The Best Accessories for Halloween and Beyond



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For some, Oct 31 couldn’t come shortly enough. For others, well, some would rather equivocate Halloween altogether—namely since of a highlight that comes with putting together a ideal costume. But maybe a best approach to skip a play this year is to cruise an garb that centers on some-more desirous accessories. Rather than resorting to tingling polyester or an ill-fitting span of angel wings, an expertly recognised appendage that is some-more subtly bewitching will go a stretch on Monday night, and, improved yet, beyond.

Take, for example, Gucci’s orange-and-navy festooned weave beanie. It maintains a ideal tone intrigue of a tumble season, and is distant reduction verbatim than a voluptuous pumpkin getup. If hats aren’t your thing, cruise Daniela Villegas Zochiquetzal’s 18-karat rose bullion ring for a interpretation of Beetlejuice. And if we unequivocally wish to be in step with a scary mood, what could be improved than slipping into a span of skull-embroidered boots by Stubbs Wootton as we hotfoot it from doorway to doorway in chic, and comfortable, fashion?


Family sues Amazon for $30M after hoverboard glow destroys home


0  Updated during 4:52 pm, Oct 30th, 2016 By: Heather Hourigan, CNN

We Matched

Tennessee (WSMV) — A Belle Meade family is suing Amazon for $30 million after their home burnt down in January.

The means was dynamic to be a hoverboard that held glow inside a home.

Two children were trapped inside during a glow and had to burst into their father’s arms from a second floor.

“He literally pacifist out of a window as shortly as there was a hole he could get through,” pronounced homeowner Brian Fox. “Dove during me, grabbed me in a bear hug. we grabbed him in a bear cuddle and we went drifting off a ladder from a second floor.”

The Fox family’s lawsuit claims Amazon was inattentive and unsuccessful to advise their business of a 9 fires caused by that sold board. They also contend a product was secretly represented on their website and did not enclose an strange Samsung modernized battery as advertised.

“We roughly mislaid dual of a children. Two of a children roughly died since of a Christmas gift, since of a fondle that we suspicion would move fun to a son, and it roughly took his life,” pronounced homeowner Megan Fox.

The family is suing Amazon and not a manufacturer of a hoverboard since after several attempts, a lawsuit claims Amazon unsuccessful to yield a scold information on where a house came from.

The lawsuit claims a house is from a tawdry association in China.

The Fox’s home was broken in a fire, though they were means to travel divided with usually teenager injuries.


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The 10 Best Beauty Instagrams of a Week: Rihanna, Olivia Wilde, and More



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This week’s best beauty Instagrams valid that noted looks are all in a details. Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin common a snap of Bella Hadid, a model’s complicated beauty choices evidencing her new successes: a glitter-coated cat-eye and unclothed lip, shortened fringe, and on-the-mark valuables converging, coloring her 2016’s ultimate It girl. Mary Charteris shouted out London’s The Braid Bar, her blonde lengths woven into a clearly unfit array of taut, snaking plaits. Constance Jablonski’s relaxing burble bath offering a ultimate together to Jasmine Tookes’s how-does-she-do-it aptness routine, that will prompt even a many gym-averse to amp adult their examination regimen. Karlie Kloss presented a witty representation of Harajuku-inspired beauty during her outing to Tokyo—her twin of blonde, quirky knots paring good with her light lager—as, elsewhere, a sisters of Say Lou Lou embraced a full-on 1970s cultured for an dusk of dress-up.

In a mini-me arena, Rihanna valid her bravery as a manicurist, portrayal a petite spike beds of a little customer a dark shade of lavender. And Olivia Wilde’s new-mom snap presented an au naturel take on motherhood: a bare, intense face; a confident smile; a breastfeeding babe; and a good hashtag, #neverunderestimatethepowerofawoman. Because when a makeup comes off and a hair is let down, a fundamental strength of a lady is what remains.



DreamFu Ventures, LLC Launches Nationwide Affiliate Program

Protect Pharmaceuticals Corporation (OTC: PRTT), a Nevada Corporation, Protect Pharmaceutical intends to Launch DreamFu Ventures, LLC national Affiliate Program.

DreamFu Ventures, LLC is rising a Affiliate Program and is tying appearance of Affiliates in a initial launch to 300 Founding Affiliates. Participation is singular formed on embankment and territory. DreamFu uses a multiple of it’s network of mentors and investors to countenance start-up ideas and their height to combine and maintain those ideas into genuine businesses to offer investment opportunities to accredited investors that are vetted and risk mitigated.

Interested Affiliates, Mentors, Investors, or Members can request during

This is not an offer to squeeze or to sell bonds and is competent by a information supposing on a website. Una Taylor, PRTT’s President shared, “We’re really vehement to announce a launch of a DreamFu Affiliate Program. The start-up landscape is changing fast and it’s apropos some-more rival than ever. We’re carefree that a network will yield an corner to Dreamers, Investors and Affiliates. This module is a initial of many programs to come in a destiny that will yield profitable knowledge, resources, mentorship and training to a subsequent era of entrepreneurs.”

About DreamFu: DreamFu Ventures LLC intends to emanate an whole ecosystem whose goal is to renovate a startup entrepreneurial landscape to be inclusive, diversified and successful! We intend to emanate a gamified, online height that encompasses a whole startup journey, permitting us to work with entrepreneurs during any theatre – from ideation and removing started to appropriation successful exits. DreamFu Ventures LLC is now operated by associated parties, privately Una Taylor. We intend to emanate a network of mentors and angels investors to assistance figure ideas, grow entrepreneurs, and deposit in startup companies from a belligerent up. DreamFu Ventures is a dream trainer, builder and financier – a start to finish ecosystem accessible to all startup entrepreneurs.

Forward Looking Statements: This press recover contains “forward-looking statements” within a definition of Section 21E of a Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Except for chronological matters contained herein, statements done in this press recover are forward-looking statements. Without tying a generality of a foregoing, difference such as “may,” “will,” “to,” “plan,” “expect,” “believe,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “could,” “would,” “estimate,” or “continue,” or a disastrous other variations thereof or allied vernacular are dictated to brand forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements engage famous and opposite risk, uncertainties and other factors that might means a tangible results, opening or achievements to be materially opposite from any destiny results, opening or achievements voiced or pragmatic by a forward-looking statements. Also forward-looking statements paint a management’s beliefs and assumptions usually as of a date hereof. Additional information per a factors that might means tangible formula to differ materially from these forward-looking statements is accessible in a Company’s filings with a SEC including a Current Reports on Form 8-K and a Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and Annual Reports on Form 10-K. Except as compulsory by law, we assume no requirement to refurbish these forward-looking statements publicly, or to refurbish a reasons tangible formula could differ materially from those expected in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes accessible in a future.

First dinosaur mind hoary found


0  Updated during 2:19 pm, Oct 29th, 2016 By: Karla Pequenino, CNN

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(CNN) — A small over 130 million years ago, a plant-eating dinosaur was roaming a present-day area of Sussex, England, when — trapped by a muds of a thick engulf — it fell behind to his genocide and was forgotten.

Until today.

Its mind — roughly discharged as another glossy brownish-red pebble along a British seashore — has only been strictly identified as a initial recorded dinosaur mind in history.

Dr. David Norman, a British palaeontologist from a University of Cambridge’s Department of Earth, is partial of a group of general researchers who analyzed a hoary found in 2004 by pledge hoary hunter Jamie Hiscocks in Surrey, England.

For Norman, perplexing to know how a dinosaur, famous to scholarship as Bexhill iguanodontian, died was pivotal to bargain how a mind was preserved.

“Of course, dinosaurs have brains. But this find is amazing, in itself,because of a monument of preserving soft-tissue in turf animals since they spoil so quickly,” he told CNN.

“In a approach it is like recreating a debate scene. How could a mind have been preserved? You have a passed child and we have to explain how it got there,” he said.

The researcher believes a fossil, that shows similarities to a smarts of present-day crocodiles and birds, was recorded due to a dinosaur failing in a swamp-like sourroundings that churned low levels of oxygen — famous to delayed spoil — and astringency that can safety soothing hankie for prolonged periods.

The distance of a brain

While a fossilized mind fits in a sealed hand, a distance is also lifting courtesy as it is deliberate vast for a herbivorous dinosaur that it belongs to.

The distance many expected comes from a approach a class died.

“The hoary we have roughly seems as it belonged to a mammal. However we have to remember that when a mind collapsed — as a dinosaur died — and a membranes were expected squashed, underneath gravity, that has led to a denser volume,” Norman said.

The glossy structures

Norman still remembers being vehement when his late co-researcher, Professor Martin Brasier of a University of Oxford, initial showed him a hoary in 2006.

“It was Martin, who initial beheld a fossil’s glossy surface. When we saw it, and we beheld a aspect also showed wrinkles in a fabric identical to membranes, we got excited. We both did. Proving a hoary was from a dinosaur’s mind was a long, though rewarding, process,” he said.

According to a palaeontologist, it is easy to boot glossy membranes in fossils as element that needs to be spotless out.

“But now researchers can go behind and demeanour during other fossils and compensate closer courtesy to any glossy features. While these competence routinely be discharged as dirt, and something to remove, they competence be recorded soothing tissue.”


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This Fall, You Need a Pair of Fishnets



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Erika Bowes
Erika Bowes

Erika Bowes
Erika Bowes

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

Steven Alan cashmere beanie in soothing rose, $98,; Isabel Marant Filipa oversize nap and cashmere-blend coat, $1,580,; Vans Authentic Lo Pro shoes, $50,; Steve J Yoni P unsettled mid-rise straight-leg jeans, $295,; Topshop fishnet ankle socks, $8,

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Sahara Ray
Sahara Ray

Sahara Ray
Sahara Ray

Sonia Rykiel lead striped knitted top, $460,; Zara leather studio jacket, $320,; Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low-tops, $35,; HM fishnet tights, $10,; Re/Done The Short shorts, $265,

See some-more photos of:

Tina M
Tina M

Tina M
Tina M

Jesse Jo Stark
Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark
Jesse Jo Stark

Unlike a buttoned-up politesse of bare pantyhose or a gamine tact of ambiguous tights, fishnets and their brash, gridded coming stimulate a look-at-me effect. And attention-getting is really most a name of a game: Fishnets were on a Fall 2016 runways in varying versions, holding on a classical demeanour during Max Mara, shin-length during Antonio Marras, or in flesh-revealing mode, with stretched solid patterns during Jeremy Scott.

Fishnets also done a cameo on a travel character circuit, operative as a middle to take a preciousness out of a baby pinkish trip dress or amping adult a gothic, corset-bound frock. Want to move a intrepid trend into your possess closet? Slip on a span to supplement some corner to a denim miniskirt, or opt for an ankle-length character to dress adult a customary sneaker. Feeling quite bold? Throw them on with a span of shorts for some additional punkish oomph.

Here, a best ways to wear fishnets this fall.


5 Korean Models Reveal a Best Sheet Masks for Perfect, Poreless Skin



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“I like this mugwort facade from Aritaum. It’s super moisturizing and never, ever causes breakouts or gives my skin trouble.”

Aritaum Fresh Power Essential Mask Mugwort and Tea Tree, $14 for 10

See some-more photos of:

“Klavuu’s enriched pearl serum facade is unequivocally cheap, though so good for brightening my skin.”

Klavuu White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Serum Mask, $7

See some-more photos of:

“The Laneige Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask. It reduces redness and a balmy jelly lends that wet chok chok peculiarity to your skin to ease your whole complexion.”

Laneige Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask
For information:

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“There’s a code called 23 Years Old that we like. Their pore facade is many softer and gentler on a nose than other identical products.”

23 Years Old Air-Laynic Pore Mask Pack, $55

See some-more photos of:

“It’s Skin Prestige d’Escargot Mask is my go-to. It’s really moisturizing and a effects final a prolonged time. we use one each dual to 3 days.”

It’s Skin Prestige d’Escargot Mask, $16 for 5

See some-more photos of:

The Korean models who order Seoul Fashion Week share one unaccompanied trait—a perfect, poreless complexion, looked after with eremite friendship and a full lineup of next-level K-beauty products. Though there are large tricks and collection of a trade to dive into, a hydrating piece facade is a nonnegotiable partial of a routine, thrown on as mostly as probable to hydrate and brighten. Here, 5 of Seoul’s many sought-after faces plead their go-to packs, and, from an enriched pearl serum to balmy jelly pads, they’re value darting off to a nearest K-beauty mart for stat.



Unibet: Why we are an endowment winning associate module – Gambling Insider – In

One of a fiercest rival categories in this year’s Global Gaming Awards was a Best Digital Acquisition category, that pitted a best associate programs and affiliates in a attention opposite any other to establish who had achieved a best 2016 in a eyes of a row of 60 executives from a gaming industry’s biggest and many successful companies.

When a voting had concluded, and a judges’ outlines counted, it was Unibet that was crowned a winner, a outrageous fulfilment in entrance out on tip brazen of all of a other biggest and brightest operators and affiliates in digital gaming.

Gambling Insider sat down with Ryan Henderson, Head of Affiliates during Unibet, to find out what done a judges give Unibet a curtsy over a competitors.

How did we get concerned in a associate industry?

Way, proceed behind in 2004 we interviewed for an associate selling purpose with Pinnacle. The thought of stealing concerned in such a fun industry, focused on sports, poker and casino and operative utterly online, matched my career aspirations perfectly. we was propitious adequate to get a purpose and was really fast in during a low end; traffic with affiliates pushing outrageous volumes (this was behind in a heady days of a US marketplace being a aim for affiliates). The attention was accurately what we had hoped it would be, so I’ve been concerned in a attention ever since. I’m happy to contend that 12 years on, we still work closely with some of those original, non- US, partners. Being a tiny partial of a growth of their businesses is one of a genuine pleasures of a job.

What does your purpose engage on a day-to-day basis?

No day is a same, that is one of a things we adore so most about a associate business. Generally though, my morning starts with handling a overnight communications from affiliates and associate managers formed in non-UK time zones. I’ll afterwards examination a prior day’s numbers and take any follow-up movement compulsory with a associate organisation Leads or inner nation associate managers. I’ll have lunch during my desk, operative on any emails that have come in during a morning. we try and haven my afternoons for inner and outmost meetings (so we have time to max out on caffeine beforehand) and for devise work. As partial of a vast organisation, there are many ongoing projects that need my time and input. As conduct of affiliates, we try and engage myself in as many conversations with affiliates and affiliates managers as possible. That support takes adult a rest of my day, afterwards it’s off home to spend time with my mother and baby son – a good proceed to transparent your conduct after a hectic, though productive, day in a office.

How does Unibet Affiliates try to compute itself in a associate market?

I’ve worked for utterly a few gaming brands in my 12 years in a industry. The organisation I’m propitious adequate to lead now are hugely veteran and take good honour in a bespoke assistance we yield a partners. With over 11,000 affiliates, that assistance is time immoderate and mostly challenging. However, we resolutely trust that each partner is singular and eventually both sides advantage from this approach, that is since we dedicate ourselves to creation certain affiliates are treated on an particular basis. This has really paid dividends.

In your opinion, what is a pivotal to progressing a clever attribute between associate programs and affiliates?

It’s mostly quoted when associate managers are asked this questions though it is always a same answer since it is a truth: Communication. Reflecting this, we’ve usually launched a new website (www. that allows a partners to allow to news articles that are applicable to them, as good as gripping them sensitive by weekly and monthly emails. Our Facebook organisation is also full of applicable updates, including announcements of association news that we consider Affiliates will conclude and that also provides some-more piece behind a opening numbers of a Unibet Group.

Which new trends do we consider will have a biggest impact for affiliates in 2017?

Can we still contend mobile?! we was operative for a mobile poker and casino code in 2007 and during a time a word “year of a mobile” was on everyone’s lips. With a launch that year of smartphones, followed by tablets and other internet connected devices, a “year of a mobile” has positively come and gone. We’re now pushing over half of organisation revenues from mobile inclination and, while we consider it’s a small beforehand to announce a desktop/laptop dead, a change to mobile is usually relocating in one direction.

For a European partners, chartering is an augmenting challenge. Not usually is a cost component impacting on actor net revenue, though in Romania, we’ve recently been assisting Affiliates obtain a required Affiliate permit to work there. A routine that wasn’t on anyone’s radar as recently as dual years ago.

I’m also going to chuck Virtual Reality (VR) into a brew here. Although still developing, a new activity around protracted existence (Pokemon Go) and a augmenting concentration on VR from pivotal record companies means we will for certain see this apropos some-more than a niche product in 2017.

How are we looking to rise what Unibet Affiliates offers affiliates in 2017?

We never mount still. As a association we’re propitious adequate to have some awfully splendid and innovative people operative for us. We have grand skeleton for subsequent year though as for details? Well that would be telling…

Are there geographical markets that we will be targeting in 2017?

Despite a hurdles (see my prior comments), we’re looking brazen to operative closely with European regulators and governments to open adult additional markets in 2017, and beyond.

How most support does Unibet offer a affiliates?

Comprising a executive organisation of 5 associate manager specialists, 12 associate managers providing localised support in a core markets and a serve 6 dedicated managers in a Emerging Markets, a associate support epitomises a company’s values of “friendly ardent experts” who “delight by relevance”.

Recognising that some partners need some-more support than others, as partial of a organisation above we have recently hired a pivotal accounts manager. Working outward a rest of a organisation structure, her purpose is to know pivotal partners as if she was operative for them herself. In this proceed we’re means to be proactive, design their needs and build on already good performance.

What is your opinion to associate segmentation? Do we proceed all affiliates with a identical devise or is it some-more tailored?

No business can use a one-size-fits-all approach. Consider your possess habits when shopping online, we design a personalised use from any and all touchpoints via a process. The organisation frequently reviews accounts and they are managed accordingly.

What is your opinion to associate corporate responsibility? Do we consider affiliates should be reason to a same standards as operators?

While we determine that affiliates should work responsibly, it’s not picturesque to design them to be means to work to a same CSR standards as operators. We reason distant some-more information about a players and have a raft of methodical processes here that assistance us tackle, for example, problem gaming patterns early on. As a outcome of a approach, we were recently awarded a “Socially Responsible Operator of a Year 2016” award.

If we could make one unconditional change to a associate industry, what would it be?

Magic wand time? I’d umpire all markets underneath a same taxation structure, opening adult a US and stealing unlawful operators. At a cadence operators and affiliates would be means to know that their investment of time and income would be rewarded. Operators would all be fighting sincerely for a share of wallet, players would be transparent about a reserve of their supports and a series of Affiliate programs that cocktail up, offer 50%+ rev share and afterwards tighten down would be minimised.

Look to Thanksgiving cooking for holiday selling trends

holiday-retailer2016-mobile2-ss-1920There’s zero utterly like a holidays: home-cooked feasts, colorful foliage, present giving, and many importantly, visiting with friends and family we haven’t seen in a while.

In meditative about a upcoming holiday season, we suspicion it would be enchanting to emanate patron profiles for any family member and simulate on how affiliate marketers competence be means to get their courtesy during a biggest gift-giving deteriorate of a year.

No matter how different your family is, there’s always a deal, trend or offer to fit them. This selling deteriorate is a ideal time for advertisers and publishers to strech a whole family.

Everyone during a cooking table

I’d be hard-pressed to find someone during your Thanksgiving jubilee who doesn’t possess a mobile phone. The mobile phone takes on a whole new purpose during a holiday season; for some people, it becomes their No. 1 selling buddy.

Based on our Rakuten Affiliate Network data, mobile sales grew 59 percent year over year from 2014 to 2015 and generated 40.5 percent of holiday trade final year. More and some-more advertisers and publishers are creation their sites mobile-friendly, that will impact a 2016 holiday selling deteriorate by increasing sales.

The post-Thanksgiving cooking shopper

Last year, several of my family members done a beeline for their laptops after dessert was served. In 2015, it was transparent that Thanksgiving was the day to shop: According to a network’s data, orders increasing by over 30 percent and sales by over 55 percent compared with prior years.

These increases surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2015. Additionally, Thanksgiving Day shoppers spent some-more income per order, compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with a normal sequence value entrance in during over $155.

Deal-hunting aunt

She’s been doing her task for weeks to get a best deals. Not usually does she have her in-store circulars in hand, though she’s also been organizing emails and checking all of a faithfulness sites to see that ones are charity a best deals and money back.

It’s critical to have a participation on these sites as shoppers continue to make pivotal decisions on where to emporium formed on rewards in a forms of points, money behind or destiny rebates, all of that can severely change where a consumer creates a purchase.

For advertisers and publishers, be certain to foster those offers early in a week so vital shoppers will remember where they saw their favorite understanding first.

Fashion-forward cousin

You always keep your fingers crossed that we collect out your cousin’s present from a holiday squeeze bag, since we know she’s wrapped adult a hottest object of a season. She knows what’s smart since she’s constantly scouring her favorite conform and beauty blogs. Brands don’t wish to skip an event to get in front of this shopper.

In credentials for a holidays, variegate your partnerships with publishers to strech a wider assembly of consumers. Engage with bloggers and influencers and demeanour for opportunities to forge new relationships. These publishers are a good car for communicating a singular facilities and functions of your product by enchanting long-form content.

Additionally, Pinterest, a favorite height used for cold present ideas and singular presents, can assistance check everybody off your holiday selling list. Pinterest reports that two-thirds of pinners contend a height will change holiday purchases, and these shoppers intend to spend dual times some-more than a ubiquitous public. Make certain that your associate network has strong collection for publishers that can fast and simply concede them to underline your products and associate links on Pinterest.

Lastly, find out pivotal spokespeople we can rivet with for paid chain opportunities. Paid placements align your code with influencers who will authentically suggest your products to your aim audience.

‘I’m finished with my holiday shopping’ in-law

Every family has during slightest one relations who starts selling as shortly as there’s a spirit of chill in a air. If we don’t get your offers out early, we could skip an whole audience.

In 2015, roughly half of internet users began holiday selling before Thanksgiving (one to dual months before). These shoppers are fervent to equivocate a rush and get a best deals from cyber weekend.

In a new talk we conducted with RetailMeNot (disclosure: publisher partner), when asked if there was too early of a time to start compelling holiday deals, Vice President of Operations Kim Read noted, “There unequivocally is no ‘too early,’ though advertisers need to be strategic.” Read emphasized that a concentration should be on a peculiarity of a deal.

Last-minute shipping and shopper cousin

Everyone is informed with a cousin who hates a holiday selling crowds and dreads a mall. He’s always on a surveillance for giveaway shipping, and his favorite day of this year will be Dec 16, Free Shipping Day.

Last year, Rakuten Affiliate Network saw orders boost by over 32 percent and sales arise over 24 percent on Free Shipping Day. Smartphones and tablets contributed to 23 percent of sales.

If your code is participating in Free Shipping Day, use your associate network to get a word out to your customers. And after Dec 16, “browse online and boat to store” becomes a elite process of holiday selling and a salvation for those last-minute shoppers. Providing updated messaging to your associate partners can assistance promulgate these conveniences to consumers.


Unfortunately, my recommendations can’t assistance with Uncle Bob’s bad jokes or Great Grandma Beth’s impertinence pinching, though we can use them to improved a opening of your associate selling strategy. Don’t be fearful to rest on your associate network for assistance with messaging and placement of special offers.

Most importantly, amid all a madness, take a time to suffer a holidays with your family and friends. It’s during these times that some of a best memories (and sales) are made.

Some opinions voiced in this essay might be those of a guest author and not indispensably Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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