2016 Resolutions For Affiliate Advertisers: 5 Steps To A Successful Year Ahead


With 2015 usually about in a rearview mirror, it’s time to demeanour down a open highway that is 2016. Affiliate marketing, with a roots in local content, continues to be a proven process to strech consumers and expostulate sales.

Affiliate advertisers looking during ways to be many successful in 2016 should establish skeleton now. To get that started, here are 5 winning resolutions to urge your influencer network over magnitude in a new year.

Reassess Your Publisher Mix With An Open Mind

Before looking ahead, it’s critical to demeanour back to inspect what worked best in 2015 to code top-performing publishers and learn new insights about assembly reach. Ask your partners what new techniques they have started to use to expostulate trade to their site. 

You competence be astounded to learn something new, and that information could hint ideas for 2016 strategies.

Today’s complicated shopper looks for a best deal, be it from a mobile app, in-store or on a banking site. We know from a possess information that Q4 is always a vast leader for banking and faithfulness sites, so be certain not to bonus banking sites when reviewing opening — joke intended!

Once we have built a list of top-performing publishers, promulgate with them. Start by promulgation a elementary “thank you” for a good year to emanate an event to report time to strategize.

Evaluate information alongside publishers to know what worked good to get a deeper bargain of what promotions and calm forms are best matched for their site and beam a 2016 plan we can both advantage from. They’ll conclude a investment, and it will strengthen your existent relationship.

As a channel grows, it will expostulate augmenting creation in publisher models. Always be meditative of how to make them work for you!

Review Performance Across All Marketing Channels

Marketers no longer have a oppulance of handling in a silo — a consumer dictates this by an augmenting series of interactions along a trail to conversion.

A recent Forrester study found that one of a tip 5 patron merger channels is associate marketing. The latest detrimental collection can infer a value of an associate module and supplement viewpoint into opening via a consumer journey.

Through attribution tracking, we can conduct a debate that delivers on specific objectives, know how it works alongside other channels and make some-more sensitive decisions formed on what is (or isn’t) operative best — with information to behind we up!

Ask Yourself And Your Network The Tough Questions

A network needs to continue to compute and allege as a attention grows. A few indicators that your network is focused on this are scale, record investments, innovation, increased/strong accessibility of partners, and correspondence rigor.

Compliance strictness is many mostly tangible as identifying fraud. As rascal continues to be a hot-button emanate in online marketing, it is essential that an associate network has checkpoints in place to safeguard it’s scrupulously compensated for trade conversion.

Rigorous correspondence practices are indispensable to strengthen affiliates and advertisers. This competence embody an in-depth examination of publishers, program tests of plugins and apps, and daily tracking of reports to code intensity fraud. Education around rascal and how to guard for it is a good value-add, too.

Most important, cruise a peculiarity of brands in your network and a halo outcome we advantage from being in their neighborhood. A pivotal advantage of being a partial of a vast network is that we suffer a advantage of other advertisers anticipating rascal or correspondence issues, and that information scaling opposite a network advantages you.

Advancements are mostly enclosed in a network’s product highway map. Be certain to ask your network what’s to come in 2016 and take advantage of beta testing, patron feedback requests, and ask your comment manager what we can design to see going forward.

Renew Your Focus On The Consumer

With reviews, comparison sites and amicable pity accessible during a click of a mouse, it’s some-more critical than ever for a code to build consumers’ trust, and doing so creates it easier for partners to expostulate sales and revenue.

In turn, we should work with affiliates who are authentic and seductiveness to your brand’s consumer base. It is useful to work with partners who foster what they adore and have a constant bottom of followers.

You know who your consumers are. As a brand, we have abounding amounts of information from your CRM (customer attribute management) system, associate network, and from each other digital provider.

Make a information work for you: Use it to code partners that your assembly identifies with, surprise applicable offers, and boost acclimatisation rates. Work palm in palm with your network group to find new placement that speaks authentically to your aim consumer.

Plan For Success

The indicate of each fortitude is to grasp a idea and find success. In 2016, what will success demeanour like for your brand? Where does associate selling fit in?

A plain clarification will assistance keep we on lane all year prolonged and offer as a customary for comparison over a years.

The associate channel is singular since of a village it creates among advertisers and publishers. In 2016, consider about how you’ll rise your participation within a village some-more — as a veteran and as a code we represent. 

Do we get together with other advertisers in your area to share ideas about what’s working? Do we attend network events and attention events? Ask yourself how we can pull a pouch of your possess network and your training bend this year to minister some-more to a associate community.

The associate selling channel will usually continue to grow. A recent essay shares a drivers of associate expansion to include: advertiser seductiveness in strange local content, leveraging amicable influence, formulating jointly profitable partnerships, and bargain information to get a 360-degree perspective of an whole campaign. 

Connecting with a associate village will safeguard we are always on tip of trends and a latest news.


The new year brings new beginnings. Start off on a right feet by building a plain substructure for your associate selling plan in 2016 — and beyond!

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