Ryan Gondokusumo: Connecting companies and freelancers

Ryan Gondokusumo has an entrepreneurial present for identifying problems and providing solutions.

In 2011, he launched his initial digital startup, Sribu, an online marketplace to bond companies and freelance designers.

“Usually, corporate headhunters rest on word of mouth if they are looking for a freelance designer. The conditions is a same for freelance designers who wish to demeanour for clients. It takes a lot of time to find a good compare between a corporate and a freelance engineer regulating this aged method,” Ryan told The Jakarta Post in a new interview.

“I was meditative how about if we finished a channel for both companies and freelance designers to accommodate so that it would be easier for them to bond with one another and thus, Sribu.com was born,” he said.

Despite carrying a clearly essential business thought during that time, Ryan certified that a initial year of Sribu was hilly — filled with trials, tribulations and errors.

A finish newbie in a digital space, Ryan had no before knowledge when it came to online selling when he quit his pursuit and founded Sribu in late 2011.

Ryan has a bachelor’s grade in electrical engineering from Purdue University in Indiana, a US. After he graduated, he spent 7 years in a information and record departments during several determined companies.

“Most of a companies we worked for were already established. They have been around for between 20 and 30 years. All we had to do was to gloss and say their businesses. There was an titillate within me to start something new from blemish all by myself,” Ryan said.

At a beginning, Ryan finished a mistake common to first-time entrepreneurs — he attempted to do all by himself.

“There was a lot of hearing and error. For example, we should have hired a veteran web engineer to build my site, though for a consequence of obscure costs, we motionless to do this on my own. Eventually, we finished adult redesigning my website over and over again and had no time to enhance my business,” he said.

Ryan was discerning to comprehend his mistake and started to foster his businesses by online forums, Google advertising, Facebook promotions and startup fairs.

Sribu started to beget trade and captivated a vast series of users from both companies and freelance designers. Ryan began to ambience a fruits of his labor.

“There are during slightest 2,000 clients purebred in Sribu.com by now,” he said.

With Sribu adult and running, Ryan had a plain bottom for him to launch his subsequent digital association 5 months ago. It was branded Sribulancer.

While Sribu usually connects companies with freelance designers, Sribulancer can be regarded as an extension, as it bridges companies not usually with designers, though all kinds of freelancers from opposite backgrounds and skills.

“Basically, we wish to change how recruitment works,” Ryan said.

Jobs posted on Sribulancer embody website development, hunt engine optimization, transcription, calm essay and many others. In 5 months, Sribulancer has purebred some-more than 10,000 freelancers and 1,000 corporate and particular clients.

“From 1,000 clients, around 500 of them are actively posting jobs for freelancers,” Ruan said.

“One of a biggest clients is a Japanese association named Infoteria,” he added.

One of a categorical advantages to regulating Sribulancer is to have confidence for both companies and freelancers, according to Ryan.

Under a Sribulancer system, freelancers will usually accept remuneration after a pursuit print is confident with their work.

However, freelancers can also still accept remuneration if a Sribulancer group feels that they have finished their pursuit in line with customer requests. In short, Sribulancer can act as a go-between during a brawl between companies and freelancers.

On profits, Sribulancer creates income by holding a 10 percent elect for any remuneration perceived by purebred freelancers from their clients. For example, if a customer pays US$100 for a pursuit finished by a freelancer, afterwards Sribulancer will accept $10.

Ryan pronounced that Sribulancer was still in a early theatre and there would be some-more additional facilities in a future.

“For example, we would like to request hourly remuneration or monthly remuneration facilities since for now a remuneration process is plan formed [….] We will also launch an associate selling module by a finish of this year,” he said.

Ryan pronounced he believed his association was relocating a right instruction and things could usually go for a improved for Sribu and Sribulancer.

“In new years, some-more and some-more people cite to work from home and in 2020, it is estimated that one out of 3 people in a universe is a freelancer,” he said. “We wish to float on that destiny trend by providing a height for clients and freelancers to accommodate and to do business securely,” he added.

Ryan also pronounced that Sribulancer would also be means to implement a movement combined by a investiture of a ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, that will concede workers from all opposite Southeast Asia to directly contest for jobs with one another but courtesy to borders.

“The AEC can be a plea and an opportunity. We see it as a good event since it will trigger internal freelancers to urge their quality. With improved quality, some-more and some-more clients abroad will demeanour to work with Indonesian freelancers,” he said.

TotoWinBet launches associate module with Income Access

TotoWinBet launches associate module with Income Access

11 Feb 2015

MONTREAL, QC. — (PRESS RELEASE) — TotoWinBet, a Malta-based and regulated online gaming code charity players sports betting, casino, poker and other games, has announced that a association has launched an associate module with Income Access, a record and digital selling services provider for a iGaming sector. The new TotoWinBet associate module will be managed regulating a award-winning acquisition-tracking module of Income Access.

Launched in 2013 and given enjoying clever expansion in popularity, TotoWinBet, that is regulated by a Malta Gaming Authority, offers players a cross-vertical online gambling experience. The brand’s sports-betting charity facilities mixed sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball, Formula 1 engine racing, rugby and ice hockey. The TotoWinBet website also facilities worldly live-betting functionality for vital sporting events.

In addition, a code offers players a far-reaching array of online casino games. The TotoWinBet casino boasts a full apartment of slots by industry-leading calm providers Net Entertainment and Betsoft Gaming Ltd. as good as a far-reaching operation of list games, including both American and European roulette, Baccarat and an array of opposite versions of online poker, all of that are powered by a brand’s exclusive poker platform, Mythospoker. The knowledge of a real-world casino building is brought to life for players by TotoWinBet’s Live Casino, that facilities live-dealer versions of Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack and roulette among other games.

To applaud a launch of a new TotoWinBet associate module on a Income Access platform, that has won a Best Affiliate Software eGR B2B Award for a final dual years straight, a code has announced a special associate promotion. All new affiliates will accept a special prosaic 50% income share understanding for their initial 3 months with a program, that provides affiliates with dedicated, 360-degree support from a impulse they register.

After affiliates’ initial 3 months with a program, a elect structure reverts to a customary tiered income share model. Commissions change between 35% and 55%, depending on that TotoWinBet charity – sports-betting, casino, poker or games – a associate is compelling and a volume of income they impute any month.

“We’re vehement to partner with Income Access for a launch of a new associate program,” pronounced Jack Frost, Affiliate Manager during TotoWinBet. “The Income Access module is impossibly arguable and forward of a bend when it comes to actor merger around a associate channel, generally when their new mobile-tracking resolution comes into play.”

Income Access’s mobile tracking tool, that was initial denounced in Dec 2014, will be an constituent component in TotoWinBet’s white label. The apparatus will support a brand’s merger of players for a mobile offering.

“The new TotoWinBet associate module provides affiliates with an critical event to aim a different operation of players,” pronounced Nicky Senyard, owner and CEO of Income Access. “Offering sports betting, casino, poker and other games as well, TotoWinBet lets affiliates cover a lot of bases when it comes to actor demographics and maximizing a income from their traffic.”

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Pinterest Kills Off Affiliate Links Program, Leaves ‘Power Pinners’ in a Lurch

Pinterest is roughly 4 years aged and it’s large adequate for a britches — large adequate to lift a block on a associate links program, a money-making gravy sight that some-more than a few brands, bloggers and Pinfluencers will sorely miss.

Last Thursday that income hurl came to a harsh hindrance for them when Pinterest put a brakes on all associate links once and for all. The 70 million-member amicable scrapbooking site claims it killed off a module to purify adult wonky, irrelevant links and pins, though it’s clearly a play for a association to income in on a market stronghold, something it’s struggled to do for months around Promoted Pins.  

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“Now, we are stealing all associate links since they are causing a bad user experience,” a Pinterest orator told Entrepreneur today. “Clickthrough rates should be faster and there will be reduction damaged links. There will also be reduction irrelevant Pins in a home feed caused by following some organisation boards. This is not about monetization, this is 100% about a Pinner knowledge and ensuring applicable calm on Pinterest.”

Pinterest’s associate links beginning finished on a same day it launched an iOS app “Install” button as partial of a new partnership with Apple. Only hours later, also apparently with an eye toward turn pinning into buying, Re/code reported that Pinterest competence shortly entrance an e-commerce “Buy” button, presumably with payments processor Stripe.

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This isn’t a initial time Pinterest automatically nixed associate links, that enabled users to acquire a cut of sales from equipment they pinned on their pages. The startup’s been stealing them for a past few years. Some exceptions remained, however, including a fashion-focused associate network RewardStyle and “Pinterest talent agency” HelloSociety.

Now that associate links are passed and gone, Pinterest users who done income off of them — many of them renouned conform bloggers — are kvetching on Twitter and vowing to embankment their Pinterest profiles. Perhaps they’ll miscarry over during aspirant Keep, that fast pounced on a opportunity, luring shafted Pinfluencers final Friday with a code new associate program, usually in time.  

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The usually other approach for Pinterest users to make income off a pinning height now is for brands to compensate them to pin on their behalf. SimplyHired now lists a handful of positions for paid pinners, but, watch out, Pinterest has also posted some jobs there and one is tellingly patrician “Spam Specialist.” The categorical duty of a post is to “fight off bad guys and make certain Pinners have a positive, spam-free find knowledge on Pinterest.”

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Pinterest Has Started Stripping Affiliate Links and Redirects From Pins

Pinterest’s enormously renouned online scrapbook wouldn’t exist though a army of people opposite a creation who minister to a thing. But a association doesn’t unequivocally wish others perplexing to make income from those fudge spirit recipes and selected leather bag photos.

On Thursday night, as reported by VentureBeat, a association started stripping a amicable network of associate links, redirects, and tracking mechanisms posted by a users. Basically, Pinterest is stealing a ability for a many successful “Pinners” to make income around outward selling networks, including rewardStyle and Hello Society, according to an email performed by VentureBeat.

However, Pinterest hasn’t pronounced undisguised that it wants to retard that combined tide of income for a energy Pinners. “Recently, we celebrated associate links and redirects causing irrelevant Pins in feeds, damaged links and other spammy behavior,” a association deputy pronounced in an email sent to WIRED. “We trust this change will capacitate us to keep a high bar of relevancy and peculiarity Pinners design from Pinterest.”

Pinterest says it has been stealing associate links from a use for a past few years, though it let some networks stay on a site since a Pins still worked properly. It’s reversing that position now, according to a representative, since a association wants to accelerate a peculiarity of a site by providing faster click-through rates for users. “Our idea is to keep a high bar of relevancy and peculiarity in all Pins,” a deputy said. “We trust it will be a improved Pinner experience.”

But a pierce is in line with a company’s grander ambitions for monetizing a amicable network. Pinterest is already a large e-commerce engine, accounting for 23 percent of all e-commerce that starts on amicable sites, according to analytics outfit AddShoppers. That’s only behind Facebook’s 28 percent cut of a cake of socially driven e-commerce sales. And a startup hopes to totally gain on this position in a financial sense.

On Thursday, a company also announced it would concede users to pin apps to their Pinterest boards, that pull some-more promotion dollars to a site. And earlier this year, it authorised American advertisers to buy Promoted Pins, that it pronounced gave advertisers an additional 30 percent boost in exposure.