How a Peer Group Transformed My Life & Business

The trail to successful entrepreneurship is never loyal and narrow, though we consider a tipping indicate for many association founders comes when business as common only isn’t operative anymore. To grow, to expand—maybe even only to contend alive—means radical change.

For me, that impulse came in 2011. we was using a tiny associate selling company, Acceleration Partners, doing roughly all myself, and tighten to blazing out. Though a association had only reached $1 million in sales, we was during a vicious rhythm point. Should we keep my business a same distance and simply make a good living? Or, should we concentration on building something bigger that could have some-more craving value and impact?

I was torn.

I told people and myself that we unequivocally didn’t wish to have to conduct people or understanding with a bureaucracy that fundamentally comes with some-more headcount and processes. we favourite being entrepreneurial, we enjoyed carrying flexibility, and we wanted to concentration on outcomes for my clients and be paid on performance. But, while all of this was true, we also harbored some doubts about my possess ability to lead and take my business to a subsequent level.

Fortunately, around that time, we assimilated a Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a nonprofit care group, and began pity my business hurdles and opportunities with associate CEOs. Sharing my personal doubts and fears—and anticipating others who could share their life lessons—opened my eyes to how most we could learn from those on a highway forward of me and enabled me to face my hurdles head-on. we eventually motionless to get out of my comfort section and try to grow my business.

I brought on a No. 2 and began to concentration on formulating a business we would wish to come to each day. My idea for Acceleration Partners was to find a improved way—no some-more business as usual. So, we committed early to severe supposed principals around hiring, compensation, remote work, and employees’ departures. we wanted my association to be about merit, performance, and shared values.

Six years later, Acceleration Partners has a full government team, and we have dismissed myself from each position that is not creation a best use of my time and energy. we have hired intelligent people, coached them, and gotten out of their way. Our annual revenues have surpassed $10 million—with no outward funding. Outside of my categorical business, we am a father of 3 and an author and orator on opening marketing, association culture, and business growth. we also recently published my initial book, Performance Partnerships, an in-depth demeanour during a associate selling attention (I’ll be essay about a churned repute of associate selling in a destiny post), and we am in a routine of completing my second book, due to be expelled subsequent year.

This has been probable since we took some good recommendation and spent a infancy of my time on association enlightenment and strategy. My group and we embraced and operationalized a low set of core values, combined a clear long-term vision, grown a world-class employing process, and implemented other operational systems that have authorised us to scale. We also motionless to try and change a approach people leave companies by a module we call Mindful Transition (more on this in a destiny post, too).

The Power of Influencer Marketing in Ecommerce

If we have an ecommerce business, we competence wish to cruise utilizing influencer marketing to boost code recognition and advocacy. In fact, experts trust that influencer selling is a subsequent large trend within a ecommerce marketing space.

Small Business Trends recently held adult with Katie Manley, Rhiona Sullivan and Courtney Sneed of Pepperjam during Influencer Marketing Days in New York City’s Times Square. Pepperjam is a opening selling group that provides resources and services for influencers and affiliates and a brands that work with them.

During a conversation, a group common some thoughts on influencer selling and how it privately relates to ecommerce businesses.

The Importance of Influencer Marketing in Ecommerce

Currently, influencers especially impact a shopping routine early on, customarily during a find or code recognition partial of a sales cycle. But even yet influencers competence not be indeed shutting tons of sales, formulating that recognition and building code advocates can be a outrageous partial of a selling routine for ecommerce businesses.

Manley pronounced of influencer marketing, “It’s critical since it is a outrageous square of your ecommerce. It’s a unequivocally good approach to build code equity and code advocacy.”

Since that’s all partial of a commencement of a shopping cycle, measuring formula of influencer campaigns for ecommerce has been some-more formidable than other strategies like associate marketing.

But that all could shortly change. The group during Pepperjam is operative on a new tech charity that could make it easier for influencers and brands to magnitude formula even when operative with influencers that have some-more of an impact early in a shopping process. Even yet measuring a impact of affiliates has traditionally been a lot easier, Pepperjam believes that a newer judgment of influencer selling is staid to have a vital impact on ecommerce businesses going forward.

Manley said, “That is going to be a honeyed mark relocating brazen for ecommerce.”

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Why Develop a Partnership with Your AM? – By Ken Weiss

It’s no tip that associate offered can be a waste business, generally if you’re only removing started. You can spend hours alone in your home office, operative during a kitchen table, or other place knocking out product reviews and articles for your blog. FeedFront emanate 40 cover

Many new affiliates, and even those perplexing for a prolonged time to finally make their initial dollar online, forget to strech out to their many critical resource. An associate manager is not only there to attract and approve accounts. They are there to assistance we turn successful.

Don’t Let It Be Nameless

You pointer adult with associate networks, and mostly accept indistinguishable e-mails congratulating we that you’ve been approved.  Now what?  What are a best offers to promote?

I’ve schooled over my scarcely 7 years in associate offered that one of a ways to assistance flog start your new career, or assistance we get ahead, is to rise a partnership with your associate managers.

Go to Affiliate Summit

Your associate manager mostly comes to Affiliate Summit, and this is a good approach to accommodate them in chairman to go over what is and isn’t working, find new AMs, and partner with other affiliates.

Reach Out Often

Reach out to your associate manager often.  They customarily have been where we are, and can advise a best behaving programs and products for your blog or demographic. They are your partner to assistance we turn successful, given their success is tied to yours.

Benefits of Developing Relationships

I strech out to my associate managers on a unchanging basement to find out what new and disdainful offers they have, infrequently to see if they can strike adult my elect on a product if we am offered a lot, or another network has a same product during a aloft elect rate.

We might also only spend 5 or 10 mins carrying a review over Skype anticipating out how a weekend was. This turns your faceless AM into a genuine person, and a chairman who has your best seductiveness during heart.

Not too prolonged ago, we was holding my daughter to San Diego for summer stay and called one of my associate managers a few weeks in allege to let them know we would be in a area. We met face-to-face for coffee and talked about business, how things were going, and what we indispensable from her to boost trade and sales.

I also met a group that supports her, that put a face to support emails we mostly get from them, and many importantly we built a partnership that advantages both of us.


Affiliate offered might during times seem like a waste business of indistinguishable people entrance to your blog or commendatory your accounts, but, it is unequivocally a partnership between we and your associate managers.

And to be successful in this business we need to rise a partnership with your associate managers.



Ken Weiss is associate marketer who blogs about men’s health, cooking and associate marketing.

This essay seemed in emanate 40 of FeedFront Magazine, that was published in Oct 2017.


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RJK Ventures LLC Launches an Affiliate Program

Oct. 31, 2017 / PRZen / ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — RJK Ventures LLC announced currently a Affiliate Program designed to assistance eager business monetize their recommendations.  If we are looking to build a firearms associated site, monetize your existent site or take your associate revenues to a subsequent level, we can assistance take we there.

Established in 2011, RJK Ventures LLC designs and make products for collectors, enthusiasts and dealers of firearms in a USA.  We offer a firearms village with mixed brands including Armory Racks®, MAG|Coupler™ and Armory Tool™ product lines.

Affiliate Program participants can conduct campaigns, guard comment standing and lane debate success regulating a energetic dashboard. Further, they can entrance a library of selling collection to share Armory Racks, MAG|Coupler and Armory Tool products with their audience. Resources embody promotional banners with tracking codes that can be combined to blogs, web sites and amicable networks. Together we can assistance we build traffic, boost acclimatisation and make some-more money.

Program highlights:
– Signing-up is totally FREE
– Get paid on all RJK Ventures brands
– High elect rate on each sale
– Multiple day cookie
– SEO Friendly
– Banners, early recognition to promotions and more

To learn some-more about a RJK Ventures LLC Affiliate Program and to pointer up, visit:

Connect with us on Social Media
– Instagram:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:
– Pinterest:
– Online Store:

About RJK Ventures LLC

Established in 2011, RJK Ventures LLC is a engineer and manufacturer portion a firearms village with a Armory Racks, MAG|Coupler and Armory Tool product lines.
© 2017 RJK Ventures LLC. All Rights Reserved


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Source: RJK Ventures LLC

One hundred-plus judges comparison for 2018 iGB Affiliate Awards

The 2018 iGB Affiliate Awards promises to be a best nonetheless with iGB Affilliate, a horde of a awards, carrying recently suggested a choice of eccentric judges for a ceremony. The rarely expected eventuality takes place in Feb during a London Affiliate Conference 2018.

The event, that is giveaway to attend for all discussion delegates, welcomes a industry’s heading minds in jubilee of a really best in a igaming world.

The Feb rite in London will underline a record series of 100-plus eccentric judges from all over a attention who have been comparison to assist in a routine of squeezing down a winners opposite 24 several awards.

‘Tenacity’ is a thesis of a iGB Affiliate Awards in Feb and iGB Affiliate has been seeking those people who have in annoy of a odds, succeeded, embracing tough work and have been dynamic and devoted day in and day out, and who continue to make a certain impact on a igaming industry.

Alex Pratt, iGaming Business’ Managing Director, said: “It’s humbling to see a awards flourishing each year and being means to have over 100 eccentric judges creates it a many pure and satisfactory awards in a industry.

“The volume of judging seductiveness we’ve had is illusory and it’s entrance from all corners of a igaming world, proof that a tough work is profitable dividends. We usually can’t wait for a rite to get underneath approach subsequent year.”

Some of a judges comparison for a 2018 iGB Affiliate Awards embody Alex Carr, Affiliate Program Manager for Pinnacle; Alina Muresan, Head of Branding for Fable Affiliates; James Hardwick, Solution Consultant | Industry Specialist Gaming during Oracle and many some-more of a industry’s best.

iGB Affiliate organizes a LAC, AAC and BAC, a industry’s 3 biggest associate events. iGB Affiliate also organizes a Nordic Affiliate Conference. Its conferences are a usually place you’re means to network with a vast volume of affiliates during once. They yield a height for affiliates to benefit believe from a industry’s heading minds during dedicated discussion schedules and more.

For some-more information, greatfully visit: awards/igb-affiliate-awards

HOQU Eliminates Fraud in Affiliate Marketing

HOQU Eliminates Fraud in Affiliate Marketing

October 30, 2017 GMT |

The economy is changing, and companies all over a universe are quick expanding their tellurian overdo by holding advantage of a many present of selling techniques. One of these techniques, associate marketing, is a form of digital selling where marketers (affiliates) are rewarded formed on how effective their campaigns are. Affiliate selling is a cost-effective approach to do advertising, as it means that merchants usually have to compensate for a promotion that indeed leads to new business.

However, promotion is not an attention that is giveaway from fraud, and 2016 saw, according to a ANA, some-more than 7 billion dollars of rascal in a industry.  HOQU (pronounced Hoh-koo) is a decentralized selling height that aims to safeguard satisfactory associate selling deals, worldwide.  The HOQU organisation – a organisation of advertising, fintech, and tech consultant – has grown an ecosystem that will discharge rascal in associate marketing.

The HOQU ecosystem is built to be integrated into selling platforms all over a world.  The following advantages for merchants and affiliates will be accessible on your app around a soon-to-be grown API.

Anti-fraud for merchants:

Merchants who find associate selling on HOQU are stable from rascal on a series of opposite fronts. Potential associate marketers are finished accessible to merchants formed on a multi-tier complement of authentication and reputational rating, all cumulative by a blockchain.

Affiliates are divided into 3 tiers, formed on how many information they have supposing to infer their identity. The simple tier – tier one – is a default for all associate accounts that have simply registered. The top tier – tier 3 – will be reserved to all associate accounts that have followed a whole authentication procedure. Among a information that these users will yield will be a indicate of their pass or ID label and a application check or some other request proof their place of residence.

More entirely real affiliates are some-more reliable, and so will have entrance to a infancy of selling work available. Merchants can use filters on a user-interface to mention that they usually wish to use a services of high-tier affiliates.

Merchants can be certain that they are removing a many “bang for their buck” since a HOQU height is integrated with a many slicing corner of technologies for measuring KPIs. An instance of such a apparatus is MarketCall ( Using MarketCall, a businessman indicates how many they are peaceful to compensate per any call received, and MarketCall usually takes remuneration for competent calls from intensity clients.

These technologies altogether assure that eccentric affiliates can't “pad their numbers.” If a businessman feels like they are profitable for some-more promotion than they are indeed receiving, they can find fortitude from a third-party interest center, a partial of a HOQU ecosystem.

Of course, all exchange will be positively secure, since they will be finished regulating a HQx token, on a HOQU blockchain. All authentication information and reputational information will be cumulative on a blockchain, too. This means that if a fraudster associate tries to make a new comment on HOQU to find work, they will keep their old, low, rating.

Anti-fraud for affiliates:

The facilities that strengthen HOQU merchants from rascal strengthen affiliates too. The same multi-tier complement is practical to merchants. A businessman that is entirely real will have a many easier time anticipating associate marketers that will work with them as they will be viewed to be some-more reliable.

Additionally, affiliates can see a reputational ratings of merchants before going into business with them. They can know if they competence have a problem per remuneration or any other emanate good before any work gets done.

Affiliate marketers will be benefitted by a fact that credit label fraud, or “shaving,” is unfit on a HOQU ecosystem. Affiliates will always get a payments they deserve, in HQx tokens, since a blockchain will safeguard it. If not, a interest core is accessible to them, as it is for a merchant.

Importantly, a associate can feel self positive in his anonymity. Affiliate hit information, after going by a authentication process, is taken on a height for anyone else to see. The usually information that merchants will have about them is what is accessible on their user profile.

The throng sale is coming

The digital selling attention is flourishing quick – by approximately 20% annually. Demand is already there for a approach to get absolved of rascal in this 335-billion-dollar industry. HOQU is a solution, and purchasing a HQx token is a good approach for we to get concerned with a project.

35,000,000 HQx tokens will be accessible during a pre-sale and 520,000,000 during a token sale.

The pre-sale starts Nov 13th and ends on Nov 20th.

Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 HQx

Minimum Purchase: 50 ETH

40% early bird bonus

The token sale starts Nov 27 and ends one month after on Dec 26.

Price: 1 HQx = 0,0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5000HQx

For some-more information about a project, revisit and download a excellently created white paper.

Disclaimer: The opinions voiced in this essay do not paint a views of Livebitcoinnews or any of a organisation members.  Livebitcoinnews is not obliged for a correctness of any of a information granted in Sponsored Stories/Press Releases such as this one.

Which Affiliate Marketing Model Fits Your Business?

Affiliate selling is a outrageous industry, with many programs and models.  One indication is to rest on promoters with a specialized imagination and an assembly that trusts their recommendations and advice.  Learn Camtasia, a training platform, is an instance of a specialized, niche promoter.

Affiliate selling is a outrageous industry, with many programs and models.  One indication is to rest on promoters with a specialized imagination and an assembly that trusts their recommendations and advice.  Learn Camtasia, a training platform, is an instance of a specialized, niche promoter.

If we attend a Affiliate Summit West discussion in Las Vegas subsequent January, we will be among 6,000 attendees from some-more than 70 countries. At some point, we competence ask yourself, “Who are these people?”

The answer is that they are all digital marketers, networking and anticipating new ways to grow in 2018. They will speak about aspects of associate selling we competence have never listened of.

At a finish of a day, you’ll know how vast this attention is and how many models of associate selling exist. It’s conferences like this that display we to opposite opinions and strategies that assistance we labour your business.

In this post, I’ll report a dual primary methods of compensating affiliates — cost per sale and cost per movement — and a communities that exist around each. I’ll also residence 3 critical associate segments: niche promoters, mega influencers, and Amazon Associates.

Cost Per Sale

My primary concentration for a final 12 years has been on a cost-per-sale side of a industry. That’s what we customarily write about here on Practical Ecommerce. The affiliates we work with are bloggers, influencers, reviewers, information feed users, couponers, and ubiquitous sites that arrange good in hunt engines with evergreen content.

Cost-per-sale merchants are tiny and vast online retailers with mixed channels during their disposal. Sometimes they have brick-and-mortar stores or catalogs that have been around for decades. They compensate affiliates a elect formed on a final sale of a product.

It’s adult to a affiliates to establish how they will monetize. Many of them will cranky over to opposite models and eventually settle on a many effective process for their audience, means, and talents. Some wish to make income immediately and others that would be happy with pacifist income any month.

Cost Per Action

The cost-per-action side of a attention — CPA — is quick relocating and rarely competitive. These are a hustlers, a risk-takers that will spend income to make money.

Industry maestro Ian Fernando talks about days when he would spend $8,000 on paid hunt ads to make $9,500. He had to stay on tip of a trends and analytics given an boost in a cost per click could meant a outrageous loss, in a matter of hours. The goal, during a finish of a day, was to have some-more good hours than bad.

Fernando has now changed to white tag products. He buys earthy products and finds affiliates with a right assembly to foster subscriptions or trials for them. He switched from a associate to a businessman side though stayed in a CPA niche. He lives abroad and runs tellurian campaigns, like many of his CPA colleagues.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs like Fernando and hundreds of networks and agencies that specialize in CPA associate marketing. These offers are typically prosaic price payouts for sales, leads, registrations, or installs.

Kris Trujillo, owners of CRM BlackBox, a selling agency, says a stream prohibited marketplace is sales and trials of cannabis products. These are not a standard products offering by cost-per-sale merchants, though they do meant quick income for affiliates with a right traffic.

Trujillo pronounced a cannabis affiliates are targeting comparison demographics in hunt of pain management. As prolonged as states continue to pierce brazen with legalization of marijuana, this prohibited marketplace will expected continue.

Other markets doing good embody dating, travel, and mobile gaming. Ten years ago, it was debt leads and ringtone downloads. Cost-per-action affiliates have to adjust to changing markets or they won’t have income.

Cost-per-action affiliates have to adjust to changing markets or they won’t have income.

Niche Promoters

Another subset of associate marketers specializes in compelling products for specific business niches. The best affiliates for these categories have built-in communities formed on their imagination in certain fields.

The CJ Affiliate by Conversant network has 120 niches in a business category, including web hosting, business loans, and domain registrations. ShareASale, a identical affiliate-marketing network, has 129 programs listed in a category. The right associate can broach clever recommendations to these products and services. Affiliates can significantly change consumer decisions.

Lon Naylor, of Learn Camtasia, is an instance of a successful niche affiliate. Learn Camtasia offers training and collection for that software. Naylor is a video selling coach. He pronounced he earns 43 percent of his income by associate marketing. His village recognizes him as an consultant and responds when he introduces them to new products. In some cases, when he refers business to monthly subscription services, he enjoys ongoing payouts any month for a life of that customer.

Affiliates like Naylor also use networks — such as JVZoo and ClickBank — that offer easy entrance to authors and business owners with ebooks, video guides, and training materials in thousands of opposite product categories. Consumers can learn how to name a digital camera or how to play a piano, as examples.

Mega Influencers

“Mega influencers” typically have specialized imagination and have relations with suspicion leaders, such as discussion speakers and best-selling authors. Mega influencers can have hundreds of thousands of followers, who pointer adult for some-more information by email newsletters.

These emails will infrequently residence offers from thought-leader friends, who collectively sell email lists on arise and compensate any other commissions formed on sales. Landing a understanding with one of these mega-influencer affiliates could be a game-changer, though there is never a guarantee.

Amazon Associates

The infancy of all affiliates concentration on a Amazon Associates program, launched in Jul 1996. Commissions are singular compared to other cost-per-sale programs, though given there are some-more than 60 million Prime members and they have entrance to millions of products, acclimatisation is customarily stronger.

Shoppers competence usually wish paper towels though finish adult spending most some-more while surfing Amazon. This advantages affiliates though they still have to investigate what works best for them: aloft elect percentages with a bit of work or reduce percentages with minimal effort.

There are still other models of associate marketing. Be wakeful of a opposite opportunities and artistic promotions when we cruise a options. Attend conferences and learn some-more about what affiliates can do for your code and what kinds of affiliates are a best fit.

eBay Partner Network Improves Affiliate Advertising Tools

Image: Adobe Stock

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The eBay Partner Network (EPN) is eBay’s associate selling module that enables blogs to foster eBay products on their sites.

eBay’s associate module has always lived a bit in a credentials with many sellers not even wakeful it existed.

There was a time when eBay actively promoted a thought for sellers to use eBay links to expostulate trade and offer a bonus on fees if a object sold, though that is prolonged gone.

With a eBay Partner Network, eBay went into a customary associate program, that served adult immobile banners or website owners could manually insert links for text.

Now, eBay has softened EPN with dual new facilities that will assistance website owners muster eBay associate links and banners a lot easier and faster.

Smart Links

Smart Links is a new underline that enables website owners to automatically modify each couple indicating to eBay to an associate link.

The underline generates a dash of JavaScript formula that is combined to a website. This JS formula will supplement a associate formula to each eBay couple in genuine time, thereby giving credit to a associate marketer for finished sales.

To learn some-more about Smart Links, click here.

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Smart Placements

The new Smart Placements underline is an intelligent ensign further that uses a same retargeting signals eBay uses in other selling channels.

When a caller enters a associate marketer’s website, eBay will offer adult a personalized ensign that takes into care a visitor’s browsing history.

You might have beheld as we crop a web, ads served adult by Google’s AdSense (and others) record keep reminding we of websites or products we might have visited in a new past.

This duty is scarcely matching to AdSense solely tweaked for eBay use. It works generally good for visitors that might have visited eBay recently.

Also, website owners have a choice to adjust a Smart Placements banners to arrangement products that are some-more in line with their site’s editorial focus. This underline provides a lot of coherence to site owners so they can collect a process they would cite on their website.

To learn some-more about Smart Placements, click here.

More Promotions For Sellers

Improving a associate module is another step brazen by eBay to expostulate some-more traffic to a marketplace. While many sellers lamented reductions in discounts, a association is putting a additional income to good use.

What do we consider about what eBay has finished for pushing traffic? Do we consider a associate module ascent will grasp that idea as well? Let us know in a comments territory below.

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LiveLotto launches associate module with Income Access

LiveLotto launches associate module with Income Access

30 Oct 2017

(PRESS RELEASE) — LiveLotto, a U.K.-based iLottery user and auxiliary of Beda Leisure, has launched a new associate module with Income Access, Paysafe’s selling record and services provider. The module will be managed by Income Access’ associate government team, that will grow a module regulating a company’s associate height and a Income Access Network, iGaming’s longest-serving eccentric associate network.

LiveLotto, launched in 2015 and protected by a U.K. Gambling Commission, offers players a singular low stakes, quick-win lotto. An iLottery appealing to a digital era and millennials among other actor demographics, a brand’s categorical online lottery diversion runs live draws 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides players with a event to win adult to £25,000 from wagering usually 10p. Additional facilities embody in-play chat, amicable gaming and village kitty games.

The site also offers a apartment of heading present win games. These embody Pariplay-powered titles such as Cops and Robbers, Atari Asteroids, Mega Love, Cash Cuisine and Royal Charms. All instant-win titles and a categorical LiveLotto diversion are optimized for play on desktop, iOS and Android devices.

New LiveLotto players accept 10 giveaway entries when they deposition a smallest of £5 as good as giveaway entrance to a brand’s £5,000 kitty giveaway.

Following a formation of a LiveLotto associate module with Income Access’ platform, that has won eGR’s Affiliate Software B2B endowment 4 times given 2013, affiliates will be means to foster this heading iLottery brand. To accompany a module launch, all new affiliates will accept 50% income share for their initial 3 months of graduation and between 25% and 35% thereafter. There will be no disastrous carryover, and CPA deals are accessible on request.

Affiliates will also advantage from a program’s government by Income Access’ group of associate managers, who have mixed years’ knowledge flourishing iLottery programs. Through LiveLotto’s formation with a Income Access Network, a code will be connected to over 25,000 affiliates.

Benn Timbury, co-founder and CEO of LiveLotto, said, “When looking to launch a associate program, we listened to a associate village and many endorsed Income Access. It’s a height that they had already incorporated and trust. We’ve had success charity LiveLotto on inhabitant radio and opposite digital media and now wish to offer a singular product to affiliates.”

Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Income Access and Digital Wallets during Paysafe, said, “We’re vehement to launch a record and selling services partnership with a singular and innovative iLottery brand. LiveLotto already enjoys high code recognition in a U.K. market, and we demeanour brazen to stability to grow a actor bottom by a multiple of a selling platform, associate government and a associate network.”

For some-more information on a new associate program, greatfully hit LiveLotto.

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