Leading Retailer of High-Quality Knives Launches Affiliate Program with …

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    ORLANDO, FL, Sep 30, 2015 /satPRnews.com/ — KnifeArt.com is coming roughly 20 years of providing a excellent preference of brand-name knives online. Items are curated, away comparison and shade for high-quality, so business can pledge that they will usually find a creme de la creme of knives in a extensive preference during KnifeArt.com. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, KnifeArt.com prides itself on patron use that is prompt, believe With a extensive selection, from bland lift to a collector’s items, KnifeArt.com is a one-stop end for a needs of collectors, connoisseurs, gift-givers, and infrequent users.

“Everyday lift high-end slot knives is a vast area of seductiveness for group that suffer a excellent tool, a outdoors, presence or only being prepared for normal tasks,” Larry Connelley, KnifeArt.com. “Our site specializes in curated American-made knives, pens, income clips and other accessories. KnifeArt.com is a singular top-shelf site and we wish operative with affiliates will be jointly beneficial.”

Through a new partnership of AffiliateManager.com and KnifeArt.com, a KnifeArt.com associate module rewards affiliates for their performance-based promotional achievements and gives affiliates a event to beget income with their campaign.

Live on a AvantLink as good as their possess in-house network, a KnifeArt.com associate module offers:

“Affiliates for high-end knives face a common problem, that a merchants mostly don’t have a specialty models in stock,” pronounced Matt Larson, Account Manager during AffiliateManager.com “We’re vehement to be operative with KnifeArt, given they lift a comprehensive top in-stock register of a hottest opening knives in a industry. Their group has been a constant Provider for blade aficionados given 1998, so their sales duplicate reflects this low bargain of a customer’s needs. With top-shelf peculiarity and a tellurian reach, KnifeArt will be a certain leader in any associate partner’s portfolio of promotions.”

About KnifeArt.com

Online given 1998, KnifeArt.com is a Internet‘s excellent blade destination. All of a brands and markers in batch are “best of a best” in a blade industry. KnifeArt.com is formed in Little Rock, Arkansas — a heartland of blade country. The birthright of Arkansas excellent knives continues to this day and is now online in this new century during KnifeArt.com.

About AffiliateManager.com

Piloted by Affiliate Summit’s 2013 Affiliate Manager of a Year, Jon Nunez, AffiliateManager.com brings insubordinate record and forlorn use to expostulate associate programs by all phases of management, including recruitment, activation and optimization.

For additional information about a KnifeArt.com and AffiliateManager.com associate module collaboration, greatfully contact:

Jon Nunez | President | AffiliateManager.com
P. (682) 478-5882 | F. (407) 650-2820 | E. Jon@AffiliateManager.com

How can Bloggers Successfully Take on Affiliate Marketing?

Blogs are now large business. Retailers are increasingly branch to bloggers to act as code ambassadors by peculiarity calm and personal recommendations. Consequently, blogs yield a ideal place for brands to foster applicable products and services though compromising a firmness of a content. However, while millions of bloggers actively tell reviews each day, usually a fragment of them are creation a large bucks. 

The easiest approach to build successful code relations and monetise your blog is to pointer adult to an associate network. Free to join, networks capacitate brands and bloggers to build successful partnerships that enrich both parties’ personalities.

These partnerships supplement value to both a brands and bloggers concerned – brands frequently rivet with an assembly of intensity customers, and bloggers are means to monetise their site. Affiliate tracking is giveaway for bloggers to use, and is a good approach to guard how most rendezvous your posts accept alongside your possess analytics.

Here are 3 discerning stairs to reaching success by associate marketing:

1. Partner with applicable brands

It’s essential that a associate ads posted on your blog are applicable to your calm and taste. If we primarily blog about conform for example, hang to partnering with conform brands, as against to fondle and gaming retailers. To make it down even further, if your blog shouts “luxury shopper”, hang to compelling oppulance retailers rather than high travel brands. The some-more applicable a ads are to your content, a some-more expected visitors will click on them and make a sale.

Despite this, we don’t need to feel limited to hang too closely to your niche. Think about what other forms of products your assembly competence be meddlesome in. For example, if they are meddlesome in oppulance fashion, maybe they’ll wish to review about oppulance homeware and gifting too. When requesting to partner with a brand, ask yourself a question, “Does my site counterpart a brand’s image”?

2. Create calm that sells

Write your blog posts with associate selling in mind, while progressing a change between monetisation and user experience. Bloggers should embody tagged associate links to element your reviews, as against to heading them. Those who place product links all over their site with no justification will fast remove supporters and benefit a bad reputation, so make certain your links are applicable to a products being reviewed, and work to support a content, should a reader confirm to make a purchase. 

High finish conform brands like REISS select to partner with bloggers who discharge high quality, timely calm with applicable associate links. “We demeanour for bloggers who furnish enchanting posts on a unchanging basis, updating banners and calm links in a timely fashion, and injecting their possess personalities into a conform edits,” commented Stephanie Villegas-Ross, online selling manager, REISS.

3. Focus on peculiarity calm and commitment

Although some bloggers beget millions of hits, strech isn’t a usually approach bloggers can denote their value to retailers – peculiarity calm is key. 

Blogs are designed to simulate singular personas, so it’s critical that bloggers don’t concede their strange character when operative with a retailer. Finding a ideal change here is key. “We’re happy to fit around bloggers’ singular calm styles. Outfit posts, travel character and ‘ways to wear it’ posts perform quite good for REISS, though accumulation and credit are key,” mentioned Stephanie.

Furthermore, a blogger’s online footprint creates it easy for brands to code how committed a blogger is to a sold platform, and either they write unchanging posts. For a conform brand, bloggers who can showcase their garments in several ways, while compelling a code to a accumulation of subscribers, make glorious partners. Stephanie adds: “Bloggers can best constraint a REISS code by deliberation a core code truth – ‘design-led, modern, iconic’ – though we also wish to see how bloggers put their possess spin on the brand.” 

Working with a devoted associate network can assistance both parties to uncover a hundreds of matches they could make online and find a right ones to expostulate revenue.

Knomi App Uses iBeacons And Push To Drive Footfall To Fashion Boutiques

Spare a suspicion for high finish conform boutiques. The rarefied aura of status and payoff they spend so prolonged cultivating to reflect the reward brands they batch means they can’t use something as carelessly effective as discounts to lure customers in store. So how do they acquire new customers?

One options is imagination events and dinners to booze and sup destiny large spenders. But that’s not a inexpensive option, as we can imagine. Nor, necessarily, hugely effective.

It’s this costly patron merger problem for bricks-and-mortar high finish conform stores that Finland- and London-based conform find startup Knomi is targeting — charity an iOS app to assistance them find new buyers without denuding a delicately stoked brand value on that they depend.

Knomi’s system is currently live in London, where it has more than 70 high finish fashion retailers sealed adult to supply register to its app during this indicate — including FarFetch, Net-a-porter, Mr Porter and MatchesFashion. High finish here means a normal conform object in a app retails for north of £150.

So how does Knomi work? Fashion boutiques install a Bluetooth iBeacon and when users of a app are in a closeness they might accept a pull presentation suggesting they go check out a certain item. These are not generic push notifications blanketing each user who happens to travel by. Rather they are tailored to specific equipment a user has ‘collected’ — so seen in a app previously and favourite adequate to save to their collection — or that a conform brazen folks they are following in a app have collected or liked. Hence this is social conform discovery.


To get copiousness of amicable extract in a tank from a get-go, Knomi requires Facebook pointer in, and also pushes users to follow a preference of fashion bloggers and accounts it has on the platform. So chances are there will already be plenty of equipment even an newbie user competence be removing a poke about when out shopping.

“It does intelligent pull notifications revelation we there’s a store around a dilemma or tighten to we right now where a crony of yours or this blogger that we follow on a height or we yourself have favourite so because don’t we go check it out?” explains co-founder Markus Ehrnrooth. “This approach we expostulate a travel to a section and trebuchet store partners.”

In some instances a Knomi sell partner competence be providing specific adequate register information so that it can tell a specific favourite object is in batch during that sole store. However in other cases a retailers might not have such granular information so a presentation will be worded to simulate that an object is sole there (but not indispensably in batch right now).

“In some places, generally in tiny boutiques, they don’t have a apart register for their mobile and their earthy stores. They have a same register so we have a live register formed on a online information feed that we hook adult with. Then on some stores we don’t have a same thing so we’ll usually be clever with a diction — ‘hey these guys sell or have had this item’ — to not give a wrong sense to a customer,” notes Ehrnrooth.

Now, as each mobile user knows, pull notifications can be really, really annoying. So how is Knomi creation certain its virtual shoulder-taps don’t usually annoy its high finish conform fans? One thing it’s perplexing is turning off sound so that notifications are delivered silently, sans buzz. So they are there for users to balance in to when they check their phone while out shopping.

“What we routinely do is we… do wordless notifications,” says Ehrnrooth. “That’s what we found out by many, many patron interviews on this point… If we travel around city and your phone starts buzzing that app is a one that goes out of a window really quickly.

“But if you’re out selling it’s roughly an active arrange of routine where we take out your phone anyway, you’re going to be on your phone all a time — and afterwards when we see a presentation from Knomi if it’s of seductiveness you’ll click that and go into a app. So by not buzzing on a presentation unexpected it’s not even irritating anymore.”

Users of Knomi can also buy equipment around a app itself — so there’s a mobile selling member to a business too, with mobile checkout covering “the immeasurable infancy of products” — but Ehrnrooth stresses that many of a aim conform retailers are many penetrating to expostulate travel to their earthy stores.

“In a segment, that is a high finish boutiques, it’s about travel into a section and trebuchet stores. They have outrageous problem to indeed expostulate that aspect of a business. So online they can do it by Facebook selling and what not. But for them what they honour themselves on is their section and trebuchet store,” he adds.

Knomi is working with high finish conform retailers during this early stage, although Ehrnrooth says a “ambition” is to work with high finish conform brands themselves, down a line. “But operative with those brands per se is really formidable for a startup,” he adds.

The iOS app launched final week, and during this early theatre they’ve garnered around 3,000 users with no selling pull — adding between 50 and 400 a day, from word of mouth usage.

The business indication is two-fold: Knomi takes a cut of any mobiles sales done around a app, with a elect varying per retailer. Then for pushing offline travel it charges for any people it gets by a doorway of a boutique if they non-stop one of a notifications initial — regardless of possibly they go on to buy anything or not.

“Provided that we were a celebration that brought that patron by a doorway we can consider of it analogically to what happens with associate selling online,” he notes.

At this indicate it’s not monetizing any purchases done in a store by a patron it gathering to a store — though that’s an area it wants to pierce in on in future, nonetheless Ehrnrooth concedes it’s “quite a plea for many reasons” that is because it’s just charging for travel for now.

The startup has lifted €1 million in pre-seed financing to account growth so far, with investment entrance from Helsinki-based seed financier Reaktor POLTE, a Tekes Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and a organisation of private angel investors.

As befits a high finish fashion-focused business, a marketplace enlargement plan from here on in is to enhance to Paris, Milan and New York — and presumably also Hong Kong (although Ehrnrooth records that but Facebook it’s some-more of a plea to get a amicable find startup adult and running).

Of march there are scores of existent competitors in a conform find space but Ehrnrooth argues that Knomi’s concentration on a curated preference of high finish products and amicable find offers something that can mount out.

“Main competitors in a conform find space are Lyst, ASAP54, Fancy, Grabble and many importantly Net-a-porter’s ‘The NetSet’. Knomi’s pivotal differentiator opposite a initial 4 is simple: instead of an unconstrained catalog of products that a user swipes through, Knomi creates a knowledge about people and products. The people aspect is what Knomi is all about, while competitors possibly miss a amicable covering totally or usually embody it as a supplement on,” he says.

“’The NetSet’ has a really identical user tender to Knomi. The pivotal disproportion here being that NetSet is exclusively for Net-a-Porter products, while Knomi brings together conform from over 70 high-end, conform brazen retailers… In a location/driving travel space there not many players in a high-end conform niche. To discuss a few though; StreetHub (not focussed on fashion, a concentration is a edge), and Farfetch’s app Farfetch Discover (we strongly trust a fact that we are multi-platform and concentration on amicable for a user is a corner over them).”

The SteelSeries Affiliate Program Now Available Exclusively for Streamers

The New Program Awards Brand Advocates a Commission on all SteelSeries Peripherals Promoted Through Their Streams, Social Media and Original Content

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) Sep 30, 2015

Today, SteelSeries is introducing an disdainful associate awards module for a streaming community. The SteelSeries Affiliate Rewards Program is designed to offer code advocates and distinguished users of SteelSeries peripherals an event to acquire a elect on a products that they are already recommending to their village and fans.

To kick-start a program, SteelSeries is charity all approved, associate module participants who sign-up within a subsequent 30 days – by Oct 30th – an industry-high rate of 8% on all SteelSeries marginal sales generated from their singular links and banners. In addition, a initial 50 participants who sign-up and are approved, will also accept a SteelSeries Welcome Pack including a SteelSeries headset and swag.

“We have such a honour for streamers and a community. It’s not an easy thing to favour a following and be an enchanting entertainer, generally for those who are looking to make it their full-time job. The streaming village has turn an implausible organisation of SteelSeries code advocates – distant over those who are strictly a partial of a SteelSeries Stream Team. The new associate module is a approach to endowment them for a work they are already doing – swelling a word about SteelSeries and a implausible products.” pronounced Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO.

The SteelSeries Affiliate Program launches currently for all streamers who reside in a U.S. and Canada. The module will extend globally after this season. To entrance a easy sign-up form and FAQ’s, greatfully revisit http://steelseries.com/affiliates.

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is a gaming code that leads a marketplace in building peripherals with quality, creation and purpose. The company’s passion has been a pushing force behind many first-to-market innovations and technologies that continue to turn a attention customary and have-to-have mandate of gamers. The tellurian code continues to support a expansion of rival gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues by veteran group sponsorships, partnerships and village support. The association surrounds itself with a passion and a joining to being a best. It is with this genius that SteelSeries chooses to partner with some of world’s many reputable and famous brands that work together to pull a expansion and expansion of a gaming attention into an even larger proposition. http://SteelSeries.com.

For a strange chronicle on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/10/prweb12994630.htm

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Bitbond Launches Global Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Berlin, Sep 30, 2015 during 16:00 BST

Bitcoin lending height Bitbond currently announced a launch of a new tellurian associate program. The associate module is designed to open adult a services Bitbond provides, and concede a colourful Bitbond village to share in a income of a company. By providing a financial incentive, affiliates compelling Bitbond will now be means to distinction financially for each active user they refer.

The associate module is designed to open adult a services Bitbond provides, and concede a colourful Bitbond village to share in a income of a company. By providing a financial incentive, affiliates compelling Bitbond will now be means to distinction financially for each active user they refer. 

Aspiring affiliates are means to entrance their personalised couple by signing adult and accessing a associate page. Once a couple has been received, affiliates are speedy to share their couple and foster Bitbond by essay blog posts, promulgation emails, pity on amicable platforms or fixation a ensign ad on their website.

Bitbond’s bitcoin associate module allows users to be paid for each borrower and lender they refer, who turn active on a platform. An associate stands to acquire 20% of a fad price as elect for each borrower and 30% elect for each lender who is referred, around their personalised associate link. This can lead to an associate earning 50% of Bitbond’s fees. All elect payments are done instantly.

CEO Founder of Bitbond Radoslav Albrecht said: “The launch of a new tellurian associate module signals a enterprise to align a gain of a association with those of a  community.

By charity poignant rewards to affiliates from around a world, we assistance a users to make additional income from a services. It was a idea to settle one of a many rewarding bitcoin associate programs around today, and we consider we have achieved that.” 

Furthermore, visitors referred around associate links are deliberate invitees for dual years, definition that affiliates mount to acquire from one singular mention for years to come. 

Additionally, a launch of Bitbond’s associate module is an confirmation of a fast flourishing associate industry, that is value over $3 Billion and is apropos increasingly some-more professional.

As all payments are done in bitcoin, Bitbond’s associate module does not need affiliates to possess or have entrance to a bank account, creation a associate module truly global. 

About Bitbond

Bitbond is a tellurian peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. Small businesses like ebay sellers who need to financial operative collateral and register list their loan ask on Bitbond after going by a credit check. The loans get saved by particular and institutional lenders who thereby acquire seductiveness with their bitcoins.

By leveraging bitcoin as a record and remuneration network, Bitbond is a initial tellurian marketplace lender for tiny business loans. Investing and borrowing by Bitbond is permitted to everybody who has an internet connection. Therefore a height and a users are eccentric from a normal banking system.

Previous to starting Bitbond, owner and CEO Radoslav Albrecht worked during Deutsche Bank London and consulting organisation Roland Berger.


Disclaimer: The announcement of a press recover on this page should not be noticed as an publicity by CoinDesk. Customers should do their possess investigate before investing supports in any company.

5 Pointers to Help Affiliates with Holiday Selling

As a retailer, we are expected focused on a fourth entertain — backing adult promotions, grouping inventory, and readying your accomplishment processes. Now is time to also start scheming your affiliates.

Here are 5 pointers to safeguard your associate channel is optimized and prepared for a bustling holiday period.

Gift Guides

Gift guides are articles or online collages with 5 to 10 products that we expect will be top-selling gifts this holiday season. Each product should have an image, a product description, and a price. Gift guides should also aim opposite demographics, such as Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Kids, and Gifts for College Students.

Most importantly, any product should be pre-coded with a affiliate’s tracking link. Every associate network enables merchants to emanate a tracking couple that will stock a affiliate’s ID. An associate network support organisation can explain how to do this.

Additionally, embody a tracking couple behind to your home page, so that if nothing of a endorsed products appeals to a affiliate’s visitor, she can still simply click to your site to crop other offerings.

By providing pre-coded present guides, calm affiliates will be means to simply incorporate your products into their holiday posts.

A holiday present beam on CoolMomPicks.com.

A holiday present beam on CoolMomPicks.com.

Bestseller Storefronts

Bestseller storefronts are simply a collection of products, including images, product descriptions and price, that we expect will be tip sellers this holiday deteriorate — though courtesy to demographics. Like a present guides, these are also pre-coded with a affiliate’s tracking links.

Provide bestseller storefronts to affiliates early on in a holiday deteriorate so they can identify upcoming trends. Remember that calm affiliates are influencers. They mostly spur consumer demand.

By informing these affiliates of expected bestsellers, we are enabling them to turn trendsetters. They can post these storefronts directly onto their sites. And they can also emanate a singular post formed on trends they mark opposite all a sell partners they work with.

Black Friday Promotions

One of a biggest hurdles affiliates face is compelling Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Retailers are mostly wavering to share in allege Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with affiliates — to say warn and confidentiality. However, by not providing this information in advance, retailers forestall affiliates from compelling it. Most affiliates demeanour to have Black Friday posts created and scheduled in allege of a selling season.

… by not providing this information in advance, retailers forestall affiliates from compelling it.

There are dual ways to overcome this. The initial is to emanate a devoted organisation of affiliates to share in allege information and collateral. When we do this, we put affiliates underneath embargo. we let them know that if they violate a embargo, they will remove all commissions, and will be private from a module entirely. we have never had an associate violate an embargo.

Another resolution is to emanate energetic banners, that we yield to affiliates in allege of a Black Friday weekend. These banners can foster your ubiquitous code or stream promotions. But on Black Friday, we refurbish them in a associate height to simulate Black Friday promotions. Affiliates can place a banners on their sites now, meaningful that a banners will refurbish automatically when Black Friday promotions are live.

Gift Cards

The plea with present cards is that your associate tracking pixel might be awarding elect on sales of present cards, and afterwards awarding elect again on purchases done with present cards. This means that we are essential twice on a same dollar of revenue.

There are dual ways to solve this. The initial is to not compensate elect on a sale of present cards. Alternately, we can select to not compensate elect on a apportionment of a transaction charged to a present card. With possibly approach, refurbish your terms and services so that affiliates are aware.

If we compensate elect on a sale of present cards, surveillance it to affiliates during a fourth entertain and yield them with promotional material to expostulate present label sales. Gift cards are renouned during a holiday season. Affiliates mostly prominence retailers that offer them.

Finally, many affiliates will underline final notation holiday present recommendations, that mostly embody present cards. If we yield electronic present cards, let your affiliates know, including either we compensate elect on exchange from electronic present cards.


Affiliates are a partial of your selling team. It’s a severe purpose for them. If they don’t know of arriving promotions, they can't align their selling efforts with yours.

Even if we can’t share a full sum of a graduation since they aren’t finalized yet, try to yield affiliates with a ubiquitous timeline of arriving promotions. Let them know, for example, that you’ll be using something for Black Friday, and that you’ll yield a information as shortly as possible.

Be in consistent communication with your affiliates so that they feel included, not excluded. This not usually helps with fourth entertain efforts, though also creates an ongoing, essential partnership.

Be in consistent communication with your affiliates so that they feel included, not excluded.

Also, affiliates mostly work with deficient information. When they record into their associate platform, they’ll see how many clicks they drove, how many purchases were made, and how most elect they earned. But they can't lane what products their readers purchased. Provide this information to them, to assistance them foster a products their readers are meddlesome in.

In short, for your associate selling channel to perform good during holiday break time, yield your affiliates with a collection and information they need to foster your products. Affiliates will respond to retailers that essay to build a true, long-lasting partnership.