian gaming affiliates, that camber all a industry’s vital and niche verticals. Using a network unequivocally facilitates associate recruitment for associate managers. It’s also a good apparatus to keep affiliates intent with a programme by communicating a latest associate and actor promotions and code news. Overall, a Network simplifies rising and flourishing a programme, giving associate managers an corner in rival mature markets as good as rising jurisdictions.    

TG: With a series of deals recently agreed, can we design to see this boost in a tighten of 2017?

LP: At Income Access, we are heavily focused on identifying new ways that can make a altogether product charity even stronger, and on building cross-business synergies to assistance expostulate a gaming industry’s broader growth. And as poignant drivers of expansion in a gaming industry, affiliates and therefore associate payments are something we are focusing on to both support and promote this expansion as we conduct into 2018.

Will #WasteLessWednesday make an impact? Austin group thinks so

America Recycles Day got a start 20 years ago – interjection in no tiny partial to an Austin-based ad agency.

EnviroMedia launched and worked on a initial 5 years of a event, that takes place Nov. 15 any year, pulling Americans to do a improved pursuit of preserving a earth’s altered resources

In 2017, there was a new twist, with a introduction of a strong amicable media debate that will live on all year long, according to EnviroMedia CEO and owner Valerie Salinas-Davis.

“It’s delightful to see it’s still around celebrating a 20th anniversary as a module of Keep America Beautiful,” Salinas-Davis said. “This year, EnviroMedia celebrated America Recycles Day by launching #WasteLessWednesday, enlivening people to exclude things like straws and cosmetic cutlery they don’t need or want. ‘If we don’t need it, leave it.’ ”

Austin, in particular, has been receptive to Keep America Beautiful’s efforts over a years, according to Helen Lowman, a group’s boss and CEO.

“Keep Austin Beautiful not usually binds a special place in my heart carrying served on a house of directors, though it is special to a whole classification as one of a resplendent stars in a Keep America Beautiful associate network,” she said. “Led by a extraordinary Rodney Ahart and a smashing staff, they exercise programs formed on internal needs in all 3 of a inhabitant concentration areas — End littering. Improve recycling. Beautify America’s communities. — and do them well.

“Keep Austin Beautiful sets a stellar instance for other Keep America Beautiful affiliates and their best practices make an impact not usually in Austin, though enthuse and commission other communities we offer nationwide.”

Salinas-Davis, who was in Washington, D.C., recently for an America Recycles Day forum focusing on plastics recycling, pronounced there’s still a lot of work to be finished on a inhabitant turn – even after 20 years.

“Unfortunately, not most has changed,” Salinas-Davis said. “We recycle about 35 percent of a rubbish in a U.S. That’s adult usually 6 commission points given America Recycles Day was launched in 1997, definition we continue to obstruct usually about a third of a rubbish due to recycling.”

It’s not indispensably indolence that’s gripping people from recycling, she said.

“The reason because is difficult and multi-faceted, though we trust there dual large reasons: awareness, definition people trust recycling is some-more successful than it is, and miss of accessibility to recycling during home and during work,” Salinas-Davis said. “According to a Sustainable Packaging Coalition in 2016, ‘only 53 percent of a U.S. race has recycling automatically supposing during their home.’ ”

The #WasteLessWednesday debate is directed essentially during immature people, Salinas-Davis said.

“We’re targeting everybody though privately immature people who are some-more mobile and live a lifestyle that typically means lots of takeout, food smoothness and even coffee on a go,” Salinas-Davis said. “They’re also unequivocally active online and in a digital space where calm is simply shared.”

While some competence hurl their eyes, Salinas-Davis pronounced a idea isn’t to take divided your to-go plasticware. See some suggested tips – and download a print – during

“We don’t prognosticate a universe though straws and cosmetic forks,” she said. “There’s a purpose for them, though let’s not use them unless we unequivocally need them. What many people don’t comprehend is that straws and a lot of plastics are not recyclable. So, let’s usually equivocate regulating them whenever possible. And given not all Americans have entrance to recycling during home, a slightest we can do is revoke a rubbish we generate.

“#WasteLessWednesday allows us to speak about shortening rubbish and have a review about recycling once a week, 52 times any year. Hopefully, by initiating a weekly review about shortening rubbish and recycling, today’s younger era of adults will direct some-more entrance to recycling.”

GOTRAX™ Announces Affiliate Marketing Program – PR Web

“As a flourishing brand, a associate module will assistance GOTRAX™ advantage a rival corner in a digital marketplace.”

GOTRAX™, a Denver-based code of hoverboards and electric rideables driven by imagination and creation with a concentration on scholarship and education, currently announces a central GOTRAX™ Affiliate Program designed to incentivize and strengthen relations with influencers, calm producers and sell selling partners.

The brand, best famous for a line of HOVERFLY hoverboards, says a associate module will concede it to strech business in new markets while expanding prominence and recognition as it introduces new products, including electric scooters and ATVs, while rewarding those who support a brand.

Interested partners can pointer adult for giveaway during a central GOTRAX™ Affiliate Portal and immediately start earning a rarely rival elect on all purchases done regulating personalized links supposing following sign-up that can be used in content, ads, amicable media, email and more.

“As a flourishing brand, a associate module will assistance GOTRAX™ advantage a rival corner in a digital marketplace,” says Public Relations Director Don Stefanovich. “We demeanour brazen to building a network of associate partners as ardent and vehement about a code and products as we are, while providing them all a resources indispensable to gain on their efforts, assisting us all attain together.”

A pivotal advantage of a module is a extended tracking featuring 30-day mention cookies, definition once a partner’s couple is clicked, any time that consumer earnings and purchases within 30 days, a imagining associate partner receives commission.

Visit a GOTRAX™ Affiliate Portal for some-more information.



Welcome to a GOTRAX™ GALAXY, where each day’s a weekend and robots are a friends. We’re on a goal to emanate electric rideables that boost imaginations and a possibilities for personal transportation. As of 2017, GOTRAX™ is dispatching electric rideables opposite a planet, starting with a HOVERFLY two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter aka hoverboard. Our association values start right here in a Denver-based selling headquarters, where a group works their space boots off to lift a standards of a electric rideables industry, with a code concentration on scholarship and preparation designed to inspire a clarity of training and find for children.



Don Stefanovich | press(at)gotrax(dot)com