The Wiz Is NBC’s Next Live Musical! Here’s What a Cast Should Wear

The Wiz
The Wiz

The Wiz

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Following record-breaking assembly numbers for The Sound of Music Live! and Peter Pan Live!, NBC has announced that a subsequent live low-pitched prolongation will be The Wiz (also, presumably, Live!), that began as a low-pitched museum interpretation of The Wizard of Oz set in Harlem and was many famously reincarnated as a 1978 film starring no reduction than Diana Ross and Michael Jackson (as Dorothy Gale and a Scarecrow, respectively). While a Internet is already aflutter with casting suggestions for a reconstitute of a 1978 film—fingers crossed for Beyoncé as Glinda(!), and Empire’s Jussie Smollett as . . . something!—here during, we’re most some-more meddlesome in—what else?—the fashion. Here, some common suggestions for what a ladies of a expel should wear. (We’ll be usurpation casting ideas in a comments.)



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The Wiz Fashion
The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion
The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion
The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion
The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion
The Wiz Fashion

The Wiz Fashion

Court Decides Advertisers Accountable for Illegal Acts of Affiliate Marketers

Written on
Mar 31, 2015  Author
Adotas  |

The courts have inspected a Federal Trade Commission position that states advertisers should be hold accountable for any false or differently bootleg acts and practices achieved by associate marketers. The specifics? LeadClick Media, an associate offered network, was systematic to lapse $11.9 million in payments that it perceived as a outcome of false practices attributed to a affiliates. The affiliates used feign news sites to assistance foster their products.

The courts settled that ‘no reasonable jury could deny’ that a advertiser participated in and had a management to control a associate marketers’ conduct.

The affiliates were LeanSpa, LLC, NutraSlim, LLC and NutraSlim, UK Ltd (all underneath a common name of LeanSpa). They sole weight-loss and colon clean products by offered them on their possess websites. They also hired LeadClick to foster products. Turns out some of a affiliates that were operative for LeadClick were regulating feign news sites to build credibility. They would list claims of eccentric testing, research and statements from ostensible experts. None of this was legitimate, though consumers were cheated into desiring it was, that lead to increasing sales.

The FTC as good as a state of Connecticut brought a fit opposite LeanSpa, LeanClick and some particular defendants. LeanSpa and a particular defendants entered into stipulated orders for permanent injunctions and income judgments. The FTC and Connecticut went after LeadClick for outline judgments.

This box might change how associate networks manage a promotion that affiliates do, even on their possess sites. It might have jarred adult LeadCLick large time: On their site it says they might be for sale.

Read a justice papers and confirm for yourself.

ADOTAS, founded in 2003, is a premier news announcement focused on a Internet promotion and media industry. ADOTAS facilities a twice-daily email newsletter and web site and is unapproachable to strech good over 100,000 promotion professionals monthly.

ADOTAS was acquired by New York Publishing Group Inc. in May 2007. Our importance is on providing a best news and information on media buying, planning, selling, record and activities of a digital media business to a interactive promotion community. We are unapproachable to have over 100 contributing writers, including a inaugural experts in a field.

ADOTAS has built on a tradition of value to turn a many devoted source of information among leaders in a online marketplace. Professionals read, criticism and learn from the announcement any day.

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Pinterest only killed a tip approach a users make income from a site — people …

angry child boyFlickr/Gerry ThomasenUsers are dissapoint Pinterest has private one of a tip ways to make income from a platform.

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Pinterest has criminialized associate networks from a platform, according to VentureBeat, a pierce that will cut off a categorical source of income for many of a service’s tip “pinners.”

Many users finished income from Pinterest by posting pins of products with associate tags and links to websites where their supporters could click by to squeeze a items. The pinner would accept a cut of a sale.

Pinterest began stealing associate links, redirects, and trackers on Thursday night, according to VentureBeat. It frequently removes spammy affiliates, though now it has released an all-out ban, targeting a renouned associate networks Hello Society and RewardStyle.

In an email to users (read it in full below) Pinterest says: “If you’ve participated in possibly of these associate networks,” referring to Hello Society and Reward Style, “all your past pins will uncover adult routinely and still be clickable.”

In other words, existent pins won’t be deleted, though any possibility of monetization by those associate networks has vanished.

Pinterest advises that there still is a approach to make income from a service, such as being paid to curate a house or participating in paid social-media selling from a board, that involves Pinterest. However, those suggestions customarily need an entice from a code in question, and there will be fewer opportunities than by regulating associate networks.

A Pinterest orator gave Business Insider this statement: “We are stealing associate links to safeguard we’re providing a best probable knowledge for Pinners.  Recently, we celebrated associate links and redirects causing irrelevant Pins in feeds, damaged links and other spammy behavior. We trust this change will capacitate us to keep a high bar of relevancy and peculiarity Pinners design from Pinterest.”

However, some pinners are reduction than impressed:

Pinterest’s pierce to anathema affiliates comes as it stairs adult a possess monetization efforts.

Most recently, Re/code reported that Pinterest was formulation to launch a “Buy” symbol this year so it could carve off some income from a mention trade it provides to e-commerce sites. 

Hours before that, Pinterest announced it was partnering with Apple to assistance people learn apps by a site.

Meanwhile, Pinterest has been opening adult a “Promoted Pins” ad product to some-more advertisers. Pinterest has also been building adult a group of sales and partnership executives, hiring tip talent from companies such as Unilever, Google, and promotion agencies. 

Google+ user Ana Hoffman posted a summary she perceived from Pinterest, detailing a pierce to mislay associate links and trackers. Here is a matter in full:

Pinterest minute to pinnersAna Hoffman/Google+

A New Code of Conduct for Affiliate Marketing

This is a live blog post from a Affiliate Management Days Conference in San Francisco.

Affiliate Management Days is an educational eventuality for associate managers and those obliged for opening selling programs within their organizations. It is a place where a suspicion leaders of a opening selling universe accumulate to sell thoughts about a enrichment of their opening driven campaigns.

Following are a pivotal takeaways from Keynote Ben Edelman, Associate Professor of Business Administration during Harvard Business School.

Key Takeaways: from A New Code of Conduct for Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • Creativity.
  • Reach.
  • Attractive pricing model, low risk indication — “I’m anxious to compensate x percent elect for anyone who can move in a sale. we can’t lose!”
  • Affiliate selling fixes profitable for chain on low peculiarity sites, invisible ensign ads, and vast volume click fraud.


  • Difficulty handling and monitoring high volumes of associate partners you’ve never met.
  • Many and anomalous incentives: merchant, network, associate module manager, affiliate.

Affiliate Earns Commission If

  • User browses a affiliate’s Web site,
  • User clicks affiliate’s couple to merchant, AND
  • User creates a purchase.

Question: If that’s a case, can a businessman partner with anyone?

What Can Go wrong?

  • Complacency.
  • “Strategic behavior” — doing something that maybe we would not like that helps them acquire some-more money.
  • This impacts associate behavior, associate network behavior, and associate manager behavior.

You can use network collection and to assistance we guard and locate fake function in sequence to keep your module as purify as possible.

There are authorised box examples of “what can go wrong” operative with affiliates, per Ben Edelman‘s website.

Affiliate Networks

  • Can confirm “how hard” to demeanour for this stuff. If they are not holding shortcoming or burden for associate bad behavior, they will still acquire income from it. They need to cruise what happens if they find a problem and how it will impact their revenue.
  • How will merchants respond if they find problems?

Affiliate Managers

  • Can confirm “how hard” to demeanour for this as well. Especially when they get paid $60,000  plus 10 percent of year over year associate module growth, as an example. They have incentives to demeanour a other approach in many cases.
  • Get an aged mechanism and use Firefox’s built-in collection and/or Chrome after installing some adware/spyware to try and locate this behavior.

Solutions to “Turning a Other Way”

  • Set picturesque goals.
  • Reward genuine advances, such as throwing fraud.
  • What if a associate manager finds rascal in final year’s results? Accept and extol that we get to save money going brazen since of their discovery.

Keep an Eye Out For:

  • Adware
  • Cookie-stuffing
  • “Loyalty” block ins
  • Typosquatting

Recognize your vulnerabilities.

Network Managed Program

  • Think delicately about network’s incentives. Set transparent discipline generally in a areas that are controversial.
  • Don’t assume network’s default is in your interest.

Self-Managed Program

  • What do a specialists know that we don’t ?
  • Come to AMDays. Read news forums. Hire veteran help!

Internet Marketing Photo around Shutterstock

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Expedia Affiliate Network Joins GuestLogix’ OpenJaw Preferred Supplier …

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Mar 31, 2015 (Marketwired around COMTEX) —
GuestLogix Inc. (GXI), a heading tellurian provider of
ancillary-focused merchandising, remuneration and business intelligence
technology to airlines and a newcomer transport industry, today
announced that around a newly acquired auxiliary OpenJaw Technologies
it has cumulative Expedia(R) Affiliate Network (EAN), a multiplication of one
of a world’s largest online transport companies, Expedia, Inc., as a
member of a Preferred Supplier Programme.

With this agreement, EAN-distributed hotel supply is done available
within a t-Retail Platform customary product, definition that EAN
hotels can be seamlessly integrated into a singular retailing platform
for hotel-only, cross-sell, up-sell and energetic packaging
functionality. The quality, border and abyss of EAN supply ensures
that transport retailers can simply build constrained online stores that
promote patron merger and retention.

“Effective hotel offered requires a focus of sound strategy
and a flexible, singular height approach,” pronounced Chris Wallis,
Director Sales, Retail Transport during Expedia Affiliate Network.
“Having worked closely with a OpenJaw multiplication over many years, it
is transparent that GuestLogix leads a proceed in this space and we are
delighted to have strictly assimilated a Preferred Supplier

GuestLogix’ OpenJaw Preferred Supplier Programme recruits a world’s
best suppliers of transport products and services, such as hotel, car,
destination activities, word and payments. By forging stronger
ties with these providers, a Programme brings significant
time-to-market advantages and reduced setup costs to business looking
to effectively sell a extended operation of transport products and
combinations. This clever partnership proceed leverages
best-practice for some-more effective transport retailing.

“Expedia Affiliate Network is a heading provider of tellurian hotel
supply and we acquire them as a flagship member of a Preferred
Supplier Programme,” pronounced Kieron Branagan, Managing Director, OpenJaw
Technologies. “Both parties are not usually gay to move immediate
benefits to OpenJaw customers, though are also committed to requesting our
respective imagination for mutual innovation.”

The t-Retail Platform enables airlines, faithfulness selling companies
and online transport retailers to boldly source, cost and promote
a full operation of transport products, including high domain hotels, to
support their retailing strategies. Full product government and
business indication control is put resolutely in a hands of a Product
Managers, enabling a business lively compulsory in today’s
constantly changing markets.

About Expedia Affiliate Network

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is a multiplication within a Expedia,
Inc., one of a world’s largest transport companies. EAN works with
over 7,500 partners in 33 countries to spin their web trade into
hotel bookings and happy customers. EAN creates a collection and
technology that assistance millions of travelers find a ideal hotels
for their subsequent trips. For some-more information on EAN revisit
Expedia Affiliate Network and a Expedia Affiliate Network trademark are
either purebred trademarks or trademarks of Expedia, Inc. in the
U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks mentioned herein might be
the skill of their particular owners. Copyright2015 Expedia, Inc.
All rights reserved. CTS # 2029030-50

About GuestLogix

GuestLogix Inc. (GXI), is a tellurian personality in comprehensive
merchandising, remuneration and business comprehension record delivered
to a newcomer transport industry, both onboard and off-board.
Bringing over a decade of imagination as a industry’s many trusted
onboard transaction estimate partner to airlines, rail operators
and elsewhere in a newcomer transport industry, GuestLogix powers the
industry’s flourishing faith on subordinate income generation. Both
direct to operators as good as by partnerships with global
leaders in catering, duty-free, inflight party and
self-service sell experts, a Company provides a payment
services touching over 1 billion travelling consumers any year. On
December 23, 2014, GuestLogix announced a merger of OpenJaw
Technologies, a Dublin-based record association focused on travel
retailing creation in a e-commerce segment. GuestLogix’ global
headquarters and centre for product creation is located in Toronto,
with informal conduct offices located in Dallas, London and Hong Kong,
and a Product Innovation Lab located in Moncton. More information is
available during and

Copyright 2015 GuestLogix. All Rights Reserved.

Forward-Looking Statements

This news recover includes certain forward-looking statements that
are formed on stream expectations, that engage risks and
uncertainties compared with GuestLogix’ business and the
environment in that a business operates. Any statements contained
herein that are not statements of chronological contribution might be deemed to
be forward-looking, including those identified by a expressions
“anticipate”, “believe”, “plan”, “estimate”, “expect”, “intend”, and
similar expressions to a border they describe to a Company or its
management. The forward-looking statements are not chronological facts,
but simulate GuestLogix’ stream expectations per destiny results
or events. These forward-looking statements are theme to a number
of risks and uncertainties that could means tangible formula or events
to differ materially from stream expectations, including a matters
discussed underneath “Risks and Uncertainties” in a Filing Statement
filed on Mar 16, 2015 with a regulatory authorities. GuestLogix
assumes no requirement to refurbish a forward-looking statements, or to
update a reasons because tangible formula could differ from those
reflected in a forward-looking statements.

Dan Thompson
SVP-Global Strategy  Investor Relations

SOURCE: GuestLogix Inc.

(C) 2015 Marketwire L.P. All rights reserved.

Major difficulty during Urban League of Greater Dallas

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Major difficulty during Urban League of Greater Dallas

Urban League of Greater Dallas risks losing a connection over inner government problems and financial troubles.

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Adge, a Aggregator of Gaming Data for Affiliates, Doubles Affiliate Program …

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adge, a program as a use that aggregates statistics from online
gambling associate programmes into one cloud formed platform, have
doubled their coverage from 250 programmes to scarcely 500 given launching
in Q4 2014. Adge was soft-launched in 2014 and afterwards taken to a wider
marketplace in early 2015 during a LAC and ICE trade shows.

Adge was grown over 18 months by super-affiliate KAX Media to solve
a long-standing problem that affiliates have to bargain with different
stating systems for any of a associate programmes they work with.
The complement covers all pivotal Affiliate Programs and offers 3 principal
advantages to a users: thespian time savings, hassle-free financial
accounting and strong business intelligence.

Roberto Savio, Sales Marketing Director for Adge, comments “We have
been blown divided by how good Adge has been perceived by a affiliate
community. Given that this is a product that was grown by gambling
affiliates, for gambling affiliates, we knew it solved a genuine problem.
With scarcely 500 associate programmes already supported, affiliates can
be certain we already cover a immeasurable majority, if not all, of their

Iain Coward, a super-affiliate behind, remarks “I have
hundreds of opposite accounts – these take a lot of time to manage.
I’ve been regulating Adge for usually a few weeks and already it’s creation my
life most easier. All my information is in one format and one place, so it
saves hours of trawling by lots of dashboards. Also, saying data
from all my accounts in one place lets me analyse a comparative
opening of any – so now we know where to spend my time in sequence to
boost my income during a finish of any month.”

About Adge:

Adge is a insubordinate information formation apparatus for online gambling
affiliates. Using powerful, state-of-the-art software, Adge integrates
information from scarcely 500 opposite online gambling associate programmes into
one cloud formed account. Clients can entrance their information from any
internet-enabled device, including a Adge iOS app. The system
integrates not usually a high turn data, though trade turn information enabling
absolute stating of statistics by trade source opposite hundreds of
gaming associate programmes. Adge is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that
starts during €49.00/pm and is accessible during

To benefit a improved bargain of how Adge can assistance your business, check
out a video during

Twin Tiers Komen associate announces extend awards – Elmira Star

The Susan G. Komen Twin Tiers Region will discharge $120,000 in village grants to 7 not-for-profit organizations within a nine-county use area this year.

The following programs have been comparison for appropriation by an eccentric grants row by a rival focus and examination process:

Adagio Health Inc.: Reducing screening barriers for women of Potter County, $15,000.

Maternal Family Health Services Inc.: Breast health initiative/screening and

education in Bradford and Tioga counties, $7,000.

Cancer Resource Center of a Finger Lakes: Post-treatment survivorship beginning in Tompkins County, $10,000.

Guthrie Clinic Sayre: High risk MRIs for uninsured or underinsured in New York and Pennsylvania counties, $15,000.

YWCA of Binghamton/Broome County: ENCOREplus breast cancer outreach,

education and advocacy, Broome and Tioga, N.Y. counties, $15,000.

Arnot Ogden Medical Center Falck Cancer Center: Reducing financial barriers to treatment, Twin Tiers Region, $15,000.

Soldiers Sailors Memorial Hospital: Tioga County, Pa. mammography screening, $12,500.

YWCA Elmira Twin Tiers: YWCA studious service fund, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben counties, $15,000.

Fund for Women: Barriers to caring appropriation for women confronting breast cancer in Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben counties, $8,000.

S2AY Rural Health Network Inc.: Breast cancer support for Schuyler and Steuben counties, $7,500.

Outreach to a uninsured and underinsured, $12,500.

Since 2000, a Twin Tiers associate has distributed some-more than $1.2 million to area organizations to support breast cancer research, preparation and studious services.

For some-more information, call (607) 426-3405, or go to

Follow Jeff Murray on Twitter @SGJeffMurray.